Archbp. Dolan on Pres. Obama at Notre Dame

This is in about Archbishop Dolan’s reaction to the coming appearance of Pres. Obama at the Univ. of Notre Dame. 

From Milwaukee’s TMJ4.

Archbishop Dolan: Notre Dame Made a "Big Mistake"
By Tim Lethlean

Archbishop Timothy Dolan appeared on Today’s TMJ4’s "Sunday Insight" with Charlie Sykes, and was asked if the University of Notre Dame made a mistake by inviting President Barack Obama to speak at the school’s graduation ceremony.

Dolan didn’t hesistate a bit, responding "They did, and I say that as one who loves and respects Notre Dame.  They made a big mistake."

Click Here to watch Archbishop Dolan on Sunday Insight With Charlie Sykes.

"There’s a lot of things that President Obama does that we can find ourselves allied with and working with him on, and we have profound respect for him and pray with him and for him," Dolan said. "But in an issue that is very close to the heart of Catholic world view, namely, the protection of innocent life in the womb, he has unfortunately taken a position very much at odds with the Church."

Dolan believes honoring and giving Obama a platform to speak at a premier Catholic University like Notre Dame sends a mixed message about the Church’s teachings.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan will leave his post as Archbishop of Milwaukee and take over the reigns of the Archdiocese of New York April 15th.


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  1. Jim of Bowie says:

    Kudos for what the Archbishop said in relation to the ND invite, but in the same interview, I believe he says that Pope Benedict apologized for the lifting of the excommunication of Bishop Williamson. I don’t recall the Pope saying that at all.

  2. TJM says:

    I think Archbishop Dolan makes the point many of us feel. That by honoring the President at Notre Dame, a definite mixed signal on abortion is being
    sent.If I were a young, unmarried, pregnant woman, I could easily rationalize that having an abortion is not that serious a matter. After all, if
    Notre Dame honors the President who is staunchly pro-abortion, then the Church really isn’t that serious about its teaching. This is further fortified
    by the fact that Father Jenkins will still be President of Notre Dame and no one in the American heirarchy will take affirmative steps to see this never
    happens again. Mixed message indeed! Tom

  3. ssoldie says:

    I have honestly questioned for the last 40 + years if the Church really is serious about her teachings, with so many opinions and interpratations of canon law, one wonders, was there as many opinions and interpratations of canon law of 1917. Where and who does one go to to find the TRUTH and the teachings of the Catholic Church the Pope speaks, but our Bishops do not speak like the Pope and seem to make light of the purposely profanation of the Body of Christ. That is why I am a Traditional Catholic , I was told by a priest back in 1967, that no dogma or doctrine was changed at Vatican and that it was right for me to teach my children from the Baltimore Catechism and also My Catholic Faith so I did But now alas,….. confusion and chaos, and who is the father of these?

  4. don Jeffry says:

    I believe all students should go to the commencement and all students who are Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and intelligent should get up and walk out when he starts talking or else stand up and turn around.

  5. Ricky Vines says:

    Looks like the embedded video is not working. It may be useful to post the URL as a backup.

  6. Helen says:

    It was especially brave of Dolan to invite Obama to his own installation in NY. Is there a double standard there?

  7. PA D says:

    Helen: Inviting the President to sit and watch, along with everyone else, to view a ceremony is VASTLY different from giving him a platform, an honor, and laudations. One is allowing the President to listen, one is letting the President preach his nonsense. There is a big difference.

  8. Helen says:

    But why would the Archbishop *want* the president there?

  9. TJM says:

    Good question, Helen. If I were the Archbishop I wouldn’t want Mammon present. Tom

  10. PA D says:

    Helen: Perhaps so he can hear the word of God preached? Go out and tell all the nations. To show that the church is over state? So the grace of being in attendance may change his heart? I can think of MANY reasons.

    This is getting ridiculous. It is one thing to deny communion, perhaps even the right thing (Though I would not try to tell Bishops how to do their job) but barring one from attending Mass is quite another. Not giving a platform to speak, absolutely. Not letting one LISTEN to the word of God is neglecting our duty as Catholics to reach out to others.

    Should the Bishops also come out against politicians like Santorum. He endorsed Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey, thus advancing the pro choice agenda. Let us be fair and even handed in dealing with dissent!

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