Ven. John Henry Newman to lie in state before beatification

I received this:

BIRMINGHAM – 1 October 2008 – 380 words

Cardinal Newman Lying-in-State and Reinterment Mass

Statement by Peter Jennings, Press Secretary to the Fathers of the Birmingham Oratory and for the Cause of the Beatification and Canonisation of the Venerable John Henry Newman (1801-1890), Wednesday 1 October 2008:

"I am able to announce today that in preparation for the Beatification of Cardinal Newman his remains will lie in state in the Upper Cloister Hall at the Birmingham Oratory, Edgbaston, on Friday 31 October and Saturday 1 November 2008.

"A special reinterment Mass will be celebrated at the Birmingham Oratory at 11am on Sunday, 2 November 2008, the transferred Feast of All Saints.

"The celebrant at this High Mass will be the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Birmingham. The Very Reverend Paul Chavasse, Provost of the Birmingham Oratory and Postulator of the Newman Cause will preach.

"At the beginning of Mass the coffin containing the remains of Cardinal Newman will be placed on a catafalque outside the sanctuary.

"At the end of Mass the coffin containing the remains of Cardinal Newman will be taken in procession and placed in a sarcophagus, made of green Italian marble, situated between the columns opposite the Holy Souls Altar in the Oratory Church.

"With the Permission of the Roman Postulator of the Newman Cause, Dr Andrea Ambrosi, I am able to announce that the Board of Theologians attached to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome met early yesterday evening, Tuesday 30 September 2008 to consider the miraculous nature of the inexplicable cure of Deacon Jack Sullivan.

"The Theologians, who received the relevant documentation eight weeks ago, have asked for more time to study the high profile Cause for the Beatification of Cardinal Newman.

"Further details and times of the Lying-in-State will be announced on Friday 10 October.

"Further details about the reinterment Mass will be announced on Friday 17 October.

"Forms to apply to attend the reinterment Mass will be available to collect in person from the Oratory Church from Sunday 5 October. Alternatively they can be downloaded from Monday 6 October at Forms may also be requested by telephone from Tuesday 7 October on (+44) 0121 455 6323.

"The allocation of tickets rests with the Provost and Fathers of the Oratory, whose decision is final.

"Applications should be returned by 6pm on Sunday 19 October 2008, either online or by post to: The Newman Cause Office, The Oratory, Hagley Road,
Edgbaston, Birmingham B16 8UE"


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  1. Thomas says:

    “Statement by Peter Jennings, Press Secretary to the Fathers of the Birmingham Oratory and for the Cause of the Beatification and Canonisation of the Venerable John Henry Newman (1801-1890).”

    So that’s where Peter Jennings has been. I was wondering why he left ABC.

    On a less offensive, but no less macabre, note: will the faithful be able to see Cardinal Newman “in the flesh” when his body is exhumed and examined? I’m fascinated by the incorruptibles in large part because they very dramatically assert themselves as not mere stories from the past, but real flesh and blood people who can be our models.

  2. shadrach says:

    I hope Manning is waiting for him in the heavenly chorus.

  3. Thomas says:

    Hopefully Fr. Nichols’ call to re-convert England will be heeded, and when it is the canonization of Newman, Manning and Queen Katharine of Aragon would be a terrific way of inspiring the people of that country.

  4. Bill Haley says:

    A little clarification please, this seems to say he is not going to be beatified at this point because they are considering further the miracle.

    Am I reading this correctly?

  5. Flabellum says:

    It means what it says, they are taking their responsibilities seriously and are not going to be rushed. The statement does not say so, but they may also be waiting for the detailed report following exhumation. Public display of Cardinal Newman’s mortal remains is not to be expected.

  6. Maureen says:

    If the man were reallyreallyreally incorrupted, they might put him on display. But honestly, it would be a headache, because people’d be tempted to steal relics and sell them on EBay or something.

    Nice solid sarcophagus = no problema.

  7. Daniel Latinus says:

    Out of curiosity, what rite, if any, is used for the reinterment of the relics of a saint or blessed?

  8. John Fannon says:

    I do hope that the authorities at Birmingham Oratory have a contingency plan should the homosexuals led by one P Tatchell start demonstrating and generally trying to disrupt the proceedings.

  9. Maureen says:

    You make up a hymn about St. Benedict asking to be buried in the grave of his sister St. Scholastica, and then you add verses for all the various family groups of saints you can think of. And when the demonstrators get bored and wander off during the 6th repetition of the 57th verse, you win. :)

  10. Matt Q says:

    I believe in putting forth a cause for Queen Katherine, but after all this time and no one has even considered it begs the question why not.

  11. Peter W says:

    I hear from a friend at the London Oratory that there have been problems with the relics… there aren’t any! When the grave was opened everything had decayed.

    I know that there is no loved lost between the London and Birmingham Oratories, but to fair my friend admitted that the same thing happened to Fr Faber. So, I wonder what exactly will be in the sarcophagus.

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