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  1. Prof. Basto says:

    Brazilian media is reporting that Angela Merkel, German Chancellor and daughter of a protestant minister, intervened in the controversy, making “strong demands” directed at Pope Benedict, requesting him to be “firm” against holocaust denial and stating that, in her opinion, the Pope’s clarification so far is “completely insufficient”.

  2. Rachel says:

    Nothing is sufficient for them. The Church can not please ever little or big group who gets angry with us. The Holy Father needs a lot of support right now. He needs many prayers. I am more and more convinced that it is Benedict XVI who is the pope in the third secret of Fatima..not JPII. Benedict is the one who is and will suffer more…especially from within the Church itself. My husband and I have already signed the petition in support of the Holy Father and we will offer more prayers for him and for the SSPX.

  3. Fr. Steve says:

    The Devil has his grubby little (none) claws in this one. Let us sign the petition and pray as well. For our battle isn’t against flesh and blood.” Christ, the Lamb has conquered and he will lead the Holy Father and his faithful remenant to victory. “Fear not little flock,for it has pleased the Father to give to you a Kingdom.”

  4. Stephen says:

    And now Cardinal Kasper is reported to be chiming in discontent –

    …there are also rumors swirling about in the blogosphere that the Legionaries are about to reveal more bad information regarding their deceased founder…

    It seems like demonic forces are aligning themselves for a greater frontal attack against our faith and the Holy Father.

  5. Mitch says:

    Shameful there is no support. Go back to the 60’s and this is what we got as a result. Complete, utter, almost total disrespect for the Holy Father, not just private disobedience…..Disgraceful…..I pray he has strength to plow forward with what he knows is correct. He is a kind, just, wise PAPA……….Deo Gratis

  6. Padre Steve says:

    Thanks Fr. Z for his pettition link. I just added it to my blog as well. God bless our wonderful Holy Father!

  7. Stephen says:

    I meant to add that we really, really need to pray to St. Michael for our Holy Father.

  8. Irish says:

    I’ve read reports on the internet calling for Pope Benedict XVI to resign. How absurd.
    As Stephen said, the dark forces are aligning.

    If one needed proof that lifting the excommunication and furthering the communion of the SSPX was the right and just thing to do, all one has to do is look at the opposition.

  9. q7swallows says:

    Fr. Z,


  10. Ed says:

    Thank you, Fr. Z, for the link.

    A vote and a Rosary. Yes.

  11. Ed says:

    Opportunities for action are food for the hungry. Thank you for posting the link, Father Z.

    A signature and tonight’s rosary. Yes. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for upholding Christ’s Vicar on Earth on behalf of us all.

  12. bernadette says:

    Poor Pope Benedict, before he was elected Pope all he wanted to do was retire and sip tea in his garden.
    I signed the petition.

  13. Eugene Lavrenchuk says:

    Dear Father, thank you for providing this information. I signed the petition.
    We must rally around our dear Holy Father at this especially difficult time when the world is attacking Christ’s Vicar. The gates of hell shall NOT prevail!

  14. C Ruckdeschel says:

    Petition signed.

  15. supertradmom says:

    Signed, with prayer

  16. Adeodatus says:

    Not signed. Unlike the Jew-hating protestant traitors of the SSPX, I support Pope Benedict XVI and am fully in communion with the Catholic Church. But it was a tragic miscalculation to attempt any rapprochement with these Anti-Semites.

    Don’t believe me? Check here:

    Contains such gems as:

    “Judaism is inimical to all nations in general”

    “The Jewish people conspire against the Christian State.”

    “The Jewish people win control of property by usury.”

    “Jews are known to kill Christians.”

    “The next step is socialism, whose seminal thinkers, from Marx to Leon Blum, were of the Jewish people.”

    “It is a matter of public historical record that Communism was financed by Jewish money.”

    “In the system of carnal, worldly greatness they have raised up with the de-Christianized peoples, the Jews are the masters, and no power seems able to resist their hidden power.”

  17. Edward C. says:

    Signed it! Agreed, the Holy Father needs his faithful children by his side now more than ever.

  18. Nancy says:

    Signed, with prayers for all.

  19. Paul says:

    Signed. God Bless Pope Benedict XVI!

