Watching Rev. Wright

Rev. Wright is speaking at the NAACP meeting in Detroit.

He is an engaging speaker, though not great or profound.  I also wasn’t terrible thrilled by his anti-Catholic comments, but… so what’s new, really.  Lana caprina… if that isn’t to European a reference.  I also wasn’t very enthusiastic of his notion that there should be differing standards for students.  If this addresses differing way of learning, fine.  But somewhere along the lines the bottom line of learning stuff has to come together.

Rev. Wrights basic idea, which which he wound up, here is that Black people and European descendant do thing, think, feel, etc., is different, but one is not superior to the other.  It’s a right brain, left brain thing.  I wonder.  But… okay.

And then he comes to his main, concluding point …

Along with the theme of the meeting, that Change is Gonna Come, people are going to, must learn to, work to, treat each other differently.


However, he made this speech while making fun of, mocking, white people.  I find that odd.

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