Beaune, France: monthly TLM

If it can happen in France it can happen at your parish.  Here is a nice note from a reader:

Dear Fr Z,

I am writing from France where I check your blog daily.

I thought you might be interested to know that as of the 4th May there will be a monthly Mass in the EF on the first Sunday of every month at 18:30 at the High Altar of the magnificent Basilique Notre Dame in Beaune, capital of Burgundy Wine.

The Mass will ordinarily be a Missa cantata.

Yesterday the young priest who will celebrate the Mass organized a practice for the servers and we had seven keen young boys who came.

If you have some time would you be able to publicize this Mass on your blog as I have seen that you have people in our area who read WDTPRS.

I have attached a photo to give you an idea of how splendid the Basilica is.  By the way the sanctuary was much improved at the practice by the removal of the forward facing altar.

Many thanks for all that you do.

In caritate Christi,

Capital of Burgundy wine, you say… hmmm… maybe I should check out the TLM in Beaune.

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  1. Bryan Jackson says:

    I went Beaune during one of my recent trips to France to get away from Paris. My actual purpose was the night before I had an excellent glass of wine from Beaune and hopped on the TGV the next morning (isn’t vacation wonderful?). The Basilica is extremely nice, and I very much enjoyed the region. The wine was both relatively inexpensive and quite nice, I suggest it.

  2. TJM says:

    Father Z, will wonders never cease? This is the most glorious news out of France in a long time. Keep the hope coming our way! Tom

  3. tertullian says:

    can we say Montrachet?

  4. Allan says:

    I’m curious: In France, weddings are illegal until performed by a Mayor.

    How does this square with the Church? Is the sacrament of marriage performed before or after the civil marriage, and does the celebrant have any legal standing in the process?

    Are persons married civilly considered “married” by the local Parish?

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