NYC: some TLM notices

Thanks to Hallowed Ground we know that:

There will be a Mass on the Vigil of the Ascension at the Church of Our Saviour at 6:00 (Fulfills the Obligation for Ascension Thursday).

There will be a Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel (290 East 90th St. – 4, 5, 6 Train to 86th St.) on Thursday at 7:30pm (Ascension Thursday).

There will be a Mass on Thursday at Mt. Carmel Church in the Bronx at 8:30 AM. Also:

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  1. xathar says:

    Speaking of the EF, what ever happened to that explanatory document that was supposed to come out about the Motu Proprio earlier this year?

  2. Dennis says:

    I would also like to note in addition to the above – In NY –Westchester County there will be a Traditional mass at Immaculate Conception Church 5pm in Sleppy Hollow on Ascension Thursday —
    For those in Connecticut at St. Mary’s in Norwalk they will have 2 EF masses —
    a low mass on April 30 at 7pm(vigil) and on the Feast day at 5:30pm(sung?)both in the lower chapel.

  3. Ken says:

    Thanks Father

  4. EDG says:

    You still have Ascension on Thursday in NY? Lucky dogs!

  5. How can a vigil Mass in the extraordinary form (Isn’t the vigil of a major feast usually a penetential day?) fulfill one’s obligtion for the Holy Day?

  6. John says:

    I am very pleased to see the EF will be offered at Guardian Angels. It is a lovely little church in the unusual “Southern Sicilian Romanesque” style. It had a small but faithful congregation when I was there last, about three or four years ago. It was on the list of parishes to be closed, but was spared.

  7. FrV says:

    There will be a Mass in the extraordinary form at St. Eugene’s Church, 707 Tuckahoe Road, Yonkers, NY at 8AM on Ascension Thursday and there is a Mass every Sunday at 10:30AM in the extraordinary form. We usually also have the extraordinary form three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) with a high Mass on the last Sunday of every month.

  8. Actually, in New York, where Ascension is most definitely on Thursday, 1 May, the First Friday is the transferred Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker (I Class).

  9. techno_aesthete says:

    In the Arch. of Newark (NJ), on Ascension Thursday there will be a Missa Cantata in the EF at Holy Rosary Church in Jersey City at 5:30pm as well as two EF Masses, at 9:00am and 7:00pm, at St. Anthony of Padua Chapel in W. Orange.

  10. Ken says:

    Great to hear about a real vigil Mass, but this is troubling:
    “(Fulfills the Obligation for Ascension Thursday).”

    Why is someone encouraging a Catholic to skip Mass on Ascension Thursday. Unlike the novus ordo, remember that the true vigil Mass is not the same as the feastday Mass. So, by telling someone he may fulfill his obligation for Ascension Thursday by attending a different Mass on Wednesday, he is contributing to the fact that the communicant will miss Mass on the Ascension and thus never hear those propers.

  11. Ken: Why is someone encouraging a Catholic to skip Mass on Ascension Thursday.

    I don’t think that having a Mass on the Vigil that fulfills an obligation thereby encourages people to “skip Mass” the following day.

    Holy Church provides in her law for all Latin Rite Catholics that the obligation is fulfill by attending Mass on the vigil.  That is for the obligation.  It is good that people know they can fulfill their obligations and when they have fulfilled them.

  12. Do note, Ken, that the 2002 Missale has a proper Mass for the vigils of Ascension and Epiphany…which hopefully will be translated nicely some day.

  13. Rachel says:

    At Ss. Peter and Paul in Wilmington, CA, there will be a TLM for the Ascension this Thursday at 8 PM (that’s *PM*).

  14. Yes, the first Friday Mass will be the Mass of St. Joseph the Worker. However, Sacred Heart was mentioned because it started as a novena of nine first Fridays to fulfill that devotion. This coming first Friday will be the 8th Friday.

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