Another prayer request and some very good news

First, I want to thank the WDTPRSers who helped prayer that "A" get that highly desired job. 

He got it.

He didn’t only get it, but the circumstances were remarkable.  After meeting with various managers etc up the chain, it happened that one of the big cheeses was in town and he got to meet face to face instead of merely do a phone interview.  They had the face to face and A was told he would get some response in a week or so.
They called him back the same day and not only gave him the job, but with a higher salary than he went in for.

So, I thank you all.  You can pray for me anytime!

Also, I would ask you to pray for "C", the wife of a good friend of mine in Italy.  She is due to deliver their. fourth child right about now, but was told there is some danger of a ruptured uterus.

Please, please, friends, say some prayers for her and this good, solid Catholic family.


I received an SMS from my friend in Italy, who informs me that their new baby has been delivered and all are well. 

Thanks ever so much for your prayers. 

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  1. Liz F. says:

    A, B, and C…You’ve got it, Father. We will pray for all of them. I think it’s so neat to be Catholic and to be a part of all this. I’m so sorry for the suffering that these good people are going through (and I do feel for them and their pain), but I’m so glad that the suffering can be used for a good end and that we can all share in God’s grace and mercy. We do pray for you in our daily prayers…well most days when mom doesn’t “space off” during prayers. (A commom phrase I have is, “Where was I?”) God bless, Liz F.

  2. Michelle says:

    Praying for this mother… I had risks of uterine rupture with my 3rd and 4th c-sections and –praise be to God — my babies and I both lived. Pray to St. Gianna, she is a most powerful intercessor for safe delvieries! Mother Mary, be with this woman of God as she says YES to LIFE!

  3. Volpius says:

    I have asked Our Blessed Mother to look after her, I am sure she will be fine :)

  4. Renee says:

    C, I will pray my rosary today for you and your new baby. My prayers are with you.

  5. kaneohe says:

    C, praying our Most Blessed Mother for you and your child.

  6. MG says:

    Absolutely. My prayers are with your Italian friend, his wife, children and the new addition. May they feel the Lord’s embrace as He carries them through this diffiult time. I believe all will be well.

    God Bless them, and keep them ssafe and well.

  7. MG says:

    My thought and prayers are with your Italian friends. Such a scary time for them…I know our God will carry them through this and there will be a very happy conclusion…a healthy new mother and baby!

    God Bless them.

  8. Father: Great news about “A”. I will pray for “C” and her family. Regarding your comment about “we can pray for you anytime” I do. :-)

  9. Kradcliffe says:

    Thank you for updating us on how things turned out. Will definitely pray for this mother and her baby. I look forward to hearing more good news.

  10. Liz F. says:

    Thanks be to God! Oh, Father, I’m so happy for this family. I have been thinking about C and praying for her. Thanks for sharing this wonderful news! God bless, Liz

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