ante diem ix kalendas maias Vinalia

In ancient Roman terms, and even modern Roman Catholic calendraical terms, today is ante diem ix kalendas maias Vinalia (urbana).  

This is the day the wine which was ‘bottled’ in the previous autumn was opened and tasted for the first time, after a libation to Jupiter.

Perhaps it would be nice to remember to raise a glass today in honor of the Holy Father and to drink his health, asking God the Almighty Father to give our Pontifex Maximus strength and length of days.

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  1. Englishcatholic says:

    It would also be a good way for us English Catholics to celebrate St George’s Day!

  2. cordelia says:

    i’ve been looking for a good reason to open a bottle of my favorite German Reisling.

  3. Emilio III says:

    I would have thought it more appropriate for English Catholics to celebrate Edward the Confessor rather than Henry VIII’s substitute (who was the legitimate patron of Portugal, Aragon, Russia, etc, but not of England while she was Catholic).

  4. Emilio III says:

    (Sorry, didn’t mean to leave out the smiley in the last post! :-)

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