Have some good news? Post it!

Folks, there is so much bad news out there and reasons to get worked up, how about an entry for some good news.

Good news, please!

We need it!

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  1. John Polhamus says:

    Well, the Brothers of the Little Oratory in San Diego sang Vespers of the 2nd Sunday of Lent at the St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Escondido, California last night, with the generous encouragement of the pastor there. Good news, brick by brick!

  2. Andrew says:

    I wanted to laugh when I first logged on and saw “Comments (0)” under this entry..

    Good news: the pastor of my parish has started occasionally saying the Roman Canon in Latin at the parish’s Ordinary Form daily Masses.

    Brick by brick…

  3. Irenaeus says:

    I got a grant to go to Europe this summer, including the Eternal City, where I will do all the churches and religious/pilgrimage stuff I can. Awesome.

  4. Fr. BJ says:

    I am going on vacation on Wednesday, flu or not!

  5. PaulJason says:

    There are still brook trout in the streams and tarpon in the gulf, There is still Adoration and Reception of the Blessed Sacrament. While the first two are far less grand then the last two, they all still tell me there is good in this world.

  6. my kidz mom says:

    Nuns on the run! Happy to announce phase I construction of monastery has begun
    for Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration in AZ! See http://www.desertnuns.com/

  7. cuaguy says:

    The crypt church seemed full yesterday for vespers, though most cam late, it was still full by the end

  8. Pomeroy on the Palouse says:

    Here at Holy Rosary Parish in Pomeroy on the Palouse, we have a young (15 1/2 year old) pipe organ student who has begun playing for 15-20 minutes before Mass each Sunday. Our Pastor asked her to play because of the talking in church before Mass. It’s really worked to lower the decibels of talking. She’s also playing the Stabat Mater for Stations on Fridays and for 30 minutes prior to the last Rosary we said. She’s not practiced enough to actually accompany singing yet, but she’s working on it! Brick by brick we work on replacing the clavinova “music.”

    She just got word today she’s a finalist for a scholarship/grant awarded by the Methodist Church in Moscow. (The reader from “Moscow on the Palouse” probably knows where it is.) That’ll allow her to buy more liturgical music.

    I’m a little proud, being her dad.

    John from a snowy (again) Pomeroy on the Palouse

  9. skeeton says:

    My wife is 10-weeks pregnant with our 4th child! How’s that for good news?

  10. A few weeks ago I sent an e-mail to our Augustinians vocation director and asked him about possibly beginning a Saturday evening Vespers service in our church. I have been getting him to recognize more and more how many traditional Catholics there actually are on this campus, and that something like that might be a good way to pray for and attract vocations. Well, he hasn’t taken it quite that far yet, but the Augustinians have begun gathering in the chapel every weekday to pray Vespers before the 5:20 Mass and have invited students to join. Each week the number of students joining grows.

    Related to this, in the past six months or so there has been a real spike in interest in the order, and what’s even more encouraging is that most of the guys I’ve met who are contemplating joining are strong, orthodox Catholics, which is wonderful.

    I’ve also been trying to get Adoration brought more publicly to campus, seeing that there has been verified a direct link between Eucharistic Adoration and increases in vocations. Again, while nothing firm has come of this, the director does seem more and more open to doing something like that, so hopefully we will have Adoration more readily available (it’s already available every Wednesday in the monastery here on campus, but not many people know about it).

    So I think this is all good news :) At least it’s news that things could be moving in a good direction…

  11. Chris says:

    For the first time since the 1960’s, a Tridentine Mass is to be celebrated in Royal Oak Michigan at the National Shrine of the Little Flower on Wednesday March 18th at 7pm. In terms of registered families this is the largest Church in the Archdiocese of Detroit.


  12. Bob K. says:

    Well this may not be Roman Catholic. But if you are a lover of Chant, as I am. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese has launched “The National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians”.


    The Coptic Orthodox has a pretty good website. There is a very good video on “A Journey through Great Lent by H.G. Bishop Suriel”. Understanding Great Lent from an Oriental Orthodox perspective.


    The Black Friars of Oxford also have a good series on Lent.


    This could all be used to get our minds focused on Lent and to forget about all the bad news we have had in recent weeks. Plus you can learn a little on some of the other traditional Christians out there. Basically the Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox. They to support unchanging Church traditions.

  13. Rachel says:

    You can create a dream list of the food you’d like to put on your table to feed your kids, and have it there within the hour if necessary. Jennifer F. explains!

