Archd. of Toronto: ad orientem

Over at Vox Cantor we have the news that His Excellency Most Reverend Thomas Christopher Collins ordained a deacon for the Oratory in his Archdiocese of Toronto.

He celebrated Holy Mass ad orientem.

For more photos go here.

Stories like this were unthinkable even five years ago.  A handful of bishops in the world would even entertain such ideas then.

Do you feel the big mo, folks?

Meanwhile, this is how Fr. Jim Profit offered the sacrifice of the Mass at the Jesuit farm in Guelph, Ontario on 1 June.

Bales of hay, but no puppets.  Love the meaningful vessels. 

I wonder if he is facing liturgical east or just the eastern part of a westward ambling cow?

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  1. John Enright says:

    Fr. Jim Profit’s celebration of this Mass is just plain sad. It makes me think that the leftists are doing anything at all to turn Catholicism into paganism. To what deity was he praying? god of the harvest? I purposefully used lowercase “d” and “g” because I really don’t think this liturgical spectacle is devoted to God or Catholic in any sense of the word.

  2. a religious says:

    I hope Fr. Jim didn’t sit on a cowpat.

  3. John Enright says:

    Let the chips fall where they may.

  4. JML says:

    Re Picture #2:
    Do you feel the big moo, folks?

  5. The disinterested child just going about her own business behind him speaks volumes.

  6. At least the altar girl behind him is wearing a proper chapel veil.

  7. But folks, picture #1, picture #1.

    I can tell you personally that many of us were on the verge of tears. Not only
    for the Reverend Brother Michael Eades and the Fathers and Brothers of the Oratory,
    but also that our wonderful new Archbishop celebrated in Latin “ad orientem” and
    99% of those people receiving communion were on their knees and received on the
    tongue which is the custom at The Oratory. It was the first time in my life that
    I received the Holy Eucharist from the Archbishop of Toronto, on my knees and on
    my tongue.

    At the reception it was the first time I kissed an Archbishop’s ring.

    It was the first time that I actually wanted to.

    This was a glorious day for many of us in Toronto and to think that now we have
    confirmation that the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter is on their way!!

    Deo Gratias!!!

    P.S. Thank you Father Z for the links…you just sent my hits through the moon!!!

  8. malta says:

    *I wonder if he is facing liturgical east or just the eastern part of a westward ambling cow?* LOL!

    I wonder which part of the undualating hay he trusted to put the Precious Blood onto–of course, this may be an invalid consecration, which would make the issue moot.

  9. Todd says:

    It took me a good few minutes to see that he is sitting. Neat.

  10. Houghton G. says:

    Uh, Malta, it looks more like a bale of straw. But it does undulate, I’ll grant you that :)

  11. Bryan Jackson says:

    Let the chips fall where they may.

    That is the first time I have LOL’ed after reading a response, thank you :).

    If you somehow didn’t intend the double entendre with the chips and “cow chips”, then kudos to you anyway!

  12. JML: Do you feel the big moo, folks?


  13. david andrew says:

    There are some really great pics of the ordination posted by our friends over at NLM.

    Go have a peek!

  14. a religious: I hope Fr. Jim didn’t sit on a cowpat.



  15. TJB says:

    TWO good news items from Canada in one day? Yipee! Hey its not backwards day at WDTPRS is it?

  16. Houghton: But it does undulate

    Intended for ungulates?

  17. malta says:

    *Intended for ungulates?*

    No, unfortunately prelates on this particular farm.

  18. Corvus says:

    The Jesuit farm in Guelph…it seems nothing has changed in the last 20 years since I discovered them. It’s a shame. The Toronoto Oratory was a saving grace even then.

  19. Michael says:

    We should worry but not be scandalized, because this ritual was not a Mass. For a sacrament to be effected a priest must have intention of doing what the Church does, which is presumed if he goes through the rite as expected. But in this case we must presume not only that the right intention was absent, but from such a ritual it was more than evident that a contrary intention was present.

    In other words, his biscuits and sherry remained biscuits and sherry. No Sacrifice was offered, but a great offence against the Almighty God.


  20. Le Renard says:

    We should worry but not be scandalized, because this ritual was not a Mass.

    That’s EXACTLY why we should be worried — because this RITUAL was NOT MASS!

    We are scandalized by the very fact that there are actually folks out there and, embarrassingly enough, members of the ecclesial hierarchy, who actually think it is!

  21. LCB says:

    Form and Matter– If his intent was to consecrate, he used the words of consecration, and had proper bread and wine, then it was indeed a valid consecration. It may have been illictly conducted, and may have been an abomination, but under those conditions it is valid.

  22. Dan Hunter says:

    Good to see that Fr.Profit has a special dispensation from the GIRM, I would assume from his bishop, to use ceramic vessels.
    Nothing like an increased chance of breaking the chalice and having Christs Blood saturate a manured field.

  23. Ioannes Andreades says:

    At first I thought, “Wow, look at that poor priest with no legs!”

  24. TJM says:

    A left-wing loon extraordinaire. Is this guy a Druid making sacrifice to Mother Earth? Tom

  25. David O'Rourke says:

    For the record, Guelph is not in the Archdiocese of Toronto. It is in the diocese of Hamilton which is a suffragan diocese to the Archdiocese of Toronto.

  26. LCB says:

    I’ve always told myself that, if I saw a chalice spilled I would drink the Precious Blood off the marble floor.

    But in a cow field? It seems the Lord may have found the limit of my imperfect love for the Eucharist.

  27. a religious says:

    a religious: I hope Fr. Jim didn’t sit on a cowpat.


    Fr. Z : Really?

    a religious – no, just joking (I take it that you know what a cowpat is ?)

  28. jaykay says:

    The Jesuit farm??? Hmmm. Is that where they’re all put out to pasture? Well, there should certainly be no shortage of fertiliser anyway.

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