The early bird special

It was flash time, and they didn’t mind at all.

As a matter of fact, the chickadee took a nap.  I kid you not.  Usually these fluffy eating machines are in constant motion.  This one just sat there for about five minutes and ignored the world.

The chickadees and nuthatches are hanging out together again.  Here is a classic nuthatch pose.

Here is Mr. House Finch.

The Mourning Doves are around, as well.  But they prefer the sidewalk and sheltered area near the door where the dropped seed accumulates.

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  1. Coletta says:

    Beautiful! Thank you,Father Z. Happy Feast Day.

  2. Dennis says:

    It looks like the feeders in my backyard…but, where are the cardinals???

  3. Tina in Ashburn says:

    Birds similar here, including the occasional early-feeding red-headed woodpecker, the acrobatic squirrels, and the ominous hawk sometimes surveying from a tree high above [until chased off by crows].

    And those pigeons…are they really dumb or do they just act it? They sit like lumps on my deck waiting for I-dunno-what. Doh da doh doh doh…

  4. PMcGrath says:

    where are the cardinals???

    They are in St. Louis, Phoenix, and certain major metropolitan cities around the world. The largest flock of them is in an ancient city on the River Tiber, in Italy …. :)

  5. Father:

    This, along with your recipes, is such a delightful break from the seriousness of the blog. I may see Santa this evening. Is there anything that would assist you with your photography that he doesn’t already know about? E.G.: Telephoto lens, tripod etc?

  6. Bird Feeder says:

    Do you use any specific type of bird feed to attract these and other birds?

  7. Dennis says:

    Bird Feeder,

    There was a bit of discussion here a little while back. According to your area, there should be locals who can make a mix that satisfies for a variety of birds and serves their nutritional needs. I have found that no matter what the make up of the mix, the birds throw a bunch of it around. I prefer to use oil sunflower seeds only. There is little waste. What gets on the ground the mourning doves and squirrel get. With the mixes, I ended up scooping up a lot of rotted, moldy and sprouting seeds. All the birds I like to see love sunflower seeds. Having a water source year round is helpful as well.

  8. I have found that mixing some thistle seed with black sunflower seeds, many of the locals zoom by. I need some chopped corn for the other birds. They don’t seem to get excited about the safflower seed.

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