Congratulations Archbp. Dolan

WDTPRS congratulates Archbishop Timothy Dolan on his translation to the Archdiocese of New York.

From what my priest friends in NY have told me about the last few years, this move may come as a relief.

Of course this leaves open an important see in the US, Milwaukee. 

There is a growing interest in that healing diocese for the older forms of liturgy.

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  1. C Ruckdeschel says:

    I am a NY resident, and I attend the extraordinary form weekly in Middletown, NY. I have a couple of questions.

    Is it likely that Bp. Dolan will establish norms in NY now that the archdiocese has been allowing the EF form som eim
    without them?
    Considering the norms established by Bp. Dolan in Milwaukee, is it possible that Bp. Dolan will invite
    the Institute of Christ the King into NY? Was the Institute invited because they already played a role
    in Milwaukee?

    Thank you,
    In Pace Christi…

  2. TNCath says:

    Yes, indeed, this is good news for New York. Archbishop Dolan’s affability along with his down-to-earth common sense approach to matters will go far in this high profile job. At the same time, His Excellency has a lot to deal with, not only liturgically, but educationally as well. With places like Fordham in his jurisdiction, I’d say his work is as cut out for him as it was in Milwaukee with Eugene Kennedy and Marquette, perhaps more so since it IS New York. It will also be interesting to see how he handles the Holy Communion issue with Rudy Giuliani and other “Catholic politicians.” Lots to watch, hope and pray for. Needless to say, what about Milwaukee now? Hmmmm.

  3. EDG says:

    I’m a former New Yorker and grew up in the city during Spellman, moved away during Cooke, and returned under O’Connor. I moved away again just about when Egan took over, but have followed his tenure there.

    To me, Dolan sounds excellent. One of the many problems with Egan was that he wasn’t the sort of folksy, pastoral guy that New Yorkers like. Cardinal O’Connor celebrated Mass publicly every day at St Patrick’s, unless he was traveling, and was famous for being very accessible to anyone in New York. In addition, Egan didn’t do what a New York Archbishop has to do, which is be visible and be aggressive in defending the Church. O’Connor never picked fights, but he never let the City of New York or the press or anybody else stomp on the Church or the Faith, and this was something New Yorkers loved about him.

    I think Dolan may have problems with some of the entrenched bureaucracy in NY, but that’s probably normal for any new bishop. He’s probably learned from his Milwaukee experience. In any case, while Egan was certainly a Vatican II loyalist and not friendly to the TLM in general, I think he did do a fair amount to bring more orthodoxy into the diocese, something that had started under O’Connor (who had to fight tooth and nail), and perhaps things won’t be quite as difficult for Dolan as they were in Milwaukee.

    Prayers for him, in any case. New York is the premier see, and it’s sad that for several years, it has been practically invisible.

  4. Most Excellent Sledgehammer says:

    Milwaukee is in a very sensitive state. Archbishop Dolan was slowly trying to improve the devastating state that Archbishop Weakland left the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in. Most obviously from his gay affair, but also from the horrid and disobedient renovation (Rome instructed him to stop the renovation a number of times) of the Cathedral, not to mention the awful liturgical life throughout the archdiocese. I remember someone asking Dolan if he could do anything to fix the monstrosity of a Cathedral…he said “I can’t! I’m still paying for it!”. He has gotten a post that he will do well in and God bless him for it. However, the next appointment will decide if Milwaukee backslides and stays in the state they are in for the next twenty years, or if they continue on to heal and repair the terrible, reprehensible damage that Archbishop Weakland inflicted.

  5. Riverside says:

    As a New York priest I can tell you that all are relieved and excited. However, a liturgical question needs to be answered: Since Egan’s resignation has been accepted, he is now only the apostolic administrator, and with Archbishop Dolan yet to be installed: whose name…if any…goes in the Canon? Please help me by 7am Tuesday…I’m done offering Mass today at least.

