Problem viewing WDTPRS using Internet Explorer

Apparently the Site Meter code on this and other blogs is causing MS Internet Explorer to crash.

Do people use IE?

I use Firefox.

I will try to cope with this soon.


People are saying this works (from a commenter):

People should go get firefox:

But there is a workaround (I saw this on another web site):

1. Open menu item: Tools…Options
2. Click “Security” tab
3. Select “Restricted Sites”
4. Click “Sites” button
5. Under “Add this website to this zone”, enter “*” without the quotes
6. Click “Add” button
7. Close windows using “Close” or “OK”, not “Cancel”.

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  1. B Knotts says:

    People should go get firefox:

    But there is a workaround (I saw this on another web site):

    1. Open menu item: Tools…Options
    2. Click “Security” tab
    3. Select “Restricted Sites”
    4. Click “Sites” button
    5. Under “Add this website to this zone”, enter “*” without the quotes
    6. Click “Add” button
    7. Close windows using “Close” or “OK”, not “Cancel”.

  2. Theodorus says:

    Oh I see. Thank you Father for letting us know. I had hard drive problem this afternoon, and after I fixed it, I found this problem while using IE to view this blog, and some others, including Fr. Finigan’s, so I thought I did something wrong to my computer. Now I am relieved, and probably it is a good way to force people like me to use Firefox.

  3. Theodorus says:

    Thank you B Knotts, it worked!

  4. Matthew G. Hysell says:

    Fr Zuhlsdorf,

    This is to register my concern regarding the banner, “Say the Black, Do the Red.” [And this has to do with which aspect of this discussion at hand?]

    All of us would do well to read the praenotandae first.

    Sincerely in Christ,
    Matthew G. Hysell, M.A., M.Th. (Cand.)
    Archdiocese of Edmonton Advisory Board for Deaf Ministry

  5. Manrique Zabala de Arízona says:

    Is Microsoft starting an Unholy Crusade against WDTPRS??

  6. Phil says:

    yes Father, to state the obvious: people do use IE.

    Hope it is back up soon, had to dig up an old firefox to post this.

  7. It’s not just the sitemeter code though. The Dublin Latin Mass Chaplaincy website has a sitemeter ticker but is loading without difficulty. Stick to Firefox, I say; for Foxmarks if nothing else.

  8. Legisperitus says:

    I use that manual typewriter of browers, Netscape 7.

  9. Legisperitus says:

    Sorry, that should have read “browsers.”

  10. Charles R. Williams says:

    I use Firefox so I haven’t had these problems. However, there are times when I must use IE for one reason or another. There seem to be special problems with Firefox combined with Vista. I can see that people would stick with an inferior browser rather than juggle between two browsers. My wife will use only IE6.

  11. scipio says:

    Had the same problem with my blog and noticed it on others as well, e.g. with the American Papist.

    Deactivation of the sitemeter code solved the issue – like using another browser.

  12. IE can’t log in with its security options down, but with them up the blog appears instantly.

  13. Brian C. says:

    For those who would like to use Firefox, but feel forced to use IE: a Firefox extension is available which opens up an IE tab within Firefox; it’s worked for all my applications which require IE, but without sacrificing many of the Firefox niceties…

    In Christ,
    Brian C.

  14. Hettie B. says:

    The IE problem has been a blessing in disguise, for I am now discovering the awesomeness that is Firefox! I had no idea that sites could load so quickly! :D

  15. crankycon says:

    The best part of my workweek was when the IT guy finally installed Firefox on my computer, so now i can happily scan the internet in the same kind of bliss as I do at home. In other words, yeah, I use Firefox.

  16. Ed the Roman says:

    Now I’m going to have to go see how the site looks in Lynx.

  17. Jim says:

    I am an Apple convert. I use Safari as my browser. I never have such problems, and I never get viruses. Try it!

  18. Jason says:

    MacBook Pro — no viruses and no firewall issues, ever
    Will not support the Gates Foundation or use IE.

  19. Jame P Gavin says:

    Thank you, it is also doing it with Rorate Coeli, the NLM basically all my favourites.

  20. Steve Skojec says:

    Thanks, B. Knotts! This has been plaguing my blog for a while now, too. I thought it was a problem with WordPress, but I tried your workaround and it’s fixed.

    I always use Firefox, so I wouldn’t even have known if my readers weren’t complaining.

  21. LCB says:

    People still use IE?

    A well trained primate could drive a truck through the security holes in that browsers. Keep using IE if you don’t value personal privacy, your financial security, or the functionality of your computer.

  22. leutgeb says:

    That’s good to know. Thank you. Thought something very strange was going on, when I couldn’t access my own blog!

  23. Fr. Z:
    I use Firefox with the IE extension, and your site at this moment works for me on both. When I switch between these browser engines, there are little differences in formatting seen on your blog page. Everything looks nice on Firefox, but things are out of alignment here and there with IE. The problem with IE and Microsoft in general is that they do not adhere to international ISO standards. They insist on their own proprietary methods, and as a virtual monopoly, try to make those themselves standard, with the obvious implication of royalties for their use. This has created long standing headaches for web designers and programmers over the years. One way they get around this is to create javascripts on the web page that detects the web browser one is using and apply changes to the web page according to the web browser being used. That is a lot more work and it is usually IE vs. the other browsers. My policy is that browsers either conform to ISO standards, or I do not use them. Unfortunately I am still forced to use the IE engine on occasion.

