NY’s Card. Egan responds to Rep. Pelosi

His Eminence Edward Card. Egan of New York has issued a press release in response to Speak Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) remarks on Meet The Press last Sunday.

Let’s look with my emphases and comments.

Statement on Remarks by Speaker Pelosi

August 26, 2008



Like many other citizens of this nation, I was shocked to learn that the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America would make the kind of statements that were made to Mr. Tom Brokaw of NBC-TV on Sunday, August 24, 2008. What the Speaker had to say about theologians and their positions regarding abortion was not only misinformed; it was also, and especially, utterly incredible in this day and age. [Indeed, "utterly incredible"… in the sense that no one who said what she says can credibly claim to have either studied what the Church says or can claim to be an ardent Catholic.  We simply cannot believe her.]

We are blessed in the 21st century with crystal-clear photographs and action films of the living realities within their pregnant mothers. No one with the slightest measure of integrity or honor [whew] could fail to know what these marvelous beings manifestly, clearly, and obviously are, as they smile and wave into the world outside the womb. In simplest terms, they are human beings with an inalienable right to live, a right that the Speaker of the House of Representatives is bound to defend at all costs for the most basic of ethical reasons. They are not parts of their mothers, and what they are depends not at all upon the opinions of theologians of any faith. Anyone who dares to defend that they may be legitimately killed because another human being “chooses” to do so or for any other equally ridiculous reason should not be providing leadership in a civilized democracy worthy of the name[Exactly.]

Edward Cardinal Egan

Archbishop of New York

WDTPRS Kudos to Card. Egan!

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  1. LCB says:


    My heart has been lifted the last several. Something has gotten into the water of our bishops!

  2. Paul Haley says:

    The Catholic Bishops are rightly offended by Pelosi’s preposterous claims and they are lining up in favor of traditional church teaching. Deo gratias! I suspect Blessed Mother had some inspiration in this matter since we are in her holy 30 days. Finally, catholic bishops are speaking as with one voice to demolish the arguments of the pro-choice crowd.

  3. Fr. Steve says:

    Deo Gratias!

    LCB, I think the couragious wittness of our Holy Father is rubbing off. I have also noticed something different in the air since his election.

  4. As I write, Rush is reading Egan’s statement. Millions more will have heard it now.

  5. Agnes B. Bullock says:

    WOW!!!!! Shades of Cardinal O’Connor!!!!

  6. LCB says:

    I have to be honest, re-reading this statement has caused me to tear up a bit. I never thought I’d see the day when an American Cardinal stood up like this to any politician (much less a prominent democrat).

    And on abortion no less.

  7. Geoffrey says:

    After reading Archbishop Wuerl’s statement last night, I too felt that the Pope’s visit in April has indeed strengthened the bishops. Deo gratias!

  8. Jerry Boyd says:

    Speaker Pelosi has, I think, done the Church in the United States a rather large favor. So outlandish were her comments that even some Bishops who historically have been reluctant to take strong public stands in support of Church teaching have been forced to do so. Frankly I wish Pelosi and others (Kennedy, Biden, Kulangowski, etc) would continue to misrepresent Church teaching forcing the Bishops to more and more frequently and forcibly correct the public record. If they did so often enough perhaps it would become a habit and perhaps they would develop the intestinal fortitude to publicly emphasize Church teaching on a regular basis. Perhaps even a public discussion of “SIN” (oh my gosh I didn’t use that word did I?) and its consequences might prove to be within their capability.

    This election, in particular, provides perhaps the best opportunity I have seen in my 60 + years for the Catholic Church in the United States to make a difference. Rather than restrict their public statements to only social justice issues (important but not THE most important) they have a great opportunity collectively and individually to strongly emphasize life issues. Pray that they will do so.

  9. Rose in NE says:

    Wow! Keep praying for our bishops! It’s refreshing to see them courageously stand up for the truth.

  10. Ron says:

    I think – and maybe I am wrong – that the Bishops have tried the “let’s be patient with them” approach for awhile and they may be starting to see that the enemies of the Church aren’t just coming around to the truths of the Faith. They are obstinate (many of them) and I think that may, in the long run, cause the Bishops to speak and act more boldly. God bless Card. Egan!

    I have to say Archbishop Wuerl’s letter wasn’t all that strong but it was good he put out a statement. He was our Bishop formerly and his emphasis has always been on catechesis as the way to lead Catholics to be more faithful, not by punishments or strong words of rebuke. Sadly I think we live in a day and age when most people will simply blow off easy words that lack the rebuke – and ultimately I think stronger actions will need to be taken too.

    May Our Lord draw the hearts of those in the Church who are speaking falsehoods back to the fullness of truth.

    Pax Christi tecum.

