Fr. Longenecker: more and more troubling!

With concern I must post that Fr. Longenecker, whom I have ever treated with brotherly charity in these blog entries, has once again offered me undeserved sass!

He claims that he "missed" my post about his biretta.  Okay… let’s take him at his word.  Sure, Father… you missed it

He then accuses me of… and I can hardly bring myself to type this… a "low blow" for wondering whether or not the biretta in his photo was actually photoshopped! 

Well.. just look at it!

Could it be that that is why the altar boys are grinning?  They are in on it?

No… no.. Fr. Z… don’t stoop, so.  Go not there!  Rise now above this line of attack.  Leave that sort of thing to… others.

I will let all of this go, along with my regret for the words of Fr. L, whom I have always, by the way, treated will friendly interest. 

From a sense of fairness I will accept that Fr. L does from time to time use someone’s biretta. 

I do wonder about his birettiquette, however.  Just how does he use the biretta … but that is the stuff of another post.

But – and this nearly beyond credulity – he then simply parrots me in opining that I am trying to borrow a ferraiuolo

It is to laugh. 

Clearly that is his gig, not mine. 

Father has gone to great lengths in the last few days, I think, to be able to produce this … one way or another… with the help of a kind priest, no doubt.

Dear Fr. Longenecker, whom I have always treated with utmost respect, the only problem I face is not where to obtain a ferraiuolo, but which of mine I should allow you to view and when!

In the meantime… vote for WDTPRS for this award!

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  1. Mike says:

    Bravo, Father. :D

  2. cuaguy says:

    GO Fr. Z GO!!! Doesn’t the biretta belong on ones head, and not in their hand anyway?

  3. (giggle-snort) Now Children, BEHAVE

  4. irishgirl says:

    Pace, dear Fathers, pace….

    But you’re still making me laugh….!

  5. cuaguy: ones head, and not in their hand

    Who might “they” be? Surely, you are not steeped in inclusive language!

    What are they teaching you at CUA?

    Are you suggesting that a woman should ever wear a biretta?

  6. John Enright says:

    I can’t do anything except laugh! This is one of your best posts, Father!

  7. cuaguy says:

    Of course not Fr. is this better-on his hand, and not in his hand?

  8. MargaretMN says:

    The “photoshopped” biretta appears to be BROWN. What’s up with that? I thought priests wore BLACK birettas (and Monsignors, Black Biretta’s with a scarlet pom pom on top. (Sorry, I do not know the technical latin or italian word for that.)

  9. cuaguy: You might write to Vincenzo can ask which would be easier to photoshop.

  10. Dwight Longenecker says:

    Pardon my interruption of your musings and surmisings, but I held the biretta in my hand so that it would not look ‘photo-shopped’. As to the preposterous notion that I have begged, borrowed or stolen the ferraiuolo, you must check my blog to find the answer…

  11. cuaguy says:

    Vincenzo, which is easier to photoshop- adding a biretta to his head, or to his hand.

  12. Martin says:

    It is all humoristic? If so, I am not “getting” it.
    I hope no sin of pride is in sight.

  13. Herman Yootik says:

    He looks like a nice enough fellow from his picture.

  14. Alan F. says:

    “Doesn’t the biretta belong on ones head, and not in their hand anyway?

    Comment by cuaguy”

    One always takes ones hat off for a photograph.

  15. Cory says:

    I’m going to have to say that this round goes to Fr. Longenecker…he is an exquisite speaker…perhaps if Fr. Z were to come speak at Belmont Abbey, my mind might be changed….

  16. James says:

    Hahaha… I have to admit I have fun reading Frs. Z & L’s blogs. I like to hear both sides ;)… Funny stuff. :)

  17. JoyfulMom7 says:

    Martin, lighten up, it’s all in good fun!

  18. Prof. Basto says:

    Fr L., cessent iurgia maligna, cessent lites…

  19. Fr. BJ says:

    Fr. Z: Are you suggesting that a woman should ever wear a biretta?

    But Father! But Father! St. Teresa of Avila does!

  20. mrsmontoya says:

    Um, gentlemen, it appears the Blogger’s Choice Awards have been completed for 2008. It doesn’t appear that 2009 is open for voting yet, so… um, this is really more a case of sour grapes, or the Fox And The Grapes.

  21. Prof. Basto says:

    Birretum nigrum super caput eius…

  22. Beowulf says:

    Stoop not, Father!
    The man is obviously nothing but an ecclessiastical clothes horse, no gentleman would discus another gentleman’s clothes, or aubergine receipt for that matter. As my grandfather used to say, “One’s clothes are a matter for one’s tailor and one’s valet, and just possibly the laundry maid, they are of no concern to a gentleman”.

    Do not bother with this belowstairs chatter, do not even think to suggest that Fr Longenekker’s soutane is just a little too short, do not even notice it, that is the affair of habberdashers and trades people, and not of gentlemen.

  23. Paladin says:

    :) Popcorn cinema at its finest…

  24. my soutane too short!! Can’t you see I’m standing on an incline?

  25. Kristen says:

    *dies laughing*

  26. JuliB says:

    I can only assume that this sort of arguing will become more and more prevalent when the SSPX comes back fully into the fold. And we thought the EF-OF arguments were brutal!

  27. PMcGrath says:

    Father Z and Father L: The Jack Benny and Fred Allen of Catholic priest-bloggers.

