Snowy Sabine Scene

I was pretty much snowed in at the Sabine Farm today. 

But yesterday the FedEx guy could still get in easily.

He brought Edmund Campion by Evelyn Waugh and The Priests a CD of music sung by, well, priests.  These are from AB.  Thanks!  Also, I received God’s Secret Agents by Alice Hogge, but I am not sure who sent it.  Whoever you are, I am grateful.

Mr. Postman brought a DVD of a Missa Cantata, a recording from the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius in Chicago.  I look forward to examining it.  Thanks to Fr. Scott Haynes, SJC.

Meanwhile at the feeder… here is the Nuthatch, just hangin’ around.  I lately received as a gift some of these suet blocks and have started putting them out in very cold weather.

After all that eating, a nap is necessary.

Why move far from the food on a cold day?

Taking my own cue from Mr. Nuthatch, I made a big bowl of soup with Chinese noodles, loading it up with ginger and bean sprouts, green onion and cilantro.

Meanwhile, this was a moment that the birds do not enjoy in the least.

I had reported the other day on the activity of the Pine Siskin Eating Team.

It is time for the American Goldfinch Eating team.  They are clearly in winter plumage.

The Chickadees are without ceasing flitting from the branches of a nearby pine tree.

They normally drop in, grab a seed and head off.

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