Horrible Outlook problems today.   Soooooo irritating!

I think I’ll go to the library and run errands before the snowstorm strikes.

In the meantime, I will experiment with my Twitter ap on my phone. @fatherz


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  1. Dave says:

    I feel your pain. I used Thunderbird until my employer switched the servers to Exchange and mandated that everyone use Outlook. It’s slow and cumbersome at best (when it’s working at all.)

  2. Matthew M. says:

    Outlook is not perfect. On the other hand, by install of Outlook 2007 is handling about 8000 box emails, 7000 sent email, and three additional shared inbox collections over a network. That comes up to a 3gb data file. And it holds together pretty well.

    One nice tool to add to Outlook: It organizes your correspondence and attachments very well (and is free)

  3. Matthew: I’ll look at it.

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