Mt. Angel Seminary in Orgeon – TLM training report

I had an interesting, but depressing message from a seminarian at Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon.

I have edited this and added my emphases and comments.

On the 23 October the bishops and vocations directors of dioceses represented at Mt. Angel Seminary met in an annual meeting to discuss the state of the seminary.

On the 10 November the Interim-President Rector, Fr. Paschal Cheline, O.S.B., gave the seminarians a summary of the bishops meeting.

Of topic was the recent Motu Proprio of Benedict XVI Summorum Pontificum.

We were informed that the bishops agreed that Mt. Angel need not worry or focus on training seminarians for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. The bishops agreed that they would take care of this in his own diocese as need be. [In other words, when someone stands up at an ordination to attest that the seminarian was properly trained in the Latin Rite, etc., he will keep his fingers crossed behind his back?]  We were told that the bishops would have parishes for the TLM if need be so that not all priests need bother about training. Then we were informed that the seminary would offer ONE TLM Mass in the spring semester since there was interest.

I don’t think the norms of the Motu Proprio is being brought to fruition.
Also, we had a FSSP priest celebrate a Missa Cantata for the Immaculate Conception at St. Louis Catholic Church in St. Louis, Oregon which is near the seminary with gracious permission given by the pastor Fr. John Cihak. The seminary and the local community were invited. About 30 seminarians attended as well as an overwhelming number of laity. The church was over crowded and people were standing.
There appears to be a need in the local community not being met.

The seminarians seem not to have rights as a community even though there is an established group, which prays Compline in the Extraordinary Form every Sunday.
This is what is happening at Mt. Angel Seminary in Oregon.

This is the report.

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