I am still digesting.

Are you still digesting?

Such rich fare over the last few days.  

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  1. Tom Seeker says:

    What a gift the Holy Father has given to this country! Thank you father for your comments and guidance to make the visit even more meaningful!

  2. Anna says:

    The adulation towards the Pope from the secular world is a bad sign.

    John 18-20: If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you. If you had been of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. Remember my word that I said to you: The servant is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you: if they have kept my word, they will keep yours also.

  3. avecrux says:

    Anna, I disagree.
    The “adulation” you are seeing is, I believe, a genuine human response to the goodness and holiness of the Holy Father and the attractiveness of his message, which is the Gospel.
    The Gospel of Jesus Christ is VERY, VERY Good News! People should be attracted to it. It is the contra-Obama…a man who is attempting to give people “hope” (false hope) by proclaiming that we , human beings, are the answer to our problems. The Pope says no – we are not the answer – there is an answer though, in the Person of Christ. This is a cause for great joy.
    His confident and sincere proclamation of truth is a sharp contrast to politicians, educators, etc. who leave people in a mire of uncertainty.
    And this warm reception does not mean that persecution does not persist….

  4. Janice says:

    Brit Hume of Fox News talked about the “beatific sweetness” of the Holy Father. Rabbi Arthur Schneier described the “angelic face” of the Holy Father. President Bush said he looked into the Holy Father’s eyes and “saw God.”

    Now people can sneer as much as they like, but I think Pope Benedict’s holiness and saintliness are becoming visible to an increasing number of people, from various professions, with various degress of skepticism to such things. To answer Anna, I think this is what the secular world saw and it made an impression on them. It may not last for long, but perhaps some will ponder the role of faith in this man’s life.

  5. cordelia says:

    i’m having “Pope TV” withdrawals…i keep hoping i’ll turn on Fox news and hear, “after his flight home the Holy Father took a long nap and iced his right shoulder and hand”

  6. trp says:


    Are you “of the world”? Do you hate your husband? Child? Preacher? Did you hate your parents? Was Christ really saying that people are not permitted to show their appreciation to someone who speaks the truth eloquently? Does Christ want us to hate the successor of Peter? What a strange world that would be if people were only permitted to hate the people who are good!

  7. trp says:

    Anna, you might respond that you are not “of the world” because you are a Christian, which means that your love is not evidence that someone is damned. In that case, I would follow up by asking the following: Who was clapping for the Holy Father? Members of NARAL? Communists? Nazis? They were all Christians. So too is the American President who honored the Holy Father at the White House ceremony.

  8. (after reading Anna’s comment, then quieting my own laughter and shaking my head…)

    It never fails to amaze me that some will turn a pile of positives into a negative!

    How many ways can one say it? The Holy Father’s trip here was an overwhelming success!

    “Yes but, yes but…”

    Yes, it wasn’t perfect . . . alas, alas, alas…

    Gee, I hope none of you sourpusses aren’t parents: “What? You got 96% on this test?! A 96? I can’t tell you how discouraged and disappointed I am in you, young lady!

  9. …And, while some might quibble about whether the pope’s trip was a “96” (vs. a “90” or “88”), I really would rate his visit just that high.

    His messages were very solid, insightful and seem to have had immediate impact–and surely will have longer-lasting impact. Several useful and important specific messages to bishops, to priests and young people, to educators, to the whole nation; but always the focus on “Christ our hope.”

    His decisions have also had great impact: he gave great attention to the worst wound the Church suffers, while he was not unmindful of his long-term interests in the liturgy, and he advanced things there as well.

    I even wonder that he and his Vatican crew didn’t cannily let the D.C. Mass go by, with its controversial choices, knowing it would be followed, and set against, all the other liturgies. Or else it was providential, something we surely believe in, yes? But I think that negative may prove to be less so for various reasons.

  10. Habemus Papam says:

    Well there wasn’t much media adulation three years ago when H.H. was elected. Pope Benedict has won over many hearts and minds on this visit, this mission. He has charisma, gifts of humility, patience, compassion. The liturgies were wonderful overall, highlighting the Mystery of Faith. And all those small touches, the Bl.Pius IX staff, the white silk mozzeta. Alltogether marvellous.

