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Spread some Beauty for Christmas 

Kansas City – St. Joseph’s own Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles have a new CD out titled "Echoes of Ephesus".

This is a very young, rapidly growing and vibrant community which is trying to raise funds for a permanent Priory.

The Benedictines of Mary "pray and sacrifice in order that priests become more holy." They also make sacred vestments and when their Priory is built, will have a permanent place for priests to make retreats.

There are 24 tracks on the CD including latin, traditional and original compositions by the sisters. The following is an excerpt from the track "My Mercy" which is an original composition by a Benedictine of Mary written for Bishop Robert Finn.

"I asked our musician to try to write a piece that His Excellency could easily learn by rote," Mother Therese told the Key, "something to help him pray when he is burdened by the crush of the day." It was written for Bishop Finn on the 28th Anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. It’s both quite beautiful and "catchy".

The CD is for sale at their website for $20. It makes an excellent Christmas present and also helps this community, very close to Bishop Finn’s heart, build a permanent home.

Following is excerpted from one of the Latin tracks on the album, "Domine Non Sum Dignus".

The CD comes with all lyrics and English translation for the Latin pieces.

Buy one now and then buy more for everyone on your Christmas list. They will appreciate it.

Listen to a cut:


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  1. Flambeaux says:

    We have a copy and listen to it often. It is very well done.

  2. Julie says:

    I have to second what’s been said. One of my friends is a postulant (on the cover of that CD, actually), and I received a gift copy from them just a couple days ago. It’s beautiful and would make a great gift!

  3. Gloria says:

    Five of us from ST. Stephen the First Martyr (FSSP), Sacramento, had the good sisters make a new linen surplice for our pastor, Father Novokowsky. It is absolutely beautiful. Whatever they make for an individual priest is accompanied by prayers for that priest. Our bookstore/gift shop proprietor (who forever amazes us with her varied and farflung contacts, friends and acquaintances) has tried to find out where they get their linen fabric. Mother Therese is not forthcoming with the information. I’m giving myself the CD for Christmas. Speaking of CDs: “Christmas at St. Michael’s Abbey,” by the Norbertine Canons Regular of St. Michael’s Abbey in Orange County, CA, is a great gift. It includes the chants (propers) for the three Masses of Christmas, In Nocte, In Aurora, In Die. The first members of the Abbey, tucked away in the woodsy canyons behind the Mission Viejo, Lake Forest madhouse, were Hungarian priests escaping from communism in 1957. The community was raised to abbey status in 1984. It continues to grow and now has 70 members. They will be building a new abbey farther in the south County, since they have outgrown their present situation. Read all about them and their traditional apostolate in the CD blurb. It’s a “must have” CD.

  4. Daniel Hill says:

    Why are there so many flourishing orders with no room, while so many convents an monasterys, lie destitute, empty, or are sold?

    Such a shame.

    It is the case here in Australia. However, the Dominican nuns of Nashville have recently been invited to start in Sydney by Cardinal Pell. thay have been given a reasonably large convent that was unused. Methinks it will be full (again) in the not so distant future

  5. Maeana says:

    And after the first one, each CD is only $15. My mother bought 33, and has reordered. Of course it helps that my sister wrote most of the music.

  6. Craig says:

    I was listening to this today while running errands, I was near to tears a few times. THis is a first class recording, get as many as you can.

  7. Fr Fenton says:

    I have listened to the CD and can attest to the quality. God bless the Sisters!

  8. Padre Steve says:

    I love any group that sets out to pray for priest us priests! God bless them!

  9. Rachel says:

    Oh, awesome! I just got this CD today and then I see it featured on WDTPRS. It’s now on my iPod and I’ll go for a walk and give it a listen; I can’t wait to hear it. These sisters have the traditional Latin Mass and pray the traditional breviary too– I want to visit them!

    Oh, and Daniel– word. Some of those grand old monasteries that aren’t being used… But God knows how to provide.

  10. Patrick says:

    Did those of you who purchased the CD receive it quickly? I ordered one on November 19th, but have not recieved it yet. I know the Sisters are very busy, and shipping CDs should not be a priority for them at all, but it does seem longer than I would expect. Am I too impatient or is there a problem? Thank you all!! God bless you.

  11. Willebrord says:

    Interesting. I just saw that disk on the table yesterday; my mom must have ordered it (or been given it, possibly). Thought it looked interesting, myself.

  12. Jacob says:

    I received a receipt for a donation in one envelope and then a copy of the CD as some kind of a thank you gift in another envelope on the same day a few days ago, so I would assume the two were mailed together.

    They said in the receipt letter that they got my donation in late October and then I got the receipt letter and the CD just this last week, so I would assume a month’s time is not out of the ordinary?

  13. Those interested in Sacred music will also like this, which I found on NLM, posted by J. Tucker:

  14. Joseph says:

    It’s high time we all start praying for the Daughters of St. Paul, that, God willing, they will return to the vision of Fr. James Alberione before they completely die. They are in dire need of a reform.

  15. joanofarcfan says:

    Can anyone please give me a tune title listing for this recording? Thanks in advance.

  16. Incidentally, I took that picture of the Benedictines while I was on a discernment retreat with them. I was also with them during much of the recording — beautiful music and a great bunch of nuns! Support and pray for them!

  17. A rapidly growing community shows how faithful these nuns are. Glad to see that. And traditional habits too. How refreshing compared to dealing with unsuspecting Catholics who get Reiki practiced on them by nuns. Yes, support the faithful ones.

  18. Brian Murphy says:

    Wow I just listened to the CD 3 times tonight while doing household chores and homework and the CD is great! The Mater Dolorosa, track 13, is especially beautiful, it gave me chills. Fabulous quality and may God abundantly bless these Sisters! They are assured of my prayers and donations.

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