Crown Roast

This is on sale for $3.40/lbs. Very tempted.

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  1. Craig says:

    I never find deals like that, ‘cept maybe at Cosco.

    You should write a cook book

  2. mcitl says:

    What is it?

    Is it alive?

  3. Lynn says:

    Do you always photograph your groceries? :) The one time I did something like that was the last time, because I was immediately approached by the store manager, who demanded to know which of his competitors I was working for.

  4. Doug says:

    Weird coincidence. I just watched Alton Brown’s Good Eats episode on crown roasts less than an hour ago. He demonstrated some cool techniques for starting with the un-frenched slabs and making the crown yourself.

    Here’s a link to the recipe for the roast…

    …and here’s a link to a video of Alton demonstrating the frenching technique…

    Only he would come up with a tool made of a door handle and string to do the frenching! :-)

    By the way, we here in Marietta GA have bragging rights on Alton. He lives right here in our little Atlanta suburb, just three or four miles from my house. His studio is just up the road in Alpharetta where he films the whole show with the exception of his shopping expeditions. Most of those are to local stores like Harry’s Farmer’s Market.

  5. RichR says:

    Secret ingredients for Excellent Crock Pot Pork Roast:
    Soy Sauce
    Freshly Ground Black Pepper

  6. Julie A. Sadowski says:

    My fourteen year old daughter thinks you should have your own cooking show titled: “What Does the Recipe Really Say?” She loves your blog. She hovers over me when I am surfing the net anxiously waiting for me to navigate here. I guess I’ve done something right.

  7. Orville_B_Croft says:

    Buy 10 of them and freeze them for ‘ron (later on).
    have you a chest freezer, Fr?

  8. I’ve never had a crown roast, but anything along those lines selling for a price like that can’t be bad. It isn’t from China is it? LOL

    I watched that episode with Alton Brown too. I think it was lamb. He makes stuff look so easy, but boy – that sure did look like a lot of work to get them ribs into a crowned roast (time consuming).

  9. ckdexterhaven says:

    I saw the Alton Brown’s show on Crown Roast too! Unfortunately, ckdexterhaven is never going to eat lamb. I have been permanently scarred. When I was a youngster, I visited the Navajo Indian Reservation. At the place that I was, the local Navajos were cooking “mutton stew”. The smell was so overpowering, I have never been tempted to eat lamb. Clearly, it’s just me, because mutton stew is pretty popular with Navajos!

  10. Gregg the obscure says:

    Tempting? While it’s definitely appealing, you’re a priest, not a rabbi. There’s nothing sinful about tasty pork.

  11. Paul says:


    I am in the Marietta area too, Alton Brown rules. He did a spot at the Market where I was a butcher. I always loved cutting at this time of year, because you get to make a ton of Crown Roast both pork and lamb fun to cut and shape.

    Thanks for the photo.

  12. Garret says:


    Just go for it.

  13. Mary Ann says:

    If you buy one, Father, don’t forget to purchase those litle white socks for each of the ribs.

  14. Mary Ann: Good reminder.

  15. Carolina Geo says:

    It is cruel and torturous to post such pictures during ember week. I’m drooling all over my keyboard.

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