You couldn’t make this up!

I was alerted to the following ironic tidbit.

The embattled auxiliary bishop-elect of Linz was assigned the same titular diocese as that which was held by the late Archbishop Jean Jadot.

(Titular See)


Past and Present Ordinaries

    * Franz Joseph Fischer † (19 Dec 1929 Appointed – 24 Jul 1958 Died)
    * Auguste-Callixte-Jean Bonnabel † (13 Feb 1961 Appointed – 7 Nov 1967 Died)
    * Jean Jadot † (23 Feb 1968 Appointed – 21 Jan 2009 Died)
    * Gerhard Maria Wagner (31 Jan 2009 Appointed – Feb 2009 Resigned)

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  1. Tom says:


    Almost as creepy as this picture which reminded me of the caricatures of +Williamson

  2. Jeff Pinyan says:

    I don’t get it…

  3. Diane says:

    read the link I provided and you will get it

  4. Brian in Wisconsin says:

    Perhaps the Holy Father wanted to cleanse said titular see or at least give those Catholics living there a better model of what a faithful man of the Church should be? Let us redouble prayers for the repose of Archbishop Jadot’s soul.

  5. Fr. BJ says:

    Has there been any definitive word over whether Wagner in fact submitted a request for resignation, or whether the Holy Father asked it of him — and either of those were the case, that he has in fact resigned — or perhaps whether this was all media posturing?

  6. Father Totton says:

    Fr. BJ,

    I believe he did in fact submit a request that the Holy Father withdraw his nomination and said nonimation was in fact withdrawn. Notice behind his name in the Line of succession for said titular see it says: “resigned”

  7. Matt says:

    The link Diane posted is so slanted and prejudicial that I find it laughable that anyone would read it and think they have any clear picture of the deceased archbishop. Although, admittedly that’s the kind of journalism (if one can call it that) that you can expect from the Wanderer.

  8. Cavaliere says:

    Matt, what exactly do you find so objectionable about Diane’s link to The Wanderer article. In fact the obituary article published by the the National Catholic (Dissident) Reporter basically praised Archbishop Jadot for those same things. I guess it depends on your perspective.

  9. Father Totton says:

    A question regarding Titular sees: When one who has been named a titular bishop is chosen to become a residential bishop, does he cease to be titular bishop of said territory? For example, if H.E. The Most Reverend Joseph Perry, titular Bishop of Lead, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago were to become, say, Archbishop of Chicago, would Lead [wherever that is] become an open see, ready to accomodate a new titular bishop? I noticed that all the former titulars of Zuri ended their tenure with death. Were none ever named residential bishops?

  10. I guess now I understand more what all the fuss was about. Quite the change. I’m still not sure what to think about what happened there. Seems like priests shouldn’t be able to reject bishops appointed by the Holy See. No? Sets a pretty bad precedent, I think.

  11. Anxious Ambrose says:

    Eternal memory to Abp Jadot!
    He gave us such gems
    Like Rhode Island’s
    Bishop Louie Gelineau!

  12. ssoldie says:

    Pray for the soul of Jean Jadot, he surley needs them. His infamois nomination are still among us, along with the chaos, confusion, novelties, and fabrications of the last 45 years.

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