On board with Summorum Pontificum

Sometime ago I posted about my visit to the aircraft carrier USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT when it was at Norfolk, VA.  I met the chaplain and and a tour.   He, most excellent of men, offers the older form of Holy Mass, the TLM, in the little chapel.

I had a picture here.

Now it does my heart good to share these, from the blog Breviarium Romanum.

Here is our most excellent US Navy chaplain:

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  1. Wonderful pictures. I really enjoy seeing these dedicated men serving the faithful in our military. May God bless their ministry to our brave soldiers.

    In ICXC,

    Fr. Deacon Daniel

  2. Stu says:

    Father J,

    You are doing great work out there. My prayers are with you.


  3. Bernardo Flores says:

    Great Pic’s! They brought tears to my eyes. I pray for their safe return.
    During my time in service I always hoped and prayed for this and it is here. Thank you Pope Benedict.

  4. Tina in Ashburn says:

    This is awesome. The shortage of priests serving the military is very serious. My son, while in the Navy, had a very tough time finding priests, and good ones at that. Of course there isn\’t much room for anything on a sub!
    All of God\’s blessing on this dedicated chaplain!

  5. Tom says:

    The Chaplain looks like a Marine… my son, who is a Marine, sure wishes there were more EF Masses available. Sadly, the liturgies on military bases are often quite “banal, on-the-spot productions.”

  6. ED says:

    Who is He? Father………………???

  7. A Random Friar says:

    The Navy provides the Marine Corps with its chaplains (same with its medics/hospital corpsmen). The chaplains and corpsmen that travel with the Marines, even in the field, are sailors.

    BTW, the chapel looks like its onboard a ship (notice the hatch on the starboard side of the bottom picture).

    As for that priest, Bravo Zulu!

  8. Andraea says:

    1) A very beautiful red fiddleback vestments;
    2) Laced alb;
    3) High and tight haircut;
    4) Latin Mass

    You can’t beat that.
    Gloria in excelsis Deo!!!

  9. Fr. J. says:

    Dear Fr. Z and all those who have posted: thank you for the very kind words (not sure I deserve them!) and for posting the pictures, because maybe those who see them will be prompted to pray for all these Sailors on the Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71). Stu, it was good to hear from you! Everyone, thank you again and be sure that I will remember you along with the good Fr. Z. at Mass! Fr. Charles Johnson

  10. BelovedFool says:

    As a sailor aboard a different U.S. Navy Carrier, this makes me:
    1) hopeful, and
    2) jealous.
    Perhaps I should put in a request to cross-deck….

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