Back in business but pretty busy

I am now in Grand Rapids, Michigan – where there is indeed electricity.

I’ll be a little busy this morning, but I should be able to get online later and get some work done.

At that time I will post a bit.


Then we will have a visit to the Gerald Ford Presidential Library/Museum.

This will be the first time I have ever visited a presidential library.

I imagine this one will be rather interesting, in how it presents the fascinating and difficult period following the resignation of President Nixon.

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  1. JL says:

    Electricity! Deo gratias!

  2. MG says:

    Welcome to my town! I’m sure you will enjoy the Presidential Museum…it’s fascinating.

  3. MG says:

    Welcome to my town! I am sure you will enjoy the Presidential Museum…it’s fascinating.

    Are you celebrating Mass in GR?

  4. Brian says:

    Presidential libraries are great. I’ve been to five, and the best of those is the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. Reagan and Kennedy are good, and Eisenhower and Truman are just so-so. They are fascinating windows into the men to whom they’re dedicated and to us as a people.

  5. Timmay! says:

    So Father, you’ve hit K-zoo and now Grand Rapids. Any chance of you venturing into Detroit before you return to the Sabine Farm? :-)

  6. David says:

    Father, since you obviously care about writing and words, I thought I’d comment on an exhibit at the FDR presidential museum in Hyde Park, NY. Among the various displays is the draft of his radio address after Pearl Harbor, edited in his own hand, and you can see how he changed the opening from: “December 7, 1941, a date that will live in world history” to “a date that will live in infamy.” One small edit turned a phrase into something unforgettable.

    This is the kind of thing one can find at presidential libraries and I hope you enjoy your visit.

  7. President Ford did something unique, in that his “library” (the repository for his papers) and his “museum” (artifacts and memorabilia) are in two separate locations (Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, respectively). I visited the museum in 1994, but I’m sure it’s even more of an attraction now that Pres. Ford is buried there.

  8. Elizabeth V. says:

    Dear Fr. Toborowsky,

    I love your blog!

    OK, back to our regularly scheduled programming….

  9. Andrew says:

    Enjoy your time in Michigan. It is in my biased opinion the greatest in the whole 48. Don’t allow a power outage to sully your experience.

  10. Welcome back, Father!

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