Amusing wymynpryst interview

Does every network have to have a couple of tame priests?

Anyway this odd interview was on ABC.  I was alerted to it by a priest friend of mine, Fr. JM.

How many flaws in the arguments can you identify?


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  1. Dr.PaxIll says:

    Fr. Beck is on this little known ABC Now channel. He wears many nice sweaters. When I first watched his program, I thought it was a comedy show.

  2. Andrew, UK and sometimes Canada says:

    Like Dr.PaxIll said…I couldn’t tell, in all honesty, if this was a satire or real. Fr Beck’s collar looks too new and shiny to be worn that often.

    I think we need to find a network where Fr Z can be their tame priest.

  3. torontonian says:

    Yeah, I was frankly more disturbed by this Fr. Beck than I was by the woman.

  4. frv says:

    Laughable. Totally laughable. And sad. Sad to see people so delusional.

  5. Chironomo says:

    I don’t think the combox will allow enough space to enumerate ALL of the errors in this interview. Some are obvious (The Priests saying she was ordained a s a Priests, but it is simply “not recognized” by the Church) and some are very subtle (calling the situation a “glass ceiling”, a term usually reserved for an arbitrarily imposed limitation enforced by those in power). The Priests attitude was more disturbing than hers. To not question the comparison of her situation with that of the SSPX, but to instead imply that they are even similar is unforgiveable. Why do they not let someone with some knowledge of the subject do these interviews. I guess the same reason why they allow far-left leaning journalists to interview far-left leaning politicians and then expect them to truly challenge them on the issues…

  6. Michael says:

    I doubt many of you made it to the end, but they give out a website, I find it difficult to explain how off these poor women really are, but here are a few excerpts to highlight the madness:

    “We are an intentional learning community founded in the year 2000 on Kelley’s Island/Ohio and dedicated to Brigid, both the goddess and the saint”

    “when bishop Mel celebrated her installation as the abbess of Kildare he used the wrong formula and consecrated her a bishop instead and she remained a validly ordained bishop for the rest of her days”

    and the kicker… “In keeping with the inter-spiritual purpose of the TYRIAN network we also call on the protection of the Hindu goddess Kali and Avalokitesvara/Guanyin and the Buddhist godess[sic] of mercy and compassion.”

    This is a bit more (or perhaps less?) than just a desire for ordination…

  7. stgemma0411 says:

    Not worth commenting. The more credence people give to this kind of thing, the more “normalized” it becomes within society.

  8. Nan says:

    Michael, she has a BA in Women’s Studies and is divorced. Her organization is pagan in nature.

    Wouldn’t she first have to be a priest to become a bishop? In any case, how does error create validity?

    I liked the way she said she “chose” not to take communion, even though she thought the priest was sympathetic. She knows communion isn’t an option.

  9. TNCath says:

    Ms. Celeste’s useless comments aside, a brief search of the Internet reveals that Father Edward Beck is a Passionist priest. I think the more disturbing tragedy here is the fact that the Passionists allow this guy to work for ABC News let alone conduct an interview like this. Lord have mercy! It just goes to show you how much these religious orders need reforming!

    A tame priest, indeed, in a petting zoo of dissent and disobedience.

  10. Simon-Peter says:

    I particularly enjoyed the way Mrs Celeste refered to herself in the third person at the start. I lost count of the flaws.

    Incidentally, I have been asking myself recently: where does one draw the line in explaining the truth to people who do not understand it? I find this issue is a perfect example for this question because no matter how much you try to convince and bring them back into the Church (or explain to Catholics who disagree with the Church), they simply do not understand the point.

    And, how do lay people bring her Holy Communion? I didn’t get that bit! Also, how deceitful is she for picking and choosing where she receives Holy Communion?!

    I’m disappointed Father Beck gave the bad guy all the air-time and didn’t present the other side of the argument, either himself or with another guest. That’s just bad television.

  11. Nan says:

    Most television is bad television.

  12. Alan says:

    Fr Beck is a disgrace for how he handled that interview. I cant help but believe tha he supports everything she said. Not one rebuttal argument or opposing opinion.

    I hope thats not true of other Passionists…

  13. leah says:

    Who is Fr. Beck and does he do this kind of thing regularly? Who is his Bishop? What kind of Catholic, let alone a priest, leads a mis-leading dilusional interview like this?

  14. Erin says:

    I was really hoping it would turn out that this Fr. Beck was Episcopalian, but alas. How is he allowed to be a commentator for ABC News?

  15. Jayna says:

    On a boat? I think the whole thing went out the window after that.

    He should have done air quotes every time he said ordained.

  16. Anthony OPL says:

    I can’t load the video, but I have a question from the comments. If she thinks she is a priest, why does she need people to bring her communion? Can’t she just pretend to transubstantiate it for herself?

  17. Andrew says:


    She said that when she attends a mass celebrated by a (presumably) validly ordained priest who she thinks supports having women priests, she won’t go up to receive Communion to avoid getting him in trouble, but that laity often recognize her and bring Communion to her.

  18. Tom Cole says:

    Truly pathetic.

    I wonder when they will start pushing for male nuns. I am sure there are a few guys that feel called to be a sister.

  19. Mitch says:

    So she turns it into “women denied the seventh sacrament”… would like to hear her response when enter a Ladies Room, sit down next to her, start a conversation and do my thing in the name of equal access of all men to Ladies Rooms’ It’s all about equality, right?

  20. pinoycatholic says:

    Women demanding that they have the right to become priests… what’s next men wanting to become nuns?!

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