Italian priest: lifting the excomms… a rape of the Church by the Pope

A sort of sad interview in an Italian paper with a priest who has had some issues with the Pope.

We have written about Fr. Farinella before.  He was very negative about Summorum Pontificum.  I believe he is also against Crucifixes in classrooms and soft on euthanasia.

That said, in the article, he basically says that the Holy Father has lost the Catholic Faith and that he has no authority over him, Fr. Farinella, any longer.

I had to read this line twice:

L’abolizione della scomunica ai quattro vescovi scismatici lefebvriani è uno stupro compiuto dal papa contro la Chiesa … The abolition of the excommunication of the four Levebvrite bishops is a rape carried out by the Pope against the Church…

Folks… if you want hatred and all the possible cliches we are hearing in concentrated form squeezed into one article, this is the one.

I won’t translate it.  But if one of you….  Fabrizio where are you?

We could teach lessons from this article.

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