17-27 October: Berlin, NJ, Philly, PA, Anapolis, MD

I will be heading to Mater Ecclesiae for their 40 Hours Devotion 17-19 October.

Fr. Pasley and I will hit the road for a bit, to visit a few places in the area.

We may wind up in the area of Anapolis, MD during that week.


Then I go to Kansas City, MO for the dedication of Old St. Patrick’s in the older, traditional Rite, but the great Bp. Robert Finn.

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  1. Antiquarian says:

    Perhaps a visit to the US Naval Academy? The chapel is quite beautiful, with its Tiffany window of Christ walking on the water. And Fr. Logan, one of the chaplains, has posted here. The Mass always includes the singing of the Navy Hymn (Eternal Father, Strong to Save) at which I defy anyone with a heart not to tear up.

    And of course, there’s Chesapeake Bay seafood, too…

  2. Antiquarian: I believe your visit to Anapolis is precisely to visit my friend, the great Fr. Aidan Logan.

  3. mcitl says:

    Annapolis blognic?

  4. bryan says:

    Blognic in Philly?

    Half of my rosary group would be dying to come…:)

    (the first half hour is spent discussing “What did Fr. Z say this week…”.

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