  20. Mary W says:

    Petition signed. My prayers and support are with the Holy Father. Starting Lent early by fasting and abstaining. May our prayers and sacrifices lighten the Cross His Holiness must bear.

    St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle……

  21. B Knotts says:

    Thanks for posting this, Fr. I signed it…we need to support the Holy Father just as he supports us through his work of unifying the Church.

  22. Geoffrey says:

    Though I continue to be very confused regarding the lifting of the SSPX excommunications, as a child of the Church I will always serve and support the Vicar of Christ. Signed it is.

    Viva il Papa! Ioannes Paulus Magnus, ora pro nobis!

  23. Fred says:

    I have a client who is a Holocaust survivor. He knows I am a practicing Catholic. This incident has greatly upset him; in the past he and I discussed how Pius XII was wrongly accused of not helping the Jewish community in Rome; he admired the Church for the support it gave during WWII. Now he has asked how the Catholic Church could now give support to a Holocaust denier – this is certainly how he sees it. What do I tell him? I can explain the intricacies of lifting an excommunication is not the same as recognizing Williamson as a bishop; I can tell him that the Pope and others in the Curia have rejected out of hand Williamson’s statements…. but I doubt that will really provide any solace or comfort. Any thoughts on how to respond to him on a personal level.

  24. Ohio Annie says:

    Adeodatus, there is even more than that on that wonderful web site, issues I had to deal with before converting. What a train wreck.

    I feel bad for our Holy Father. He has so many hornet’s nests to deal with. He needs a spiritual bee keeper suit (in liturgical colors of course). I love him very much.

  25. Ohio Annie says:

    Fred, I would roll my eyes and say \”politics.\” I once lost a job because of politics, and almost lost my life twice because of politics.

    I would explain it as you have here, listening all the while, and being gentle and kind, as I perceive you are for having asked this question.

  26. Creagh says:

    while looking at the link posted by Adeodatus, I found this article on the distinction between Anti-Semitism and Anti-Jewish Naturalism also posted on the SSPX website:

  27. Paul the Other says:

    Sto cum Petro.

  28. Henry says:

    Paul: Now he has asked how the Catholic Church could now give support to a Holocaust denier – this is certainly how he sees it.

    You could tell him that lifting the excommunication simply readmits Bp. Williamson to membership in the Catholic Church, which is full of sinners of all types. Including some who may be Holocaust deniers in addition to being sinners. Although I’ve not seen any quote of Bp. Williamson that proves he’s one of the former, whereas he’s surely one of the latter.

  29. JayneK says:

    I signed. I do not like to see so many attacking the Pope but I can see some good that comes from it. People involved with SSPX see how he is “going to bat” for them. They see that he is prepared to suffer for their reintegration. They see who their common enemies are. I suspect that all this opposition to the reintegration is actually fostering it.

  30. Tyler says:

    now heres a cause I can get behind.

  31. Gloria says:

    Another signer here. God Bless and Protect the Holy Father.

  32. EDG says:

    Paul – Your friend may not understand the fact that as long as Williamson’s group is in schism, it is therefore also outside of the control of the Pope and its bishops essentially have no superior authority. In other words, until the SSPX is reconciled, the Pope would have no authority over Williamson; with the reconciliation of the SSPX, the Pope will gain his appropriate authority over Williamson and the other bishops through the normal “chain of command” in the Church. Generally, somebody like this could be silenced, as happened in the case of Father Feeney, although it’s hard to say what action the Pope might take. But essentially, the Pope can’t do anything until he has authority over him.

  33. Irish says:

    Bernadetta wrote: Poor Pope Benedict, before he was elected Pope all he wanted to do was retire and sip tea in his garden.

    And I would add: play with his cats!

    I signed as well.

  34. Irish says:

    Bernadette–sorry, tried to correct it, but it had already posted.

  35. Derik Castillo says:

    I support the Pope

  36. Yes, we can! (oops, wrong mantra)

    I support the Pope!

  37. Mark of Fargo says:

    May God bless and protect our blessed Holy Father.
    I signed and other family members will follow.

  38. Andraea says:

    St. Blaise, pray and intercede for our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

    St. Ansgar, pray and intercede for our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

  39. David and Janet Elvans says:

    The Holy Father needs all the support he can get – our bishops (United Kingdom) are a disgrace – not one has come out with unambiguous support for this great Pope.

