Where’s the encyclical?

AmericanPapist made a good catch today:

 Pope’s next encyclical delayed until April 2009?!
That’s what it now says on Amazon.

Que pasa?

The encyclical in question is Caritas in Veritate or "Love in Truth"


And I bet I know what the problems are.

Translation… translation and translation.

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  1. TJB says:

    Is this the social encylical?

  2. Is it possible that Ignatius Press was simply anticipating the release now and then Amazon picked up on that?

    Has there been any announcement or inside information from Vatican sources that would indicate when the encyclical would be released?

  3. Charles Goldsmith says:

    Perhaps he wants to reflect on the how the current global financial crisis plays out before issuing an encyclical on social teaching.

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