PODCAzT curiosities: B16 & the snake v. Fr. Z & Fr. Finigan

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2289 – Pope and snake, et al.
2291 – Fr. Z and Fr. Finigan, et al.

And His Hermeneuticalness Fr. Finigan’s interview in PODCAzT 64 has taken the lead!

He is now beating the Holy Father and the big snake Sebastian in downloads and "listens".



Here are links to the last few PODCAzTs:

068 08-08-04 Interview – Fr. Tim Finigan on the Oxford TLM conference; don Camillo (Part III)
067 08-07-29 St. Augustine on Martha, active v. contemplative lives; don Camillo (part II)
066 08-07-25 don Camillo (part I): VM – advice on getting TLMs & “pro multis”
065 08-07-19 St. Ambrose “On mysteries”; Interview: Fr. Robert Pasley
064 08-07-15 Bonaventure on Christ “the door”; Interview – Fr. Timothy Finigan
063 08-07-12 Interview: Fr. Justin Nolan, FSSP; consecrated hands, Holy Communion and the Rite of Baptism

As a note of interest, the interview with His Hermeneuticalness Fr. Finigan is now second in number of downloads and listens only to the video of Pope Benedict with a bunch of Australian critters, including the new famous python "Sebastian".

As I write:

2243 – Pope and snake, et al.
2015 – Fr. Z and Fr. Finigan, et al.

Finigan is behind only by about 200 accesses.  Give him a hand and get his numbers up!

I’ll post updates, below.

Also, a reader sent a note including an interesting question:


Sometimes you say things I would like to have separate from the rest of the programs. It would be easier to share with other people that way who need to hear some of the things you explain. Could you post or send me the audio of just part of a show? 


Well… thanks for that but… no and yes.

I say "No" first, because it take some work to make these audio projects.  Going back into my files and separating each section into a separate project would be a lot of work.

That said, "Yes", it is "possible".  Perhaps a "premium content" section could be arranged.  I would have to work out the details and terms, but it is something to ponder.

UPDATE: 29 July 01:04 GMT

2244 – Pope and snake, et al.
2028 – Fr. Z and Fr. Finigan, et al.

C’mon folks!

UPDATE: 29 July 14:19 GMT

2250 – Pope and snake, et al.
2051 – Fr. Z and Fr. Finigan, et al.

It looks as if the People have spoken, though we crept, not to say slithered up a little.

UPDATE: 30 July 16:06 GMT

2253 – Pope and snake, et al.
2072 – Fr. Z and Fr. Finigan, et al.

Better, but we could use more.

UPDATE: 31 July 16:18 GMT

2256 – Pope and snake, et al.
2079 – Fr. Z and Fr. Finigan, et al.

A questioner told me in an e-mail that the interview with Fr. Finigan helped with a decision to seek a TLM.

UPDATE: 2 August 17:22 GMT

2260 – Pope and snake, et al.
2102 – Fr. Z and Fr. Finigan, et al.

Better!  Keep at it, especially if you haven’t listened yet.  Tell others.


2265 – Pope and snake, et al.
2115 – Fr. Z and Fr. Finigan, et al.



2270 – Pope and snake, et al.
2246 – Fr. Z and Fr. Finigan, et al.



2289 – Pope and snake, et al.
2291 – Fr. Z and Fr. Finigan, et al.

And Fr. Finigan has taken the lead!


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  1. Brian Day says:

    Fr. Z,

    While I agree that going back to previously posted podcasts would be a lot of work, I like the idea of breaking up future podcasts into smaller segments. While I do not have an aversion to technology, I do not have an MP3 player, so I can only listen to them at my computer. I do not have the time to sit and listen for 40+ minutes at a stretch, so if the podcasts could be broken into approximately 10 minute segments, it would allow me to actually listen to your podcasts. [Nooo… won’t be doing that!]

    Of course, you could just tell me to get my act together and buy a MP3 player and deal with it! :-)

  2. GCC Catholic says:

    Fr. Z,

    Would you permit readers/listeners to excerpt pieces out of your podcaZts ourselves for these purposes?

    The questioner could use a program such as Audacity (a free, open source editor) to excerpt it out of the downloaded mp3. [I think I had better do things to my own projects. – Fr. Z]

  3. TC says:

    I see that Fr Finnegan is Podcast #64. What number is “Pope & Snake?

  4. sea-cat says:

    Instead of breaking up the files into ten minute chunks, can you just use something like a cue file (or is it “cue sheet?”) to treat a single mp3 file like a set of smaller ones?

  5. Bruce says:

    Wait I think Fr. Finegan is 3rd, but which one is the pope and the snake, Father?

  6. I know that this is a bit off topic but Father Z seems to suggest that Fr. Finigan will be the next archbishop of Westminster. I’m afraid, however, that His Hemeneuticalness says, “It’s not going to happen!”

    Perhaps pulling a few more Roman strings is in order, Father.

  7. Dove says:

    Hi Fr. Z,
    I want to thank you for reading the two Don Camillo stories. You read them so well. You differentiate the different characters so well and the persona of Christ is so charming. You really capture the spirit of the stories. The music adds to the professional quality. I don’t have any problem listening to them on my computer. You are right, it is a big deal to split up the files. I have some recordings of chant that go over an hour and I use Audacity to split them if necessary and it’s not easy by any means. I hope you will record more of the stories.

  8. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always loved the Don Camillo stories.
    When Fr. Z read them, the characters really come alive.
    Than you very much, Father.

  9. Johnny Domer says:

    The podcast with Fr. Finnigan was my favorite one! Thanks for doing it, Fr. Z!


  10. Tim Ferguson says:

    Is “The Pope and Snake” the name of the English-style pub that you and Archbishop, errr Fr. Finigan plan on opening in Rome someday?

  11. Tim F: Jolly good idea, that!

  12. RichR says:

    Where is “The Pope and the snake”? Is it on a different blog?

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