Plurk… more than a stomach noise?

First, its the internet…


bulletin boards

Will someone please explain what Plurk is?




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  1. mike says:

    I have the same question too….. from what I have heard, it is like a facebook-type thingy, but different in a way i know not…

  2. Michael Fudge says:

    It is similar to Twitter. It uses an interfaces that provides visual timelines and the ability to categorize the comment.

  3. DeborahAnne says:

    Father, I hope this helps.

    (Baptized 1951, Diocese of Monterey, deus lux mea.)

  4. It’s a social network like Twitter, 4Marks and a bunch of others. The only thing I like about Plurk, is that you can respond to one another and when there is a response, you see it.

  5. Slip Mahoney says:

    Indubiously, it’s gotta be a contusion to the movie industry, Foddah.

    Priests Lurking Under Rotating Klieglights.

    Best regards,


  6. Danby says:

    Plurk should have been named YAPSNIF; Yet Another Pointless Social Networking Internet Fad. Why anybody thinks anyone needs another of these things is beyond me. Welcome to Web 2.0

  7. JoyfulMom7 says:

    You simply *must* come to Plurk, Father! We are all there – waiting for you . . .

    dougeller started it! (at least that is who invited me!) cuaguy is even there!

  8. Fr. BJ says:

    Wouldn’t you know it – while in the process of registering for an account, their site crashed. Doesn’t inspire confidence….

  9. JoyfulMom7 says:

    Fr. BJ, don’t take it personally – try later!

  10. opey124 says:

    not sure about PLURK, but reading \”fad\” made me think of something I heard on the news lately, F.A.D stands for Facebook Addiction Disorder. I guess if you have google/wordpress blog it would be B.A.D. Blogger Addiction Disorder.

  11. Jayna says:

    I much prefer Plurk to Twitter. I signed up for Twitter but once I got on Plurk I stopped using Twitter altogether. I have no idea why I like it more, maybe it’s the timeline thing. I’m actually pretty good about the social networking thing, though; I only use Plurk and Facebook.

  12. JlovesR says:

    It’s easier to read than Twitter and the UI is much better. It is a fad and we’ll be over it as soon as we all get dancing bananas.

  13. JoyfulMom7 says:

    No,no, JlovesR – I am sticking with plurk until I get one of those slapping laughing faces like Fr Cory has!

  14. @ Jayna. I post to them all via but check plurk the most.

  15. I’m there too! What more do you need?

  16. Mitchell says:

    From the wikapedia page of Plurk

    The etymology of the name was explained by the developers as such:

    abbreviation of ‘people’ and ‘lurk’
    portmanteau of ‘play’ and ‘work’
    –acronym of peace, love, unity, respect, and karma–
    verb neologism, similar to how Google was eventually used as a verb


  17. Plurk is similar to Twitter, but better thought out. The comments are threaded so it is easy to follow and respond in a conversation. It is easier to post pictures/youtube. Plus you get plenty of icons such as emoticons.

    The timeline takes a bit to get use to, but once you use Plurk it is a better experience than Twitter. Though I post to both.

  18. Internet addiction is just a click away!!!
    [akin to homelessness is just a paycheck away, alcoholism is just a drink away…etc etc]
    My fellow z-nationals made me join, which I did with much groaning. The z-chat folks are there so it has been fun so far.

    It is like Twitter that uses only short status updates. The difference is that any status or ‘Plurk” one puts up can become its own little chat room as you and your friends respond in a string.

    I’m trying it… I notice that Plurk occasionally struggles with traffic and slows or crashes. Certain updates do not change real-time.
    The CurtJester has been Plurking since last year, so its not that new really.

    Yes, its ANOTHER social network, but with a different twist.

  19. Your ZChat group has assembled and taken over the Catholic scene on Plurk. Much saner than Twitter. It’s like Twitter and a forum thread combined. Good solid priests in the group.

  20. memoriadei says:

    Yes, what Suzanne Sadler said. Although, I like Twitter for the current information re legislation, news, etc, also meet good, caring people there. Plurk is just more conversational and room for more fun whereas Twitter is mostly informational. iPadre is there at Plurk. Oh, Fr. Roderick too.

  21. Chris says:

    I just found a bunch of photos of him on his official website. Look at his photo at age 42. Shirt unbuttoned all the way down his chest. Is this a priest or a 70s B actor?

  22. KK says:

    I’ve been Plurked…

  23. Fr. BJ says:

    Well, I signed up for an account, then deleted it, after I saw the ugly color scheme, the fact that I could not get rid of the “Karma” thing, and the fact that only one of the people in my (fairly large) Gmail address book were on it (and I would have no reason to communicate with that person via Plurk).

    Yep, I stand by what I have said elsewhere: Facebook, Myspace, et al., are the devil!

  24. Peter says:

    The Karma display can be hidden (and the colors changed), it just takes a little more work than I’d like – it’s really just a gage of how frequently and interestingly you’re posting. The comment threading though is a huge boost over twitter, as well as the, as Curt Jester called it, little Catholic community that’s built up there. Me, I love it, but I’m a software geek so that requires a grain of salt.

  25. Like Twitter but you can have conversations and track them. You may also see when posts have been replied to, and even specifically your own posts.

    It is a Twitter with a timeline and conversation tracking, two things that make using Twitter for conversations or tracking of posts difficult.

    Twitter rocks for when you are online or people happen to reply to you by name. Plurk solves the problems of Twitter.

    Twitter seems to be more about “me”, Plurk seems to be more about “us”.

  26. I’m “niroze” on Plurk, “chrishumphries” on Twitter, BTW.

  27. Julie says:

    Ok, you don’t know me so this won’t mean anything, but I got on Twitter, and found it slightly useful. People told me Plurk was better, finally I went there, and got the hang of it. The format is actually more friendly, one is “embraced” in a way that can’t happen with Twitter format…and actually, it’s just plain fun.

    It’s also been useful. Got a question? It can be discussed. Solid Catholics there. I think everyone who follows me and whom I follow are Catholics. Good ones.

    Take it for what it’s worth. Try it out.

    There ya go.

    It is what it is, but we don’t need to beg, nor do you need to acquiesce. If it’s not your cuppa tea, don’t do it.

  28. Fr Z, could you decode the meaning from the Latin roots of the word? And then report back to us. :-) Oh yeah, before the internet was DARPA. Or was it Al Gore, hmmm…

    In general, if one wanted to watch what all the people were doing all the time, not only underhandedly, but with their joyful consent, do you think tapping into these networks would make it easier? No GPS chip needed.

  29. Plurk is great for interacting with others. But, I’m not a fan of the design or the terminology – Karma, etc.

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