Breakfast with a bright future

I was my great pleasure this morning to have breakfast with four seminarians. They read that I would be in town and contacted me.

These men are all bright and intensely focused on their studies and the Church. They are interested in and open to the older form of Mass in a very healthy way, without taking away anything due to the Novus Ordo.

If, God willing, they persevere to ordination, people will have solid men will good minds, prayerful spirits, kind hearts and NO BAGGAGE.

We talked about their courses, liturgy, politics, life and the world in general, war stories for my seminary days… so very different from their seminary experience now, thanks be to God.

I was impressed and I compliment their bishops, vocation directors, pastors, family and rector for these good catches.

It leaves one boyant and hopeful.

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  1. Memphis Aggie says:

    Thank you Father – good news is always welcome.

  2. Maureen says:

    Good luck and God bless, seminarians! Ganbatte! :)

  3. mysticalrose says:

    Yay!!! I am very grateful to our younger priests and seminarians. I will offer up prayers for them today.

  4. John Enright says:

    Thanks for your report, Father. It’s gratifying to see upbeat and optimistic posts in your blog; it shows that hope is not only still viable for the Church, but rather, that the Church is full of hope! I will pray for your new friends to the Patron Saint of Seminarians, St. Charles Borromeo, who is the namesake of the seminary for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

  5. Folks who want to have 1962-books used need to start buying gift copies for seminarians! These things are expensive, and I’m not buying altar editions!

    For the transitional deacons in your life, think about Christmas.

  6. tara says:

    I’m praying for them!

  7. TJM says:

    Father this is wonderful news, and from the picture, these look like fine young men. It was great of you to meet with them. Sometimes I
    wonder if one of the reasons we don’t have more vocations to the priesthood is that some priests aren’t willing to take the time you
    did and be a witness to how the Catholic priesthood is an important today as it was in the past. I’ve always said, that a priest happy in
    his vocation is the best way to attract young men to the priesthood. All the best, Tom

  8. Dominic says:

    Thanks be to God. I know some of those seminarians and they are very good men. The Church is very blest that they are considering entering Her ranks, with the help of God of course. I hope that through prayer and support from their bishops and rector they will continue to persevere.

  9. Christabel says:

    And you know what, they look like they are FUN and know how to enjoy themselves!

    God bless them.

  10. M.D. says:

    It’s wonderful to see happy seminarians.

    I had the pleasure of spending a weekend down at Clear Creek Monastery in Oklahoma a month ago and noticed a large handful of young novices(in their 20’s)! They all seemed truly happy and in love with the Lord and their call to the more traditional and austere Benedictine order there!

  11. ED says:

    Pleasee have these seminarians read the life of the North American martyrs ,the salvation of souls from going to HELL is what their priesthood is all about!!!

  12. Fr, Hearty says:

    Fr. Z., I know two of the men in the photo and I would have to say that I concur. Oremus pro invicem!

  13. Matt M says:

    Nick Koley, look at you all famous now. God bless brother. You should come visit us sometime.

  14. Matt Q says:

    Fantastic. We certainly do pray for them and their vocations. How great it is when when we have the fullest meaning of seminarian.

    I do pray for extra for the miserable seminarians–miserable because they have to struggle and defend the Faith every step of the way in a fetid environment of liberalism, false thinking and, yes, hostility.

  15. Michael says:

    Excellent, boys. Now +70 I’ll have to leave you, but it will be in peace and hope. May our Holy Mother help you along your ways.

  16. Great news about our seminarians, but what exactly is due to the Novus Ordo? Why exactly would it be wrong to simply do away with it? I don’t understand why people otherwise attached to Tradition think there is something worth saving in a purely fabricated liturgy that demoralizes clerics and repulses any respectable lay person. Why is there such a taboo attached to the idea that the Novus Ordo should simply be abrogated? Isn’t that what Paul VI tried to do the Missal of Pius V?
    I think the problem is that people think that they will be thought to be in league with the likes of SSPX and sedevacantists who would like to see the Novus Ordo suppressed. People are afraid they will be thought “radical,” so they take their one a month TLM at their parish and don’t make any more waves. This should not be the case. People should be angry not only at the attempted suppression of the TLM, but also at the forced imposition of the NO. The Novus Ordo is not okay…
    I know it is “brick by brick” and nobody can realistically expect the abrogation of the NO anytime soon, but we should know what the goal is.

  17. Rhonda Larkin says:

    Thank you for meeting with these young men and uplifting their vocations to the Lord! Continue to pray for them, as all seminarians need our prayers. The closer one gets to the Lord, the harder satan works to distract and detour us. As A mother of one of these seminarians, I love to see that they are encouraged and happy! In Christ, R. Larkin

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