  6. Xathar says:

    With the retirement of a Bishop, the appointment of diocesan and apostolic administrators, and the announcement of the naming of a new Bishop by the Holy Father, the question of the naming of persons in the Eucharistic Prayer is frequently raised.
    The 1972 Decree of the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship, Cum de nomine, can be helpful in this regard. The Decree notes that the following persons must be named in the Eucharistic prayer:
    the Bishop of the diocese;
    the Bishop still retaining administration of one diocese after being transferred to another see;
    an apostolic administrator – whether the see is vacant or not – with either a temporary or permanent appointment, who is a Bishop and actually is fully exercising his office, especially in spiritual matters;
    a vicar and prefect apostolic;
    a prelate and an abbot nullius having jurisdiction over a territory not attached to any diocese.”
    The Decree also notes that “it is permitted to name in the Eucharistic Prayer coadjutor and auxiliary Bishops who assist the Bishop of the diocese in ruling it and others, as long as they have received the episcopal character. If there are many such they are remembered collectively, without mention of their names, after the name of the proper Ordinary…”
    In the light of the above, the name of a Bishop?elect is not to be inserted into the Eucharistic Prayer until he has taken possession of his see.

  7. Riverside says:

    Thank you Xathar…

  8. Dr. Eric says:

    The good Archbishop is a native St. Louisan! You can tell when he says “The Good Lard…”

  9. Tim Ferguson says:

    I realize I’m jumping the gun considerably, but I fully expect, within the next few years, that Cardinal Dolan and Cardinal Burke will be the two most prominent faces in the panoply of the American hierarchy. And we will all be the better for that.

  10. jo says:

    Poor Milwaukee. What next? [Why the negative tone? It is now possible for an even better choice for Milwaukee to be appointed now that Archbp. Dolan provided the transition away from the dreadful years of Weakland. Pray that will happen.]

  11. Fr. Charles says:

    Thanks, Xathar! As a new priest this was one of the first things to cross my mind at six this morning!

  12. Timbot says:

    It is possible that Perry of Chicago, a native of Millwaukee, will move into the new post.

  13. LCB says:

    When will he be paying a visit to his future British counter-part in Blackfen?

  14. Petrus says:

    Timbot: Perry would be a great choice for Milwaukee in my very humble opinion.

  15. Jason Keener says:

    C Ruckdeschel,

    Archbishop Dolan invited the Institute of Christ the King Sov. Priest to Milwaukee because the Institute was already operating successful apostolates in other places in his province. I have gotten the impression that Archbishop Dolan and Msgr. Schmitz of the Institute get along well, so maybe there is a future for the Institute in New York City.

    As for our Archdiocese of Milwaukee, my early pick to fill the vacancy is Bishop Joseph Perry, an Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago. Bishop Perry has close ties to Milwaukee and is also a big friend of the Traditional Latin Mass, which would be great for everyone in the archdiocese who is still suffering liturgically.

    I wish Archbishop Dolan well and thank him for the good work he did in Milwaukee. Coming in after Archbishop Weakland was no easy task.

  16. As you know, Abp Dolan is originally from St Louis. I will say it again, with people like him, Raymond Burke, Justin Rigali, it must be something in the water. Seeing great men like this have stopping points in our diocese makes you proud.

  17. Fr. Guy says:

    To Riverside:

    We had a situation like this in our diocese a few years back. You should still insert the name “Edward” in the mass because until Archbishop Dolan’s installation as Administrator of the Archdiocese Cardinal Egan is the Ordinary. It is not entirely wrong to include the name “Timothy” as well if you would like. That would be as in, “For Benedict our Pope, Edward, our bishop, Timothy, our bishop-designate…” Personally, I think that’s a bit awkward. If your question was simply to know whether or not to switch from Edward to Timothy, the answer is NO. Cardinal Egan remains the local Ordinary until Archbishop Dolan is installed on April 15.

  18. Jeff M says:

    I know everyone is positive about this guy, but what’s up with the stories of him wearing the “cheese head” hat during Mass? Is that a true story and is it, uh, appropriate headgear for a priest celebrating the Mass?

  19. ED says:

    I would send Perry to be Archbishop Of New Orleans ,hes very Catholic and Louisiana is the most Catholic place (practicing) in the country .Very Pro-Life. Perry could fill some of those old churches with Latin Mass communities. I would look for some young 40ish priest who is full of zeal for the salvation of souls to be given Milwaukee and turn it around. An unknown whos on fire.

  20. Frank H. says:

    Jeff M – Here is the scoop on the cheesehead incident which has been greatly exaggerated in various blogs and websites…

  21. EJ says:


    I know of two such “40ish” priests with the stuff that you mention for that post, and my former pastor is a “50ish” one! Now if only I could get my own “terna” to the Holy Father!

    With regards to Archbishop Dolan – does anyone know what his particular stance is toward pro-abortion pols receiving Holy Communion? We sure can’t afford another moderate on this issue here on the East Coast. May God be with the Archbishop as he prepares to begin this daunting task.