  24. JM says:

    I had actually had the same problem on Firefox 3.0 a couple of weeks ago for a few days. No other website caused any problems, just WDTPRS. I gave up using that computer to view WDTPRS as it would crash in about fifteen seconds or so after loading the site.

  25. Elise B. says:

    Thank you, B. Knotts. It worked!
    Elise B.

  26. Aelric says:

    I was experiencing crashing of Firefox 3.0 on some other blogs, notably American Papist and Rorate Coeli running 3.0 with Vista. The 3.0.1 update seems to have dealt with those issues.

  27. Phil says:

    For the record: IE works again.

    Thanks, whoever fixed it.

  28. Phil says:

    (and I mean without the workaround)

  29. Tomas Lopez says:

    Browser market share statistics at:

    Yes, people DO use IE!

  30. Carl H. Horst says:

    No, people should not “go get Firefox.” If you want to publish a blog you should make it work with the dominant browswer.

  31. JM says:

    “No, people should not “go get Firefox.” If you want to publish a blog you should make it work with the dominant browswer.”

    Not when the dominant browser is a poorly written pile of trash. Writing web pages is much easier for Firefox. When I write sites for IE, I have to include bugs (on purpose!!!!) to fix bugs in the way IE renders web page because they have so poorly implemented their engine. Their bugs aren’t even consistent across versions.

    Yes. Everyone should switch to Firefox.

  32. Todd says:

    Brian C has it right….just use the IE extension in Firefox if you need IE(which is 1% of the time)

  33. Deo volente says:

    I checked the site under News and believe it is the component which “openly” indicates how many visitors have visited the site which started the problem. Apparently, Sitemeter must have wanted to “uncouple” its basic icon from the counter function. This is how I read the news in any case.

    I use both IE and FireFox. I don’t believe this is IE’s fault. I believe Sitemeter made a huge mistake in not testing their own code as they moved to a new platform. And, they have not posted a full explanation as yet to my knowledge. Most of the larger blogs simply “pulled the plug” on Sitemeter I believe.


  34. Al says:

    I might have crashed it this morning FrZ. I was accessing from work on my Dell with IE Exploder. Using my Mac with Fire Fox now.

    Iam sorry about that.


  35. pelerin says:

    I was pleased to read this – I thought it was my computer! After a week when several of the English priest bloggers were attending the Latin Mass conference at Oxford I tried to access several sites this morning including your own ,Fr Z ,and each time I was told that internet Explorer could not open the site.

    The strange thing was that other sites had no problems – only the Catholic ones. Very spooky! Having knocked off the computer for a time it was good to see the sites have returned though there have been no similar comments on the other blogs. Thank you for pointing out this difficulty.

  36. Doug says:

    I develop web applications for a living and work in the Microsoft world as well as others (Java, PHP, etc.). In all cases I have to test in at least in Firefox and Internet Exploder. Safari less so since it represents such a tiny percentage of users (2.6%).

    It goes without saying that I prefer Firefox. More secure. Better standards compliance. More reliable.

    As to IE being dominant; don’t count on that for much longer. FF is at 41% and has been consistently on the rise since its first release. If you want proof that IE is on the decline, check out the W3Cs own stats.

  37. Mark says:

    I use IE… I was having problems last night but not this morning. It would be a good idea to test IE since it is the most widely used browser in the world.

  38. LCB says:

    Mark, I agree, it would be a good idea for Microsoft to test IE.

    But they don’t. So use firefox.

  39. Doug says:

    By the way, for those of you on Macs, I strongly suggest getting Firefox. Safari, while far better than it used to be, is still rickety especially when it comes to Javascript and since so much of the web these day is dependent on “Web 2.0” concepts that’s a huge deal. Not to mention the fact that a huge number of site and web app developers don’t even bother to test on Safari. They (and I know this from experience being a developer myself) usually wait until enough Safari users find bugs and complain before bothering to publish fixes and patches.

    There will be trade-offs, and it is true that a few users will actually be better off sticking with Safari purely because of specific sites they visit frequently and applications they use (Quicksilver for one). Over all though, Firefox is a more consistent browser even on the Mac making it a far better product for the majority of users whether they be Mac, Wierdos or Linux users.

  40. Owen says:

    Opera 9.5 no problems to report, because it’s Opera of course. FireFox, yeah sure it’s OK. Internet Extortionist should never be used. It’s just evil.

  41. The Sitemeter issue has a fix through the sitemeter website. They updated their code according to their blog (but didn’t bother to email their users). If you go get the new code and put it in your blog, it should work fine for IE users again.

  42. GCC Catholic says:

    No, people should not “go get Firefox.” If you want to publish a blog you should make it work with the dominant browswer.


    Just as rubrics allow liturgy to “work” properly, standards allow technology to work properly. Even if most people use IE, that does not make it the best browser; in fact, it is inferior, because Microsoft refuses to make it “do the red,” so to speak.

    That said, people could use browsers other than Firefox, but it is unwise to use ones that aren’t standards-compliant if they don’t need to.

  43. Deusdonat says:

    No, people should not “go get Firefox.” If you want to publish a blog you should make it work with the dominant browswer.

    Wow. One would think Carl was the owner of this blog (or works for Microsoft) to make such a assertive comment. [My thought too.]

    As a professional techie (aka a “guicque” as we are known internationally) my recommendation is that everyone should have IE AND Firefox; Firefox for everyday web browsing and IE when it is not supported. Unless you are using specific business applications which require IE, yoiu should use Firefox, since a) it is more stable and b) most viruses are programmed for IE since it is the most prevalent. So, when you are browsing the net, Firefox is by far safer.

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