What a difference a day makes

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  1. wmeyer says:

    When I lived in the north, I used to love scenes like the upper photo, because sooner or later, they yield to those in the lower. I do miss the feel and smell of a bright sunny day on fresh snow.

  2. Father George says:

    The Day?
    … of the Lord, of course!
    What a difference, per omnia saecula saeculorum!

  3. Trad Tom says:

    You’re beautiful photography of “God’s Grandeur” always makes me happy. Whether it’s a tiny bird at the feeder, an incredible sunset, a shot of the chapel, or dinner (in all its stages!, it is a just another gift that you share with us. Thank you, Father Z !!

  4. Trad Tom says:

    Yikes! I cannot believe I used “you’re” in yesterday’s post — I do know it should be “your.” I was in a hurry. To all the language purists out there: mea culpa.

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