Another full “personal parish” for TLM: Vancouver, Canada

News from Western Canada:

Dear Father,

To be somewhat cliche, I’m a long time reader first time "emailer".

As of July 1st the FSSP community will finally be getting their own church building, Deo Gratias!

I take this excerpt off of the parish bulletin from

Our first Mass in our new church will be on July 1st (the Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord), although the time for this Mass is yet to be determined, all are welcome to attend of course!

"Divine Mercy to Become Holy Family In accordance with a July 1 Decree of Archbishop Roussin, our community is moving permanently to 4851 Beatrice Street in Vancouver. We will be newly established Sunday July 6 as a full-fledged Personal Parish, under the new name of Holy Family Parish, for the "dedicated use of the typical edition of the Roman Missal promulgated by Blessed John XIII in 1962", with a recognized mission Mass for the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford. Deo Gratias! Although the German National Parish is suppressed as of June 30, Fr. Benno Burghardt will continue to offer an 11:00 am German Novus Ordo Mass until November, when he officially retires. Thereafter, the 11:00 am Mass will become a Traditional Latin Mass. In the interim, our High Mass will be at 9:00 am, beginning Sun Jul 6. Please keep this transition in your daily prayers."


Since Fr. Z likes both the TLM and good Chinese food, perhaps a trip to Vancouver can be arranged.

Congratulations to the whole diocese for this great development.

This is truly in keeping with the spirit of Summorum Pontificum.

The Archbishop of Vancouver gets official WDTPRS kudos.  Also, I am happy that Archbp. Miller is there.  I know him from my time in Rome.  A fine fellow. 

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  1. KBS says:

    What a wonderful development. Fr. Erik Deprey, FSSP, is a humble, holy, awesome priest. One of the best I’ve ever met. And his chanting voice is incredible. They are in good hands up there.

  2. KG says:

    KBS, are you a parishioner at St. Stephen’s in Sacramento? If I recall correctly Father Deprey was there for sometime. I’m a parishioner at Divine Mercy Parish (soon to be Holy Family) and I really agree with you, to hear him chant is such a pleasure, he has really awesome analogies that blend in nicely with his powerful sermons, plus he’s really approachable. But it is indeed a development, Divine Mercy was designated a “quasi-parish” in January of 2001, so after a little more than seven years, God has blessed us with our own church building, Deo Gratias!

  3. KG says:

    Oooh, and another great development is that we’re getting another FSSP priest in our diocese, up until now it’s been Fr. Deprey and a truly generous diocesan priest who has duties at his own parish but takes time to say the occasional Mass for us and always celebrate Sunday Vespers, great things are happening!

  4. J. Wong says:

    Fr. Z,

    My sister lives in Vancouver. She’s got the TLM and superb Chinese food…..I am jealous.

    J. Wong
    Miami, Florida

  5. Gloria says:

    We at St. Stephen’s have been praying and praying for Father Deprey. Finally, our prayers are answered. Deo Gratias. We miss his wonderful crystal toned voice in Sacramento. However, some of us are of the opinion, having had various FSSP priests here, that they must have to audition before being accepted into the seminary. They ALL seem to have fine voices.

  6. Devin says:

    We need a TLM parish desperatly in Seattle. Our TLM, a carryover from the indult days, is hidden away in this tiny chapel that is part of an apartment building. It’s designed for around 150-200 people, but 250-300 show up every sunday. There’s another TLM instructional Mass at a parish south of seattle, but it’s on tuesdays. Perhaps someone can get the ear of Archbishop Brunett? Maybe get some FSSP priests? =[

    That’s great news for Vancouver though- it’s spreading!

  7. Martha says:

    I very much support the comment made by the reader above.

    I live in Tacoma, WA, about 40 miles south of Seattle, and there is no church over here where I can attend the traditional Latin mass. There is a small chapel, though, which is staffed by priests from the Sedevacantist movement, where the traditional Latin mass is provided.

    But what I truly want is for our Catholic Church and Catholic Bishop Brunett here, to pay attention to this matter in Tacoma. Otherwise, it seems that they are pushing us to go to a Sedevacantist church.

    Your help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  8. AM says:

    Holy Family was my old parish although I now live in the US. In the mid-90’s there was talk of it being shut down, it’s very small and serves mainly the German community. I’m glad to hear it will be an FSSP parish. Father Benno is a wonderful priest, I’m glad he gets to finally retire. As luck would have it I will be in Vancouver shortly, hopefully nothing gets between me and the TLM at Holy Family :-) Speaking of Chinese food, there was/is (not sure if it’s still there) a nice one just a few blocks away.

  9. King Fisher says:

    Brunett is working with the FSSP to help the archdiocese of Seattle. The current “chapel” in a downtown half-way house is problematic on many levels and we trust he is going to take care of Seattle’s needs by providing us with a parish soon.

  10. Francis says:

    I’m excited. Looks like I’m taking my wife and
    kids to an accessible, authentic and authorized
    Gregorian Rite mass on Sunday July 6th ….
    That Chinese restaurant won’t know what’s hit them.

  11. Catherine says:

    Archbishop Brunett and the FSSP are working to find a parish, hopefully between Seattle and Tacoma. Please keep the Archbishop and the FSSP in your prayers. Many say that the FSSP should be in the Archdiocese of Seattle before the end of the year.

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