To all the Marines out there, present and past, thank you and Happy Birthday!

Tonight I will perhaps drink a 1775 Punch in your honor. 


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  1. PreVat2 says:

    Fr. Z,
    A big “Thank You & Semper Fi” for remembering our 233rd Birthday. The greatest moment of my life was when the Corps accepted me into their ranks. During my time on active duty (as an Infantry officer), I never knew a finer group of men.

    I will be a Marine until they put me in the ground, play “Amazing Grace” on the pipes, and then play Taps.

    Semper Fi

  2. Cornelius says:

    Thank you Father, and Semper Fi! The smoking lamp is lit and the rum punch glasses are charged!

  3. jarhead462 says:

    Thank You Father!
    “If the Army and the Navy ever gaze on Heavens’ scenes, they will find the streets are guarded by United States Marines” -Marine Corps Hymn

    Semper Fi!

  4. Tom Joseph S says:

    Thank you Father: Was a Navy Hospital Corpsman with 2ndMarDiv 1970 before I retired after Korea, Vietnam, etc.

  5. I am the proud daughter of a Marine, proud sister of two Marines and proud Spiritual Child of a Marine/priest. May my father and spiritual director rest in peace. They served our country well.

    Semper Fi

  6. momof8 says:

    I made a Birthday cake for my dear hubby today…We did 20 years and retired only 4 years ago..

    Today, I sport my favorite sweatshirt..

    “If you think it’s hard being a MARINE, try being a Marines WIFE!”

    and the kids are wearing their sweatshirts that say..

    “The reason I’m mean is because my Dad’s a Marine!”

    Happy Birthday Marines!

  7. Spiko says:

    Father Z,

    One of my fondest memories from my 20+ years of service was a Mass on the side of a Macedonia hill before we pushed into Kosovo in 1999..it was muddy and the priest had the portable altar with camo. Kneeling and looking up to God as He was raised up is a gift He gave me via the Corps.

    Tonight I’ll celebrate on my own hillside in the Virginia Blue Ridge with my bride of 23 years, a glass of highland single-malt scotch, and a fine cigar…I love being a Roman Catholic and a Marine!

    Semper Fi to you and all our brethern!


  8. Nick says:

    Also remember in your prayers Father Charles Suver, SJ who said Mass under the flag on Mt. Seribachi, Iwo Jima. On his way to the beach Father overhead a Marine officer boast that he would put a flag on the mountain to which Father replied “You put a flag up there, and I’ll say Mass under it!”

    Some days later a runner found Father and told him to look up at the mountain — there was the flag. Father grabbed his gear and said Mass under the flag. Later that day there was a second, more famous flag raising.

    The last time I saw Father he was living at an infirmary on a Jesuit college campus. A wasting disease made it impossible for him to walk or care for himself. But that didn’t stop him. To get his daily PT he had a rig built that was part tricycle and part wheel chair. With his feet secured to the front peddles his legs would go up and down when wheeled by an aide around the campus. To increase the benefit he attached weights to his legs.

    Father also “invented” a Mass kit that allowed him to say Mass standing in fox holes near the front lines. Some people who knew him no doubt wondered if calling him a “Marine” and a “Jesuit” wasn’t redundant.

  9. Bp. Basil says:

    I believe that OORAH is Army, not Marines.

  10. Andy Lucy says:

    “I believe that OORAH is Army, not Marines.”- Bp Basil

    Oorah! is USMC. Hooah! is US Army.

    And there are some odd sailors who jump from planes and blow stuff up who say Hooyah!

  11. Spiko says:

    Bp. Basil,





  12. Dan says:


    Thank you for remembering this historic birthday! I leave in March for Navy boot camp and Marine Combat Training to begin my service as an RP (chaplain’s assistant), so I appreciate greatly your sentiments on my (kind of) birthday! I look forward to serving, and I will be praying for all the Veterans who posted here and their fallen brothers and sisters: please accept my hearty thanks!

    Oremus Pro Invicem,

  13. Fr. Steve says:

    Good to go! Happy birthday fellow Devil Dogs!(3BN 1ST MAR 1ST MARDIV AND MCTSSA)93-99

  14. Rancher says:

    I was never a Marine…but worked with them and was trained by them and trained with them. A finer fighting force and a finer group of human beings the world has never seen. Happy Birthday Marines and Semper Fi

  15. Father Z,
    Thank you for remembering us. My friends didn’t even notice.

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