  11. Paul Murnane says:

    Thank you, Cardinal Egan! It looks like some momentum is building; let’s pray that Archbishop Niederauer finds the time to respond.

  12. TJM says:

    Do you think the alleged “newspaper of record” aka the New York Slimes will run the Cardinal’s statement or surpress it and just
    hope it goes away? Perhaps they will write a thundering editorial in support of an intrinsic evil! Tom

  13. Brian Walden says:

    “utterly incredible” – ineffable even!

    Thank you Cardinal Egan, and thank you Archbishop Chaput for setting off this highly contagious bout of spinefulness. May the virus spread to all the bishops of the world.

  14. Niederauer’s diocese has opted to merely republish the USCCB statement:


  15. Paul Haley says:

    On another blog I wrote the following:

    I see the influence of Blessed Mother in this action by the bishops to strongly enforce traditional catholic teaching in this matter. She, who must be most horrified at the slaughter of babies in the womb, must have interceded with Her Divine Son to inspire the bishops to speak unequivocally and with one voice. Has the tide turned and will they continue to show the courage they are showing at this moment in time? May it please God that it will be so. And thank God that Archbishop Chaput led the charge and his brother bishops have joined the cause.

    I include it here because it is apropos to the discussion and I add: God bless our bishops for rallying to the cause and may it be the beginning of a landslide in favor of Tradition.

  16. Dan Soderlund says:

    Outstanding! I praise God that some of the hierchy of the Church are finally
    standing up to be counted!

    Jn 5:29 “Those who have done good will rise to live, and those who have done
    evil will rise to be condemned.”

    Let us all pray in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament that the leaders of
    the Church and the leaders of our country will be converted.

  17. Sam Schmitt says:

    I like how the Cardinal did not “lay down the law” as if it was simply a matter of Church (or “Vatican”) teaching – like going to Mass on Sundays. (This way it can’t be twisted by the secular media.) He made it very clear that this is a matter of basic humanity and natural law, that anyone who refuses see the facts in front of his or her face – the living human being in the womb – is not fit to govern.

  18. mpm says:

    Sam Schmitt,

    Me too. His statement frames the issue very well.

  19. Kradcliffe says:

    I once had the “St. Augustine said this and Thomas Aquinas said that…” argument thrown at me, and I didn’t have a ready response to it. I think it’s a common one by pro-abortionists. So, I’m glad to hear such clear refutation of it from various bishops.

  20. Fr. Angel says:

    Sam Schmitt:

    I completely agree with you. Cardinal Egan’s statement is quick, to the point, and brings to the fore what millions of couples already know but need to be reminded of. The tiny human being in the womb can be seen now with clarity. It is irrelevant and patently useless to speak of what the theologians have to say about that child’s right to life. We can see for ourselves the obvious–there is a human being who is observed as manifestly human and must be protected with every human right by the leaders of a civilized society.

    Our common sense and humanity have all the guess work taken out of the equation by the technology of the times. Invoking the arguments between doctors of the Church regarding ensoulment is quite laughable now as we see a little hand wave to us and cut through the nonsense.

    Besides the great joy of seeing the bishops defending the teaching of the Church regarding the unborn children, it is most gratifying to see Rush Limbaugh employing the immense power of his radio show to make this defense known and understood to his audience, most of whom would not have the time to wade through all the words of argumentation.

  21. Anyone who dares to defend that they may be legitimately killed because another human being “chooses” to do so or for any other equally ridiculous reason should not be providing leadership in a civilized democracy worthy of the name.

    Is this not the finest single sentence on this subject yet penned by anyone — priest or bishop, lay or pope?

  22. TerryC says:

    Pelosi has finally done it. In every great ideological war there is a point, not always recognized at the time, when the side which is wrong so overplays their hand that the hollowness of their arguments and falsehoods of their statements cause a tipping of the great pendulum against them.
    This may be that time for the supporters of infanticide. Pelosi may have done it.
    I was elated to see Cardinal Egan not appeal to the teachings of the Church fathers or to the history of Catholic theology but to modern science. Its about time we started to undercut the enemies of life on their own terms. Science proves that it is a human person.

  23. Amanda says:


    I think Cardinal Egan is my new hero. That last sentence was beautiful.

  24. Eric says:

    Thank God for Pope Benedict. This is all a direct result of his leadership. May he live another hundred years.

  25. Many years to Cardinal Egan!

  26. Phil (NL) says:

    Ecce sacerdos magnus!

  27. TNCath says:

    Ka-BOOM! Now THAT was a cardinal archbishop speaking! Cardinal Egan has effectively summed up Church teaching (without even directly referring to it), modern science, and basic civilization in one brief statement. At this point, it may very well be the definitive response to this “utterly incredible” discussion, for there is no legitimate, intelligent rebuttal to what he said.

  28. rj57 says:

    God bless Cardinal Egan.

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