  14. Rancher says:

    Good news–I recently signed the petition to the Bishops requesting that they withhold Communion from prominent public figures who are pro-abortion. As a result the Chancellor of my Diocese actually contacted me by e-mail asking if I knew of any such persons in our Diocese. I named one and he asked for some specifics. Maybe the petition did some good and, if so, that is good news.

  15. Luigi says:

    Dave – LOL! You pretty much summed it up!

    This is a little bit self indulgent, but I really do believe this is good news for the Church.

    The bulk of my work involves writing faith formation materials for use in either parish based study groups or individually, that explores the Council documents by the light of Tradition using Scripture and the Catechism as guideposts. (My home page describes it in more detail.)

    My work is orthodox, bears an Imprimatur, and has been endorsed by George Cardinal Pell, Fr Peter Stravinskas, and other like minded theologians. As you can imagine, finding bishops who are willing to actively get behind disseminating this work in their dioceses is a challenge.

    Archbishop Chaput recently gave his blessing for the material to be introduced in Denver through a pilot program. I just received an interim report from his Evangelization and Catechesis Director. The pilot program using the material is not quite at the half way point now, but he already has high praise for it, and is looking forward to implementing additional parts. I’m thrilled with this news.

    If the Archbishop is willing, based on this pilot program, to actively promote its use Archdiocese wide in Denver and beyond, it will go a long way toward helping me answer the Lord’s call in inviting Catholics into the Council documents directly so they can explore them… you guessed it… with an hermenuetic of continuity.

    This can only be good news for the Church. Not thanks to me, but all glory and honor to Almighty God.

  16. Brian Edward Miles says:

    Each week there are more and more people attending the newly introduced EF at Blessed Sacrament Parish in Springfield, IL. And it is offered at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday! Praise be to Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary!

  17. Marty says:

    Bishop of Sandhurst, Joseph Grech will be conferring the Sacrament of Confirmations in the Traditional form together with a Solemn Mass on June 26th at 6:30pm,
    St. Patrick’s Wangaratta.
    This is a wonderful endorsement of our efforts and also a great example to his Priests.
    See wlms.blogspot.com

  18. Kathy says:

    Christ is risen! He is truly risen!

  19. Liz F. says:

    Four great young mean will be ordained Saturday as deacons for the FSSP!

  20. Ottaviani says:

    As a result the Chancellor of my Diocese actually contacted me by e-mail asking if I knew of any such persons in our Diocese. I named one and he asked for some specifics. Maybe the petition did some good and, if so, that is good news.

    That is good news!

    Although 50 years ago, you wouldn’t have needed a petition to get pro-death politicians to be denied the Eucharist. The Bishop would give them a public verbal kicking and them landed them with an excommunication if they were unrepentant.

    Nowadays there isn’t a wall lone enough to line ’em up…

  21. My daughter just received her first confession, and will receive her First Holy Communion on Laetare Sunday in the Traditional Roman Rite.

    My younger daughter is preparing to receive these sacraments as well.

    Please remember them in your prayers.

    Thanks be to God !

  22. I’m continually humbled and amazed at the DAILY support network of online Catholics offering prayers and sacrifices for others. Today, was an especially strong day.

    I want to give a shoutout to my buddy, Argent, who, knowing I was fasting today, kindly sent me the Breviary for Sext right before my lunch break-kept the hunger pangs at bay!

  23. Marilyn says:

    The Oratory of Saints Gregory and Augustine in St. Louis County has a brand new website. The Oratory was established Dec. 2, 2007 by Archbishop Raymond Burke. Visit us!


  24. standing maryanna says:

    In my small “one-Mass on Sunday parish”, there is room for everyone. A handful of parishioners asked the priest if they could come to church a half-hour early on Sundays to pray the rosary out loud. No problem!

    For the past year, on the first Sunday of the month, we have Benediction after Mass. We have at least one couple from elsewhere in town who come to us that Sunday. One month we sing in English; the next month in Latin. If people wish to leave directly after Mass, they can. Very few leave. Again, no problem!

    We are a “spirit of Vatican II parish” (I realize y’all dislike that term) but we DO NOT have clown Masses!!! We have a priest who knows how to celebrate a very reverent Mass and we are grateful for it.

  25. KK says:

    skeeton: Congratulations!

    3 years ago in Kansas City, there were fewer than 10 seminarians. We are now approaching 30. We have a beautiful new oratory under the direction of ICKSP. My son is considering a vocation. Thank you Bishop Finn.

