Thrippsy pillivinx

From the estimable Laudator, who always instructs and entertains.

I am reminded of statements of some archdiocesan spokesmen:

Letter of Edward Lear to Evelyn Baring:

Thrippsy pillivinx,

Inky tinky pobblebockle abblesquabs? — Flosky! beebul trimble flosky! — Okul scratchabibblebongibo, viddle squibble tog-a-tog, ferrymoyassity amsky flamsky ramsky damsky crocklefether squiggs.

Flinkywisty pomm,

Here a copy of the autograph, from Queery Leary Nonsense (London: Mills & Boon, 1911), p. 6:

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  1. shadrach says:

    Wot? no gibbet?

  2. Margaret says:

    Ecky ecky ecky ecky ptang zoooooom!

  3. Austin says:

    Makes more sense than the homily I heard 2 weeks ago…

  4. Janet says:

    …waiting hopefully for a translation……..

  5. clinton says:

    Father, were you aware that the ICEL version has come out?

    Thrippsy pilliperson,

    Inky tinky us us we? Unflosky! Awkward unflosky! Okul joyful luv luv me, viddle squibble us-us. Ferrymoyassityperson
    no-amsky joyful blah blah ramsky damsky spud * squiggs.
    Flinkywisky pomm,

    *” Crocklefether” was felt to be too obscure and archaic so its poetic equivalent “spud” was substituted.

  6. Margaret says:

    Clinton, that was… ineffable.

  7. Mary Conces says:

    I needed to laugh out loud. Was beginning to think I couldn’t anymore.

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