The hits keep rolling in

A student colleague of Fr. Hans Kung, Fr. Hermann Häring, has in the German press called for the Pope to resign.

Guess why.

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  1. Brian says:

    The enemies of the Church are stepping forward and declaring themselves.

  2. Has this world gone mad — when has it ever been acceptable to
    have such vulgar disobedience to a Roman Pontiff ??

  3. Isaac says:

    What place is it of his to call for any resignation? does he not have any respect?

  4. Matt says:

    inillotempore has an interesting point. Can a priest call for the resignation of a Pope in a “doctrinal” fashion? Seems to undermine the Papacy, especially by an ordained member of the Church.

  5. joy says:

    Time to separate the sheep from the goats?

  6. Denise says:

    I think you are right Father. Here it comes. Time to pray much, and to be prepared to defend the Truth.

  7. Fr. Steve says:

    Yes, the enemies of the faith are being made known and so are the true friends of Christ and his holy Vicar. Let us be ready to sacrifice and be persecuted as a wittness to His name.

  8. Fr. Steve says:


  9. Aelric says:

    Fr. who? Yawn. Another small-time academic who wants his 15 minutes of fame by taking cheap shots at a bigger and better man.

  10. Megan says:

    Very sad when people resort to below-the-belt shots at His Holiness himself. Continue praying for the conversion of sinners, and the continual calling of our priests…they are most in need of our prayers.

  11. And why are these people allowed to stay in the church? They dont even understand how the election of a Pope works…. Probably the same people were calling for JPII to resign. Popes dont resign. when will some of these people get that?

  12. Hendrik says:

    Küng calls for substitution of the pope too. Actually, the german press is launching a wide scale attack against the church. Today’s “Der Spiegel” (anticlerical leftiest paper) has this frontpage: (How a german pope put the church to shame). :-(

  13. Bro. Juniper says:

    I thought we’ve done away with the monarchial hierarchy. The ministers are now servants of the people of God, not lords.

  14. wsxyz says:

    I thought we’ve done away with the monarchial hierarchy

    How can you do away with the divine constitution of the Church without first doing away with God, Bro. Juniper?

  15. Scott says:


  16. Calleva says:

    I am sick to death of people calling themselves Catholic when they refuse to subscribe to the Church’s teachings. Why don’t they do the honest thing and go into schism instead of calling themselves names like Voice of the Faithful – when they are nothing of the kind?

    Their heads can jolly well explode.

    “Pray for me that I do not not flee for fear of the wolves” – the wolves are circling…

    By the way, Bro Juniper, our ministers are indeed servants of God’s people, but servants do not serve well when they bring a false message. Pope Benedict is acting like a wise and loving pastor, wanting to bring all his sheep safely into the fold.

  17. TerryC says:

    Bro Juniper,
    If I hire a nanny, a servant, to care for my child I expect the servant to do what is good, and beneficial and right for my child. When they want to stay up late, or play when they should be studying I expect the servant to guide and teach them to do the right thing, not the bad thing that they would prefer to be doing.
    The Vicar of Christ is my servant, appointed by God to guide and teach me the right way to go. He does not work for me as an employee, he is in the employ of the Almighty. I do not direct him. He directs me.

  18. Prof. Basto says:

    Bravo, Scott! I feel the same.

    It is time for us to hear again the old cry, sounded by the Fathers of the Council of Trent in the proclamations read during the final session of that Ecumenical Council:



  19. IvoDeNorthfield says:

    I call for Father Haring to resign from the priesthood.

  20. Patricia Gonzalez says:

    A bunch of bedraggled roosters crowing on their pitiful little dunghills. What arrogance and ignorance. Haven’t they read in the Bible that “pride goes before a fall?” And, yes, there’s that thing about “Thou art Peter, and upon this Rock I will build My Church, and the Gates of Hell will not prevail against it”. Let’s all pray that these men get off their high horses and adopt a little humility. Sheesh, talk about ego …

  21. irishgirl says:

    I second what Scott and Prof. Basto say!

    A thought (and I heard this on a conference tape by a priest of the Fathers of Mercy)-if the Pope were to resign, who would he submit it to?

  22. gabriel says:

    ‘Der Spiegel’ has actually mangaged to accomplishe their usual goal -> put a huuge guilt trip on Germans. This time they even succeeded with me, because normally their left wing ramblings leave me unaffected. But this… this is just too much!! Who the He** do they think they are!?
    I was very glad to read the ‘counterpiece’ by Peter Seewald ->

    If you can read German, I highly recommend that one!!

  23. Jane says:

    There are some many knuckleheads around and the German priest is one of them. What arrogance to decide that the pope should resign.

    I am sure the German priest thinks he can do better than the pope. I am sure that he can’t.

  24. michigancatholic says:

    We have heretics galore. This is not news.

    It would be possible to make a very long list of people who pretend to speak for the church but don’t. Kung is just one more name on that long list.

    One has to wonder that someone was willing to pay for his university degrees as he obtained so little understanding from them. What a waste.

  25. michigancatholic says:

    One more comment:

    Priests are ordained to do the work of the Church from whom they derive their authority. This means they can provide the seven sacraments and say mass for the persons in their care. They’re supposed to have, at a minimum, an elementary but solid understanding of the Catholic faith.

    This does not mean that they automatically become authorities who can call into question anything that the church says. They do not. Ordination does not confer this ability.

    Ordination also does not confer expertise in any other field, such as psychology, politics, education or anything else not specifically & formally studied by that individual. Many priests know no more about these fields than a random person walking down the street, their ordination notwithstanding.

    Thus, when a priest pontificates beyond his (rather small) authority and education, he can safely be ignored. More Catholic people need to learn this.

    Kung is a renowned person, apparently. He has professorial credentials at some university which allow him to teach in the classroom, **although the Vatican has removed his ability to teach theology for the Catholic Church**. He has the normal faculties which allow him, under the authority of his bishop, to administer the sacraments. That’s it, ZIP. BINGO. FINI.

    Yes, he writes books which contain a lot of nonsense. You don’t have to read them and you probably shouldn’t. Yes, the news media goes running to him every chance they get. They love heretics because they make it possible to quote someone “official” saying weird things that contradict the Pope. Yes, the heretics love Kung. He’s a bag of nonsense and so are they. That’s it.

    All in all, Kung’s an interesting case (as it sounds like his associate Haring is). But we have a ton of those, don’t we?

  26. ssoldie says:

    ViVa Il PaPa Benedict XVI.

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