  26. Ann says:

    I am pregnant with twins and at the 10 week ultrasound we could see them and they are starting to look like the human beings they are, even if they aren’t much longer than an inch!

  27. Amy in NJ says:

    Two weeks ago, my husband was ice skating with our older son and the rest of the boy’s Cub scout den when my husband was knocked over by another person and landed on his head. He passed out, had a seizure and was unable to communicate. He was taken to a regional trauma center and was released with only a mild concussion and a headache. I consider it a miracle that he didn’t die or that he isn’t in a vegetative state and that he wasn’t even admitted. I’m just so glad he’s still with me and our 3 kids. Everything else that could bother me is just so much nothing.

  28. Ruben says:

    Local Parish News:

    I have 13 catechism students who made their first confession this month and today 2 more of my students cleansed their baptismal robes for the first time just hours ago. All 15 (please God) will make their first Holy Communion in May, along with about another 100 or more catechism students at my Parish.

    On a personal note, I have a meeting with a vocations director soon.

  29. Christa says:

    Happy news:
    Our church is starting a mission to Haiti.
    I have successfully given up alcohol for Lent.
    My son found my oldest granddaughter a very cheap piano, and she is beginning lessons.
    My dog (an English shepherd) is doing well with training.
    Daffodils are up!!
    Despite all the gloomy news, God is in control!

  30. Immaculatae says:

    In response to a request to impliment Perpetual Adoration in a Parish – a Pastor has asked that a proposal be submitted for his examination. Even if Perpetual Adoration is not yet possible, perhaps they can get an extended period of Adoration weekly. Currently there is Adoration weekly for 12 hours. The fact that there was any discussion of it is wonderful.

  31. Margo says:

    (Luigi: my anti-spam word was “pray 4 bishops” !)

    Good news: A fieldhouse full of young Catholics received another ‘dose’ of grace / the Holy Spirit this past weekend, and many said “Yes!” more fully to whatever God was asking of them.

    Also cool: Some of us received grace to intercede for them as this was happening.

    Fr. Ed is giving Christ the King’s parish Mission on the documents of Vatican II.

    I’ll close with one of my favorites from Scripture: “The steadfast love of the LORD never leaves us. His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning. Great is Thy steadfast love, O LORD!” (Lamentations 3:22-23)

  32. Paul Q says:

    For good news go to the website of the Edmonton Archdiocese and click on “Nothing More Beautiful”. Our good Archbishop, His Grace Richard Smith, has begun a terrific campaign of re-evangelization and catechesis all inspired by Pope Benedict’s inaugural homily.

    The first year is laying out the foundation with an adequate theological anthropology. By following the link below you can watch videos of the first teachers and witnesses (or read the texts). Archbishop Chaput is up next! http://www.edmontoncatholic-church.com/beautiful.shtml

    God is Good,
    Paul, Edmonton

  33. Nicknackpaddywack says:

    Traditional Christian liturgy remains the universal norm among the Eastern churches!

  34. Joe Gallaher says:

    From 40 Days For Life in Manassas Va: Hi. I wanted to report some great news from Manassas Virginia. A BABY Saved in Manassas.
    On Saturday, March 7, at about 11am we were out praying along the sidewalk near our local abortion facility. We noticed two young women walking toward the back of the building. When we saw they were going to pass the Crisis Pregnancy Center, we called via cellphone and alerted the CPC workers who opened the door and invited them in. One of the women left after a half hour, but the pregnant women stayed and received counceling for another hour. When she came out we were overjoyed to see her turned away form the Abortion Facility and walk down the street, looking at the literature she was given. She didn’t have the abortion!! Praise the Lord.

  35. pearl says:

    After having a difficult conversation with my 18 year old daughter that went better than it could have, I stopped at the library to return some items.

    On my back to my car, I saw a license plate on another car with the letters “BVM.”


  36. Frank H. says:

    One of our sons is applying for admission to the seminary. We hope to hear of his acceptance in the next few weeks! My oldest son is in his second year of medical school, and has a lovely wife and year old son. Our daughter is a director of youth ministry, and our youngest son is in high school and just made the junior varsity lacrosse team. We are so blessed and proud of them all!

  37. Bob K. says:

    Quote from Nicknackpaddywack: “Traditional Christian liturgy remains the universal norm among the Eastern churches!”

    And it always will!. :)

    I wish more traditional Catholics would start learning more about the Eastern Catholics/ Orthodox, as well as Oriental Catholics/Orthodox to see how well they maintain the traditions of their Church. And to gain inspiration and hope that tradition will never die out. Many of the early Saints were from the East!.