  22. Charlotte says:

    Dolan hasn’t done nearly enough to clean up the heresy radiating out of Marquette University. When he gets to New York, he’ll have bigger fish to fry, so I wouldn’t count on him cleaning up colleges and universities there anytime soon.

    Most Excellent Sledgehammer – you are correct. Whoever’s next is of critical importance to Milwaukee’s health as a truly Catholic archdiocese. There are Weakland fans still about (and many of those fans are priests who still add his name to the prayers at mass, which to me is an overt show of support), and while Dolan did some housecleaning of the archdiocese offices, he couldn’t get all the Weakland supporters out completely. Surely those left are thrilled that Dolan is leaving and are hoping for someone more “moderate” than the “moderate” Dolan is.

    EJ – I would say that Dolan’s attitude about abortion is correct and in-line with Church teaching, but that he was stunningly silent about the issue during the election. Some will say I’m wrong, citing ONE sole article published in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel where he defends the rights of bishops to defend life publically. But outside of that, he did little to instruct the flock during the election, such as some bishops/priests did in Texas and Pennsylvania. I was praying that he would be more vocal, but he wasn’t.

    I love Archbishop Dolan on a personal level, but Milwaukee is still under the hidden scourge of Weakland, and if someone isn’t put into place to keep that element under wraps, well, I fear…..

  23. RBrown says:

    I would be surprised if Perry goes to Milwaukee.

    1. He was a priest there for over 20 years, and Rome usually prefers to put an outsider in a diocese with big problems.

    2. Auxiliaries are almost never named to run an Archdiocese. Msgr Dolan was an exception, but he was well known to Cardinal Rigali, Roman trained, and well regarded in Rome.

    3. He is not Roman trained, nor has he ever worked in Rome.

    On the other hand, if enough turn down the job (as happened with Chicago), who knows what will happen?

  24. I don’t allow “anonymous” comments on this blog.

  25. Father Totton says:

    does anybody know how long Bishop Perry has been auxiliary in Chicago?

  26. Thomas says:

    Riverside and Fr. Charles,

    From personal experience, when Cardinal Law left Boston and before Cardinal O’Malley arrived, the Masses I attended used “Richard” in the Canon, for our apostolic administrator Richard Lennon, now Bishop of Cleveland.

  27. TNCath says:

    RBrown wrote: “2. Auxiliaries are almost never named to run an Archdiocese. Msgr Dolan was an exception, but he was well known to Cardinal Rigali, Roman trained, and well regarded in Rome.”

    I agree with you about Bishop Perry’s not going to Milwaukee, however, in addition to Archbishop Dolan, I can name a number of auxiliaries who became Ordinaries: Bishop Joseph Durick, Bishop Edward O’Donnell, Bishop J. Terry Steib, Bishop Joseph T. O’Keefe, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Bishop Richard Lennon, Bishop Allen Vigneron, Bishop Joseph L. Howze. With this in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if the newly appointed Auxiliary Bishop William Callahan were chosen. He has background in Rome as well as experience in Milwaukee.

  28. Charlotte says:

    A few weeks back, someone on my blog said a rumor is circulating that Dolan’s replacement will be Jerome Listecki, of the LaCrosse dicoese in Wisconsin.

  29. Jason Keener says:

    Father Totton,

    Bishop Perry has been an auxiliary bishop in Chicago since 1998.

  30. Joseph Mary Pius says:


    Now Archbishop Chaput can go to L.A.!

  31. Nick says:

    Perry would be an excellent choice for Milwaukee, though I agree his appointment is unlikely. I always felt him a prime candidate to take over for Mahoney when that tenure comes to an end…..though that is probably even more unlikely.

    Are we forgetting that Fabian Bruskewitz is a Milwaukee native???

  32. RBrown says:

    I agree with you about Bishop Perry’s not going to Milwaukee, however, in addition to Archbishop Dolan, I can name a number of auxiliaries who became Ordinaries: Bishop Joseph Durick, Bishop Edward O’Donnell, Bishop J. Terry Steib, Bishop Joseph T. O’Keefe, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Bishop Richard Lennon, Bishop Allen Vigneron, Bishop Joseph L. Howze. With this in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if the newly appointed Auxiliary Bishop William Callahan were chosen. He has background in Rome as well as experience in Milwaukee.
    Comment by TNCath

    Please note that I wrote above “Archdiocese”, not “Diocese”.

    Of course, auxiliaries are often named to run dioceses, but that wasn’t my point.

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