CNA: John Henry Cardinal Newman to be beatified

John Henry Cardinal Newman to be beatified

Cardinal John Henry Newman

.- The Vatican has approved the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman, the English convert and theologian who has had immense influence upon English-speaking Catholicism, the Birmingham Mail reports.

John Henry Newman was born in 1801.  As an Anglican priest, he led the Oxford Movement that sought to return the Church of England to its Catholic roots.  His conversion to Catholicism in 1845 rocked Victorian England.  After becoming an Oratorian priest, he was involved in the establishment of the Birmingham Oratory. 

He died in 1890 and is buried at the oratory country house Rednall Hill.

The Catholic Church has accepted as miraculous the cure of an American deacon’s crippling spinal disorder.  The deacon, Jack Sullivan of Marshfield, Massachusetts, prayed for John Henry Newman’s intercession.

At his beatification ceremony later this year, John Henry Newman will receive the title “Blessed.”  He will need one more recognized miracle to be canonized. 

The case of a 17-year-old New Hampshire boy who survived serious head injuries from a car crash is being investigated as a possible second miracle.

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  1. tertullian says:

    I always thought the seeds of Catholicism he planted in Oxford were a miracle! Whenever I visit London I always look forward to mass at the Brompton Oratory.

  2. pseudomodo says:

    Is the second miracle sought for the canonization? I always thought that the miracle for canonization had to happen AFTER the beatification.

  3. Robert says:

    I think this is wonderful, as is also the canonization of Blessed Kateri. In Newman’s case, he diligently searched for the truth, and courageously embraced what he found.

    On an aside, I have noticed a pattern, throughout life, but on blogs in particular, that people tend to flock to the news relating to scandal, leaving their comments in large numbers, while overlooking the good news: ie. 12 comments on the McCarrick post, and 2 on this. I think we all need to focus more on the budding, burgeoning wheat in the field, and leave the weeds to the Lord.

    There is so much that is good and beautiful and uplifting in the Church, now and always, and we really ought to make more of an effort to see it and promote it, which might also help to crowd out the bad.

    Praise God for the holy and inspiring life of his servant, Cardinal Newman!

  4. Joe says:

    A word of caution here. Who’s to say all the processes are complete? Many people are eagerly awaiting a positive announcement, but it has not yet come. Let’s not anticipate something as important as this.

    As and when any beatification is announced it will come from the authoritatve source – the Roman Congregation for the Casues of the Saints, following the completion of established processes and approval by the Holy Father. The Birmingham Mail is not that source.

  5. Habemus Papam says:

    “The Oxford Movement sought to return the Church of England to its Cathplic roots” Thats the Anglican view. The Catholic Faith in England was preserved by recusants and missionary priests. The so-called Church of England has its roots in Elizabethan legislation.

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  7. tertullian says:

    “The so-called Church of England has its roots in Elizabethan legislation.”

    Funny, I thought it was the handiwork of a priapic,middle-age Englishman aided and abetted by an ambitious bishop scheming against the best efforts of a noble martyr.

  8. prof. basto says:

    Father, I intended to contribute with legal toughts about the question of the dismissal of bishops from the clerical state but you closed the combox in less than 24 hours due to other comments.

    I urge you, please, to reconsider that decision, for that is a trully important topic of discussion, and I have some ideas to share about it.

    Perhaps, instead of closing the combox, you could take the same approach you used regarding the SSPX thread, that is, a threat of “excommunication” from your blog.

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