    (For those too young to remember: The two radio comedy giants were famous for their on-air “feuds,” which garnered huge ratings audiences in the 1930s and 40s. Classic Allen line: “Benny was born ignorant, and he’s been losing ground ever since!”)

  28. Richard says:

    Remember that Fr. Longenecker is married. I think his wife has been very busy for the last three days, making a ferraiuolo.

  29. Kevin says:

    This is almost as good as watching disciples of Eric Voegelin goin’
    at it verbally. Don’t deform the debate by immanentizing the biretta eschaton…

  30. Prof. Basto says:

    I believe we do need to open an inquisition into wether Don John has the ferraiuolo he claims he has. A ferraiuolo that was never seen by anyone. Therefore, I tremble with suspicion that perhaps we may have been deceived all along, that perhaps Fr. John T. Zuhlsdorf does not possess a ferraiuolo after all. A Priest, a Priest, accuses Fr. Z of not having one. Surely, such a grave charge cannot be ignored. An Apostolic Visitor MUST be appointed to oversee this sartorial inquisition.

    Exsurge, Domine, et judica causam Tuam!

  31. Andrew, UK and sometimes Canada says:

    No sign of the saturno on either side yet?

  32. Coletta says:

    “The “photoshopped” biretta appears to be BROWN. What’s up with that?”Comment by MargaretMN

    Cleary, it appears brown. This must be a mock biretta. Thanks Margaret for pointing that out.

  33. Coletta says:

    Clearly that is.

  34. Jayna says:

    “…the only problem I face is not where to obtain a ferraiuolo, but which of mine I should allow you to view and when!”

    Touché, Father, touché.

  35. Hey – this is entertaining (grabbing popcorn now).

    Where’s Vincenzo???? Dueling Padre’s? With gloves?

  36. Peter says:

    Father’s shoes are a scandal. No buckles.

  37. Dwight Longenecker says:

    Vincenzo has already given you padres with light sabers! Now you want us in the boxing ring–in baggy shorts??!! I think not. I don’t have buckles because I don’t like to show off…

  38. Paula says:

    Sure, it’s silly, but I’m loving these posts. Carry on, Father Z!

  39. jenny says:

    Welllllll, Fr. Z, you can be excused for stir-craziness due to far-north, late-winter cabin fever—what, pray tell is Fr. L’s excuse…!!??

  40. jenny says:

    Welllllll, Fr. Z, you can be excused for stir-craziness due to far-north, late-winter cabin fever—what, pray tell is Fr. L’s excuse!!?? Just a coupla wild and crazy guys?
    Just askin’, and gonna ask him too.. Blessings!

  41. Andrew A says:

    Don’t you have the black buckle priest shoes? Or, are the shoes just covered by the cassock? By the way, isn’t a soutane only a soutane when it has a short shoulder cape?


  42. Ed says:

    Dear Fr. Z.,

    Put them all to shame and whip out a black watered silk Ferraiolone. Maybe, for those of us who have never seen one, a Soprana.

  43. sisterchristian says:

    sed quid existis videre hominem mollibus vestitum

  44. AlephGamma says:

    I second the professor’s call to have a tribunal with an apostolic visitor to inquire whether Don John actually has a ferraiuolo. I nominate Fr. Erik Richtsteig.

  45. jedesto says:

    “… a woman should ever wear a biretta?”
    Biretta: n; trump in all-male-clergy deck of cards.

  46. philip says:

    Fr Z,
    I regret to inform you that the picture of Fr. Longenecker and the altar boys is in fact genuine and unedited. I present the day it was taken and have seen it since on the school website.
    And yes it is also true that he does own and frequently wear the biretta. Hope that clears some things up.

  47. Matt Q says:

    Father Z, if this individual is trying to be humorous, he fails drastically. I find his carrying on to be smarmy and condescending. What motivates him to focus in on berating you is beyond me.

  48. Someone needs a sense of humor!

  49. Roger says:

    Fathers Longenecker and Zed
    Are in a dispute, as we’ve read
    Father Zee said you’d better
    Explain where’s your biretta,
    Answered L: it’s Standing On My Head!

  50. Christabel says:

    With visuals temporarily unavailable on my PC, I was reading this post with increasing horror and incredulity until I realised that I was mistaking “beretta” for “biretta”. Now that pictures are restored, I am mightily relieved to find that that Frs Z and L have not after all taken up armed robbery or drive-by preaching. Thanks be to God.

  51. prof. basto says:


    And I nominate NLM’s Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. to be the Tribunal’s Notary.

    The Dominicans have a traditional role in the inquistion.

  52. Love it!

    Perhaps Prof Basto could be appointed as apostolic visitor. He seems to know what moves to make here to clear up this scandalous situation.

    He could appoint seconds; have the principles in full regalia (then we would see who has what!) and order the two fathers to expound on the Vatican II documents in a series of lightning rounds like speed chess! (chuckle)

  53. Didymus says:

    You have not answered his allegation that a vote for you is a vote for giant puppets concelebrating Mass. Is this because responding is beneath your dignity or because it’s . . . [shiver] . . . no, it can’t be.

    Fr. L should be chastised severely for his Rovian campaign tactics.

  54. AlephGamma says:

    Now it’s getting scary with the Domini Canes being involved. The Tribunal could eventually determine the rules for future fashion feuds and duels. ‘Super Soakers (or Light sabers) and birettas at 10 paces’ with maybe with the loser making desserts? (And no, I’d assume the deserts should not require defribulators.)

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