Insider view of sacristy before Papal Vespers in Washington

Please visit Order of Preachers for a view of the sacristy before Papal Vespers the other day in Washington, DC.

Here are samples.






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  1. Matt says:

    Its very nice. But, it is all spoiled.

    I understand that Senator Chris Dodd and Senator John Kerry recieved Holy Communion yesterday at mass.

    I am so sad and depressed.

    I really wonder if the Catholic-American church has apostatized.

    Matt of South Kent

  2. We love being married says:

    How beautiful. Thank you for posting these pictures.

  3. EJ says:

    Matt – come on now, Christ is Risen, nothing is spoiled, don’t be so depressed. That beautiful celebration of Solemn Vespers was certainly not spoiled, but then again the Archdiocese of Washington had no opportunity to get its low-church claws (oops I meant hands) on it! With respect to those “Catholic” politicians, pray especially for the local Ordinary who bears responsibility for those two sacrileges through his inaction and inability to follow through with the office of bishop which he himself accepted.

  4. Matt says:


    Thank you. You are absolutely right.

    Matt of South Kent

  5. Margo says:

    Thanks for the O.P. link, Fr. Zuhlsdorf. The vestments and etc. were beautiful. The spaciousness of the sacristy reminds me of the sacristy at the Cathedral of St. Paul. I wonder if the Dominican sacristy you linked to is as old-fashioned/furnished.

  6. Hoka2_99 says:

    Everything about Vespers was beautiful and made me thrilled to be Catholic – it’s what it’s all about; the singing was wonderful too. But as Matt above commented, it seemed that the Mass soiled it all. But, we mustn’t let this possible reception of Holy Communion by the people you mention get us down. It is between them and God. We can only pray for them.
    I also pray that the Mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral will be beautiful and holy.

  7. Geoffrey says:

    I saw my bishop at the Solemn Vespers. I pray that when he returns home, he brings back with him some of that liturgical solemnity for our diocese!

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