  40. Bob K. says:

    Petition Signed!. Posted the link on Catholic Answers “Traditional Catholicism Forum”

  41. David and Janet Elvans says:

    The Holy Father needs all the support he can get – the United kingdom bishops are a disgrace – not one has given a public unambiguous support for this great pope

  42. Laura Lowder says:

    The page is in French! (I’d write that in french, but I can’t do the little accent things)

  43. taad says:

    Pray & Fast. Petition signed and e-mailed to everyone on my list who I think will sign it.

  44. Ottaviani says:


    Long live the Pope and may he deliver us from the chaos of the pontificate of Ioannes Paulus Non Magnus

  45. Certainly I support Pope Benedict XVI all the way, though no longer Catholic in the strict sense/understanding but attending Mass and The Sacraments (including The Sacrament of Reconciliation) whenever I am able. Our group are persons of daily prayer schedule and of assiduous penance and ascetical living as Our Lady of Fatima asked that Catholics be in a certain sense. Ours is the Spirit of Carmel as expressed in the original constitution of St. Teresa of Avila under The Ancient Rule of St. Albert (St. Albert’s Rule: “common sense is the guide of all the virtues”.) We have certain modifications to express our own particular spirit under that unique all inclusive spirit of St. Teresa of Avila – if you read her ORIGINAL Constitution prayerfully prior to and after reading it and then ponder prayfully whenever inclined. This is our spiritual reading guide in our ‘group’.

    No staff (the troops as it were) is ever better than its leadership and we have a sure fired winner in Pope Benedict XVI. I know someone who predicted 12 years ago that Cardinal Ratzinger would be our next Pope and a mighty one – and that he is and is proving himself to be. God bless you Holy Father in all your thoughts, in your words and in all your deeds and may The Lord grant to us the wisdom and understanding in particular along with and at the same immediate time,the fulness of the theological and cardinal virtues and the Gifts of The Holy Spirit received at Confirmation to fulfill faithfully our roles under you as the Representative of Christ on earth and in the footsteps of Christ to the Glory of The Father. Come Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of all, small and great, and enkindle in us The Fire of Thy Divine Love and of Reconciliation and daily renewal and conversio – and it is Thou, Great Comforter and Advocate,that shall be the renewer of this earth and universe.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on us
    Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, pray for us with your sons and daughters everywhere on earth today
    Our Lady of All Mercies, pray for us
    Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us
    Our Lady of Fatima (whose feastday fast approaches this month of February 2009) pray for us and guide and guard us into the ways of continual prayer and penance
    St. Teresa of Avila, pray for us
    St. John of The Cross, pray for us
    St. Therese of Lisieux, pray for us
    Blessed Elizabeth of The Trinity, pray for us
    St. Francis de Sales, pray for us
    Blessed Mary MacKillop, pray for us that your spirit, uniquely Australian (Mary McKillop in letter to the then Holy Father. Opening words: “It is an Australian who speaks!” onya Mary! may live on in us as it did in Blessed Mary) We humbly beg that she be canonized and recognized as our first saint very soon. Alleluia Amen.
    St. Francis of Assisi, great man of Peace and of the Holy Stigmata, pray for us and ask The Lord to allow you to teach us love of The Cross, and of animals and of all creation and peoples, especially pagans AND preserve us from the wiles of Satan’s helpers, Satanists.
    All you unsung saints on earth living and dead whose “Faith is known only to” The Lord, pray for us
    St. Michael defend us in the hour of battle and ever pray for us, guide and guard us under Mary, Elected Queen of Heaven and of The Mighty Archangels Angels in particular.
    Mary, Warrior Queen, pray for us
    All you Angels and Saints, pray for us
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, hear us we humbly beg Great Good Shepherd and Good Samaritan, and send your holy elected to pray for us and preserve us from the terrible and horrific wiles of Satan, the evil one, under the leadership of Our Lady and St. Michael – teach us to be more intelligent than the thing of Awful Horror (see Gospel of Matthew: The Awful Horror) and to not be “…… like mules and unintelligent needing bridle and bit”(Psalm from the Divine Office)

    Thank you to Fr.Z for this opportunity to share in a quite ‘concrete manner’ our support of our in our times Christ elected Leader and Father, Shepherd. Pope Benedict has been elected by The Holy Spirit to walk in the footsteps of Christ to the Glory of The Father as his particular and quite personal call and vocation from God and to the point of great sanctity and canonization(as did his predecessor Pope Jean Paul II of great note), The Blessed Trinity – Three Persons in the One Only God – and he will be accountable and responsible for that in his first and final judgements.

