Off to the blognic

I am about to head off to the Cleveland blognic.

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  1. Penjing says:

    Dear Fr. Z.,

    I wish I were at the blognic :(


  2. Cygnus says:


    “Hello, Cleveland!”

  3. Penjing: Next time, let me know what your schedule is in advance. Sheesh!

  4. TMG says:

    Dear Father Z,
    While in Cleveland (near where I happen to live) I hope you make a pitch for the TLM to occur at some suburban locations there instead of where they now have it in crime-prone areas. Your efforts would be most appreciated!

  5. Westsider says:

    It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Cleveland, John you picked a great day to be here. Seriously, it doesn’t get better than this in Cleveland. I had a bit of driving to do over to the eastside (Microcenter) and got to put the top down for the ride across town.
    TMG, the reason there are only a handful of unreformed masses in the diocese is due to the excellent liturgical leadership before, during and after the council. Fr. Gerrity and Msgr. Moriarity laid the groundwork, and for years Msgr’s columns in the UB (diocesan newspaper) catechized the faithful in an effective manner. The seminary profs and diocesean liturgists and catechists (including Francis, Muzic, Kropac, Novak, McGonegal, Fortuna, Murray and others) have all been excellent, particuarly Ed Francis, and the formation of priests and other ministers was superior. Then-Bishop Hickey’s liturgy pastoral was another positive factor. The permeation of the diocese with excellent liturgical formation for two generations has resulted in a very small number of individuals who are unable to find meaning in the reformed liturgy. I’m wondering about the history of liturgical formation and leadership in some of the places where the unreformed mass has found a toehold. I’m only aware of a couple of those archdioceses, and don’t know if they had figures of the stature of the aforementioned Clevelanders.

  6. It was great to get to meet you today, Fr. Z.

  7. TMG says:

    I don’t understand your response to my post to Father Z. I think my post was clear that I’d like to see the Traditional Latin Mass implemented by the Cleveland Diocese at suburban locations, in addition to the two crime-prone areas the Diocese now offers it. I’m not aware of the TLM currently being offered anywhere in the Diocese other than at those two locations (although the Society of St. Pius X offers the TLM at St. Peregrines in Westlake and the Society of St. Pius V offers the TLM in Parma). If you know of other locations where the TLM is currently offered by the Diocese, please let me know. There are scores of locations here where the “reformed mass” is offered – that Mass is not the subject of my request.

  8. Wm. Christopher Hoag says:

    Westsider, surely you jest!

  9. Westsider says:

    WCH, dude, yeah I jest sometimes but not about this stuff. Are you in town? We can get together and squabble about it over a beer or something. Wasn’t yesterday BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!?!

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