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Have you not yet heard the most recent PODCAzTs?

I’d like to have a bump to the stats for a few of them before I settle in to make the next one, which will probably focus on another Advent hymn from the Office, and maybe another installment of Don Camillo.

075 08-12-04 An Advent hymn dissected "Conditor alme siderum"; Fr. Z digresses far afield

073 08-11-16 Augustine on Ps. 95(96) and Fr. Z on how to avoid going to Hell
072 08-11-11 The death of St. Martin; starlings, cuckolds, bell ringing and a skull

Thanks!   And thanks to those who lately posted feedback.  It was really helpful.

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  1. W. Schrift says:

    I’m new to the POCAzTs and I realize I have been missing out. They are wonderfully produced, entertaining and informative. And as a Latin student, I really enjoyed the “Pickler of the stars” caveat and all your philological musings, Father.

  2. Ttony says:

    I feel guilty for not having posted a “thank you” earlier. My bus journey home is about 50 minutes. Your podcasts are a wonderful way to use the time profitably: I learn and am entertained.

    Many thanks.

  3. Manuel says:

    Thanks for the podcaZts Father, I too was laughing at the conditor discussion.
    BTW, I found a site from Spain that has the entire Liturgia Horarum in Latin and parts of it in Spanish.

  4. Beth says:

    More Don Camillo, please. I love the Don Camillo stories! I also really enjoyed PODCAzT 069, especially the parts about allegorical interpretation of scripture, Platonic philosophy and Plotinus.

    Please keep those PODCAzTs coming!! :)

  5. Antonb says:

    Dear Father Z,

    Greetings from an admirer in the Antipodes. Is it possible for me to save the podcatz to my Ipod so I can listen while travelling? If so, how do I do it?

    I enjoy everything about your work not least your food photography when you are in Rome – I can give you the names of couple of excellent trattorie not far from where you ate last time (near the Pantheon if I remember correctly)

    Kind regards


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