Ireland: International Liturgy Conference

A reader sent me a reminder about the upcoming conference in Ireland.  It seems very interesting.  I wish I could attend.

Ireland: International Liturgy Conference

“Benedict XVI and the Sacred Liturgy” is the title of an international liturgical conference to be held on Saturday, July 12, on Fota Island, a beautiful island in Cork Harbor, near Cobh (Queenstown), Ireland.

Speakers will include:
Father Manfred Hauke of Lugano, Switzerland, professor of dogmatic theology at the Theological Faculty of Lugano; and author of The Priesthood and Women;

Father Uwe Michael Lang, a priest of the London Oratory, author of Turning Toward the Lord: Orientation in Liturgical Prayer.

Father Dennis McManus, Georgetown University professor and chaplain, and former associate director of the US Bishops’ Committee on the Liturgy, and consultant to the Vox Clara committee to review the new Roman Missal translation;

Alcuin Reid, Australian author of The Monastic Diurnal, and The Organic Development of the Liturgy;

Father Neil J. Roy, visiting assistant professor at Notre Dame University and editor of Antiphon, the journal of the Society of Catholic Liturgy.

James F. Hitchcock, professor of history at St. Louis University, author of Recovery of the Sacred; and

Helen Hull Hitchcock, editor of the Adoremus Bulletin and co-founder of Adoremus: Society for the Renewal of Catholic Liturgy.
The event will take place at the Sheraton Fota Island Golf Resort and Spa.

For complete details of the conference program and registration information, e-mail:

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  1. Irulats says:

    If you do manage to attend, consider a visit to Ireland’s North West coast. Free lodgings assured…

  2. Leah says:

    I own Fr. Manfred Hauke’s book. It’s actually called “Women in the Priesthood?” It’s his thesis and a fascinating read, if you like books that are 500+ pages. : )

  3. CPM says:

    Also (I may be wrong) but I think the Lassus Scholars (which sing at the latin mass in Dublin twice a month) are singing for the mass in Cobh Cathedral which I think will have something to do with the conference. We Will be singing Palestrina’s Missa Papae Marcelli.

  4. This sounds like a wonderful conference!

    I am in Dublin at the time and may make my way down there…

    God bless!


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