Happy Birthday Horace!

From rogueclassicism:

ante diem vi idus decembres

Rites in honour of Tiberinus and Gaia — not a lot is known about these rites; Tiberinus had a temple on the Tiber island and presided over the Tiber (of course); Gaia seems to have originally given the Campus Martius (a.k.a. Campus Tiberinus) to the Roman people.

65 B.C. — birth of the poet Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus)

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  1. aeneas says:

    Felicem natalem, O poeta magna!

  2. aeneas says:


    It should read “O magne poeta” I forgot that poeta is masculine!!!! Ignosce mihi.

  3. chironomo says:

    Just off the wire… LLovera (?) appointed as prefect of CDW…

  4. Patricia Gonzalez says:

    Great day for a birthday — it’s also my husband’s 60th! Have to remind him that Q. Horatius Flaccus is a few milennia his senior. Maybe it will lessen the shock, LOL!

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