    We do well to remember that. I sure would not want his job, his call and vocation; although no matter our call or vocation in life the Grace to live it out to great sanctity to the point of canonization is also gifted – even if God calls one to be the local toilet cleaner and where would we all be without the local toilet cleaner or plumber when it gets all blocked up? In God’s Divine Economy, even a speck of dust in faraway Bermuda for example is just as important as The Holy Father. That is how much we should also love this earth and universe. For The Father if we are in Grace nothing is ever wasted. (a translation of some words of St. Paul, if you like)

    What great Faith, trust, confidence, Hope and Love it takes for a Cardinal to accept the election of himself as our Pope!!! And with what inner trembling to be overcome by Faith, Hope and Love reflected solely in Love of neighbour. Who is my neighbour, you ask?

    In our ‘organization’ i.e. “Bethany” we pray daily for the Intentions of Pope Benedict…… you?

    Tigger – I am NOT SSPX
    We live in dangerous and evil times and hence Jesus has gifted us with a Holy Father and Shepherd to guide us through these times unscathed “Satan is like a roaring lion going about seeking whom it may devour” just like the men of the Old Testament who walked through the fiery furnace unscathed. The New Testaments speaks to the Old as The Hold Testament speaks to the New. The Holy Spirit. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Amen.

  46. Michael UK says:

    Rorate Caeli exposes background to attack on BXVI related French-Swedish-Vatican orchestration.

  47. janete chaney says:

    the world is trying to ditate to the Church in what to do. very sad. because of so much confusion since VII the world is taking advantage and no longer wants to respect the Church. so what? the Church has gone through so much along the years. it is no different now. the holy father must stand firm and not give in to the world. we will stand right with him in all things, he can be sure of that. it is our Catholic faith we must stand by it against the world. i hope that SSPX will be in full communion with the Church very soon. we need them to help the Church. the devil knows this of course he is going to try to interfere.
    Holy God, Holy Might One help your Church. we need you Jesus, come and raise your Church up against the wolves.
    Germany, we know what they have done to the Church so far, don’t we? God bless us all.

  48. Mike B. says:

    I’ve signed the petition, with joy!

    I’m getting tired of all these attacks on the Holy Father. In fact, I’m really getting fired up (in my true “born and raised New York City style”)!

    If you need a Sergeant at Arms, Father Z., I’ll volunteer. Will work for food!!!!



  49. irishgirl says:

    I signed the petition, too!

    Laura Lowder-if you go on the petition site, there are little flags on the top of the page. Click the British one [Union Jack] to get the English translation.

    Mike B-I like your “Sergeant at Arms” post! I’ll be like St. Joan of Arc and wave ‘the banner of the King’ ! Yeah, I’m getting tired of the media twerps attacking our Papa Benedict!

  50. kay marie thomas says:

    Long live our wonderful “Papa Ben! He has tried so hard to reconcile with the SSPX. Blessed are the peacemakers. Shame on the insolent who trample on his Holiness’s goodness and flaunt their disobediance. This is truely showing arogance and lack of respect for Papal Authority.
    I lost an adult child to SSPX. I well know what Is the attitude and demeanor of their sect. I kept hearing “I don’t CARE what the rest of the Church does”, and other such smug comments and insulting tones calling the rest of the Holy Mother Church “Norvus Ordos”.both With almost every contact I had with the folks.( Our own parish has Tridentine and Norvus Ordo rite daily.)
    Please pray for the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of this Bishop Williamson and all SSPXers that that may learn to have a heart not only for our “elder bretheren in Christ”,as St. Maximillian Kolbe called the Jews, but also fevevenly embrace that we are we are One Holy Apostolic Church! I would also ask prayers to end the bitterness the SSPXers feel toward memebers of their own families who have always stayed faithfuo to the Magisterium. Thank you!

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