Request from Fr. Z: links to pages supporting Benedict XVI

There are quite a few initiatives on the web to express support for Pope Benedict during this time of media frenzy.

I have posted about a couple of them already, but people keep sending me the same links over and over.

Let’s see if we can collect as many as we can here.

Remember: my combox is functioning, something is broken on the blog right now and the comments are not counting accurately.  Check below for updates


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  1. puella says:

    Thank you Chris, for thinking of the post on my blog!

  2. John Polhamus says:

    This is the website of the Brothers of the Little Oratory in San Diego, a group which has grown over the years out of a Gregorian Chant Schola called Chorus Breviarii. There are 12 of us who are Oratorian seculars, and a number of ChorBrev members who have not yet been able to become Brothers. The blog updates the liturgical activities of the Brothers at St. Anne’s in San Diego, and elsewhere around the diocese. I speak for us to a man, when I say that we support His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, we pray for him daily, and and are ready to do what is necessary in his cause and his defense.

    Christ bless Pope Benedict XVI, God save him, and Our Lady of Victories intercede for him.

  3. Not sure if you just mean sites that let people express their support or sites that are expressing that support. In any case, I blogged along these lines just a couple days ago.

  4. Here is my own initiative. My blog does not get many visitors, but any readers of yours who would like to comment on that entry, it would certainly be appreciated.

  5. Calleva says:

    This blog maintained as part of the Pro Papa League – a flotilla, nay an armada of blog warships protecting the Barque of Peter, totally loyal to Benedict XVI, gloriously reigning.

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