Augustine and Monnica at the Sabine Farm

I have some precious relics in the chapel of the Sabine Farm. 

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  1. Cliff W says:

    What is ECD short for?

  2. ekurlowa says:

    Ecclesiae Sanctae Doctor?
    And what is Vid.?

  3. ekurlowa says:

    I mean “Catholicae” 0:)

  4. Fr. Angel says:


    “Vid” I believe stands for “viduata” which means widowed.

  5. PeterHWright says:

    St. Augustine is a Bishop, a Confessor, and a Doctor of the Church.
    So, E.C.D. stands for (I presume) Episcopus, Confessor, Doctor.

  6. Kradcliffe says:

    How did you get them, Father?

    The only relic I have is the second-class relic of JPII on the prayer card from the cause for his canonization. Not quite the same thing, but I treasure it.

  7. John P says:

    Vid = vidua

  8. John P says:

    Or, in this case, to be completely accurate, viduae

  9. PeterHWright says:

    To be completely accurate, I suppose I should have said : Episcopi, Confessoris, Doctoris.

  10. Jane says:

    St. Monica really had a lot of patience when praying for the coversion of her son. It payed off in the end. He was converted, became a priest, a bishop, a saint and a doctor of the Church.

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