Thanks are due!

I want to pass long thanks to some of you who have recently used the donation button on the left side bar and on some posts.  I am very grateful.  From time to time I collect the names of those who have made donations and, when I say Mass, I remember you at the altar.  It is an honor and duty to pray for benefactors.

Also, some of you have shown support for WDTPRS by casting your vote in the Bloggers Choice Awards.  Let’s keep our Catholic blogs at the top of all the lists!   This award site requires registration, which is pesky – I know.  Your help is appreciated.

I have received a few items from my wish list, et al., which I would like to acknowledge.

First, I received music CD’s of the Norbertines in Orange, CA and from St. John Cantius in Chicago, that being a disk of music for Holy Week.  I look forward to them and will share some of it on Radio Sabina.  The St. John’s Christmas music disks are excellent.

I received an electric heating element for the birdbath another person sent, I couldn’t tell who.  I am a little hesitant to set this up.  The heating coil looks… well.. pretty serious.  I am afraid I will wind up with Siskin Stew.  Experiments are in order.

BK of NJ fired off a small digital voice recorder which will be very useful when I ramp up the PODCAzT projects I would like to get going.  It could be useful for on the spot interviews, etc.  Also, I suspect I will find other good uses… pro memoria.

RR of IN sent Ciceronian Controversies which are translations of letters of great Italian Renaissance humanists, such as Poliziano and Pietro Bembo.  It should be interesting.

A real prize came in the form of a condensor microphone which connects by USB port.  This mic should reduce background hiss and make recording things much easier.  The invoice didn’t indicate who sent it.

I am contemplating a new format for PODCAzTs and ways to reduce their production time and raising production quality.  I want to create a template and fit each project into predefined time segments.

I am very grateful for your kindness, support and good wishes.

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  1. I own a copy of the Ciceronian Controversies — it is great fun to see how the Renaissance writers/orators use the styles of their classical predecessors in order to debate whose style to use. Enjoy!

  2. A Random Friar says:

    The coils tend to look threatening, but are pretty safe. The biggest caution is how you plug it in.

  3. Catherine says:

    Father Z: If we would like to send something to you from your Amazon wish list, what address should we use?

  4. JuliB says:

    Father, I’m not sure what type of heating element that you rec’d from Amazon, but I did buy oen for my mother for Christmas. We’re SW of Chicago, so it is snowy and cold much of the winter.

    She says the birds are VERY excited about the available water. Not one has gotten cooked yet.

  5. Frank H. says:

    “If we would like to send something to you from your Amazon wish list, what address should we use? – Comment by Catherine”

    Catherine, it works automatically through Amazon. You just order the wish list item and Amazon knows where to send it.

  6. Catherine says:

    To Frank H.:
    Ah…the magic of internet shopping! Thanks for your help to this cybr-challenged soul.

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