A fun e-mail note

I got this from a reader.  I have edited a few bits out:


Dear Father Z,

I work part-time as reference librarian at the __ library on the campus of the ___. Tonight, just minutes ago as I walking past a bunch of computers I saw a [seminarian] student reading your blog.  I could see the famous SAY THE BLACK – DO THE RED saying popping off the screen.  I hope this give you a laugh. I know chuckled a bit. 

Thanks for that! 



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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. berenike says:

    Someone do a Latin version? please? I’ve tried, but it’s beyond my feeble skills.

  2. Raphaela says:

    Berenike: How about:

    atra dicenda, rubra facienda.

  3. berenike says:

    I am sure there is more than one Raphaela on the internet, but – do I perhaps know you? Whether or not – danke schoen!

    Do you not think retaining the imperative would be punchier?

    But perhaps…

  4. puella says:

    And meanwhile I have a sneaky feeling I know both of you! Well, online, of course.

    Erm, sorry, Fr.Z., for clogging up your inbox!

  5. Raphaela says:

    Berenike: I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure, but if you told me where else you hang out, it might ring a bell? As for retaining the imperatives, I decided against them because I prefer the sonorous way those gerundives roll off the tongue.

    Puella (sc. Paschalis): Here’s looking at you! :D

  6. berenike says:

    Well, if we exchanged emails a day or so ago then it’s you. :-)

  7. Raphaela says:

    Berenike: Nope, sorry. Wasn’t me. :(

  8. berenike says:

    It’s a shame you’re not Michaela, I need one to make up the trio. But now I have a trio of Raphaelas, which is also something. Thanks again.

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