Thanks to readers!

First of all… thanks for your patience as I battle with the comments problem.

Next, I appreciate the support you are giving to WDTPRS in the Bloggers Choice Awards in the Religious Blog category.  It is a bit of a hassle, since you have to register, but we could really use your help if you haven’t voted. 

My days are instantly brightened when something comes one of your readers who checked out my wish list.

Many thanks go out to WM of WI for two books, The Complete Poems and Plays of T.S. Eliot – my copy I had had for years went missing and I am in a literary group reading Eliot.  So… I am very grateful.  WM also sent a book about "the Widow"!  The Widow Clicquot: the story of a champagne empire and the woman who ruled it by Tilar J. Mazzeo.  This should be near and dear to the hearts of all WDTPRSers!

A few days back MS of WA sent some USB extension cables.  I mentioned this before, but they are really useful!  The USB hub also changed entirely how I use the laptop I have dedicated at the moment to streaming the Z-Cam.  Also, the birdbath will be great, but I need a heating element for it: I think a block of ice might not be to useful for the birds.  

I was delighted to receive from JT of DC DVDs of BSG 4.1!  This is a great series and I will enjoy going back over the episodes.

MG of MN sent several great Italian sausages, which are yummy. 

Also, I am not quite sure who sent it, but a got another bottle of colatura!  This is fantastic stuff.  I had some for lunch today!

A little chopped raw garlic in a bowl with a couple spoonsful of colatura and really hot red pepper.  Let is macerate and cook your superfine pasta, "angel hair" is is sometimes called.  Toss it together and enjoy!

I will also be listening to the music CD of James McMillan’s Seven Last Words.  I am slowly but surely working on a "Seven Words" of my own. It is nice to hear and reflect on different versions and formats.

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