  11. trp says:

    I’m afraid that “Anna”‘s comment is illustrative of the reason why some protestant denominations have a reputation for very muddled thinking. OTOH, no one can accuse this Pope of muddled thinking. In answer to Fr. Z’s question: “yes”. I’m still digesting. In fact, I’m not even done with the hors d’oeuvres.

  12. SuzyQ says:

    I’m just beginning to digest. Unfortunately, I spent most of the Holy Father’s visit finishing term papers and studying for exams. Once Wednesday rolls around and exams are finished, I’ll have 10 glorious days to simply reflect on the Holy Father’s visit. A-h-h, heaven …

  13. Mary says:

    Rich fare indeed, Fr. Z! No milk for babies, this is real meat! We’ve got material to digest and lessons to learn for a lifetime.

    If non-Catholic Christians misunderstand our affection for Pope Benedict XVI (not to mention our Catholic beliefs), it’s time for us to learn and share the truth of our faith with charity and enthusiasm. As Archbishop Fulton Sheen rightly observed, “There are not over a hundred people in the United States who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions, however, who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church — which is, of course, quite a different thing.”

    Anna, you speak of ‘adulation’ from the secular world. If you’re referring to the mainstream media, you could be right — I suspect they saw the Pope’s visit as a sure way to up their audience (if only until the next big story breaks). But if you’re referring to the millions of people who watch Pope Benedict on TV or Internet, attend events when he visits host countries, or read (and RE-read!) his messages and encyclicals — you’re wrong. Our honoring Pope Benedict is not servile and false. On the contrary! We honor him as our Shepherd of the Church on earth, in apostolic succession from Peter, the apostle to whom Jesus said, “You are Peter (KEPHA!) and on this rock (KEPHA!) I will build my Church.

    As to his teachings, a good place to start would be the messages that Pope Benedict shared while he visited the US this week … forgiveness and healing (in face of the sexual abuse scandals) … personal relationship with Christ, who loves us and is our greatest hope … true freedom, which is found within that right relationship … defending the most vulnerable (the poor, the disenfranchised, the unborn, disabled, sick and elderly — ALL human life, from conception to natural death).

    Anna, this is great stuff! If you’re curious, and would like to know more about what the REAL Catholic Church is all about, here are some links to check:

    * What do Catholics believe? – (esp. the “Library” menu)
    * Pope’s role in the Church –
    * Pope Benedicts visit to US (video and text) – and

  14. Yes, still digesting. But on such a high – and so proud to be a Catholic!

    Fr. Z., thank you for posting all of the Holy Father’s words, with your insightful analysis. I’m printing them out so both I and my husband can study them.

    God Bless Pope Benedict and all our Priests and Religious! (Including my sister-in-law, Sister Madeline Marie!)

  15. Richard says:

    Great, but why is he doing Tai Chi?

  16. Anna…

    The fact that the Holy Father…

    …governs a sovereign state
    …overseas the world’s biggest charity
    …overseas the world’s largest adoption agency
    …holds the office of Peter
    …is a respected theologian and best selling author BEFORE his election
    …speaks out for peace
    …brings attention to the plight of the poor and oppressed

    You think he isn’t deserving of our love and affection.

    Had I been there, I would have been screaming my fool head off cheering him on even just to see his car pass me on the street for 10 seconds. We love and respect him and aren’t afraid to show him, this man who takes on the world and is a sign of contradiction.

  17. Marc says:

    Was it just me or did anyone else cheer and clap for joy while watching and listening to the Holy Father’s talk at the seminary??

    I think I even saw Fr. Cozzens (sp) from the Cathedral of St. Paul (MN) a few times on camera..

  18. Marc,
    Yes, you did see Fr. Cozzens, and a fair few of the twelve seminarians he took with him from Saint Paul Seminary. The camera crew really liked them, for some reason! Good to see our men out there. :-)

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