WDTPRS kudos to the Cafeteria

WDTPRS kudos to the Cafeteria where 2 million people have been denied the chance to go through line and get their chow because, as we know, The Cafeteria is Closed.

There is still good fare there, however!

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  1. Makes my 13,000 look pretty miserable! But I’m proud of my stalwart readers! I remember when I only had 118 hits before a certain Z intervened back on January 18, saying: “Don’t let him look like a rarely visited liberal Catholic’s blog!” God bless!

  2. Mark M says:

    Father, this is off-topic, but congratulations on the interview in The Catholic Herald. It was a really interesting read.

  3. berenike says:

    Erm, I used to read him on and off and thought “good stuff”. But have you read him on the Syllabus of Errors, per esempio?


    Um. Erm. As more than one commentator has said, looks like the Cafeteria is re-opening. Maybe it’s a parody post?

  4. gravey says:

    Three cheers for Gerald!

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