Great video interview with Archbp. Chaput of Denver

You will want to watch the interview with His Excellency Most Reverend Charles Chaput, Archbishop of Denver which is to be found on the site of the Hoover Institute.

Archbishop Chaput discusses the scandal caused by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Meet The Press about the Church’s teaching on the beginning of life and also about Vice-Presidential candidate Sen. Biden’s (D-DE) similar views.

Archbishop Chaput is very articulate

The 41 minute interview occurred on 17 September.

You should also seek out Archbp. Chaput’s book.

There is a much higher quality video available here, at a great site where you get lots of additional information and the ability to break up the interview in smaller "chapters" identified by theme.  Good site!  Go visit.


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  1. Paul Murnane says:

    NR also has the interview broken up into chapters. Other stuff there as well.

    Thanks Father, for the heads-up on

  2. The other David says:

    The book is excellent and not difficult to read. I think every informed Catholic should read this, not just for the coming elections, but to have a proper sense of our civic duties as Catholics.

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