  38. John Enright says:

    This is a lot of good news. Thanks, everybody!

  39. Bob K. says:

    We need the mindset of learning and gaining inspiration from the Traditional Liturgies of the West (Tridentine, Ambrosian, Dominican, Mozarabic, etcc). And the Traditional Liturgies of the East (Divine Liturgies of Sts John Chrysostom, Basil, The Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified, The Liturgy of St James the Illuminator, etcc.). Forget the Pauline Mass!.

  40. My brother lost his job 2 weeks ago.

    Through the intercession of St. Joseph, today is my brother’s third full day at his new Job !

    Ite ad Ioseph

  41. Benedicta says:

    All I want to say is: “God I trust in you”, and that keeps me going. There was a time I didn’t know I could talk to Our Lord. What more could I ask for? (well, in passing, I still ask Him to convert my family: my parents, my husband and my children…and the whole world)

  42. Clara says:

    Jesus loves you! That’s good news.

    Also, my little sis, after months of filling out applications and begging for temp jobs, got into grad school AND found a job to tide her over until then, all in the same week. Hooray!

  43. Paul Q says:

    Click on the link below and choose “Mike and Teresa Ferri” to watch a 30 minute testimony that will gladden your heart and raise your courage!



  44. Andreas says:

    Good news for folks interested in the Latin language! Would you be interested to spend some time with people who speak only Latin among themselves? There is such a group: the canonical association Familia Sancti Hieronymi.

    If upon opening the following web page you don’t understand anything scroll down about half way to the English section.


    (None of the liturgical events listed are in the vernacular: participant commit to use the Church’s language exclusively for the duration of the retreat).

  45. Andy K. says:

    Nothing fancy, but I found a super-duper Catholic bookstore in the Milwaukee, WI area.

    Nothing beats spending time looking at the merchandise in a Catholic bookstore! (and then buying stuff)

  46. ckdexterhaven says:

    At St. Catherine’s in Wake Forest, NC, the priest said the consecration Ad Orientem. He announced it during the homily, and said “I’m allowed to do this”. LOL- I think he also may be learning Latin. Trust me this is wonderful news, (to put it in charity…) this parish has had some tough times.

    Also, at St. Catherines, he instituted Perpetual Adoration. Ever since I found out, I have felt drawn there, and that’s what I’m doing for Lent. Going to Adoration at least once a week. My husband has also been attending. He has lost his job, but we are trusting in the Lord.

  47. Frank H. says:

    Andy K,

    Is that Catholic Books and Gifts on Greenfield Ave?

    I love browsing that place. I got my Angelus Press 1962 missal there a year or so ago.

  48. Our daughter, Sophia, who’s birth was semi-documented in Z-Chat is doing great! The pediatrician said she’s doing so well he doesn’t need to see her for two months.

  49. supertradmom says:

    A little trivial good news-in the Los Angeles Times online Entertainment section, “To Kill a Mockingbird” is considered one of the “Ten Top 10 comfort films”
    from the article:
    “‘To Kill a Mockingbird’
    Why? Because it cancels any pity party I might be contemplating.

    On those days when I pretend that things were so much easier when I was a kid, before the world started throwing responsibilities and problems my way, “To Kill a Mockingbird” comes to the rescue with Gregory Peck’s Atticus as the ultimate principled man, the empathetic single father and the calm center of any storm.”

    What do you all think? Maybe some Americans still have a soul.

  50. I’m now the proud owner of an Angelus Press missal! I love it. Looooove it! It arrived just in time for my Saturday morning TLM, which I also looooove! :D

    Also, we’ve had quite a few days of spring here in Dallas: warm weather, trees leaving, flowers blooming, birds building nests (whenever I see the birds, I think of you, Father Z, and your little friends at the feeders)! Of course, in these parts, it’s been known to snow in late March or early April (!). But this is still a wonderful time of year! Even allergies aren’t getting me down! :D

  51. kelley says:

    Pomeroy on the Palouse
    I grew up not far from you and graduated from the University of Idaho.
    On a light, bright wonderful note…our third grandchild was Baptize last Saturday. Praise be to God! Our fourth grand is due the beginning of June. Life is God given and wonderful.

  52. It was an unusual 70 degrees on Saturday. There are robins hoppin’ all over the place here. Spring is coming!

  53. Bob K. says:

    Here is a video of the Liturgy of St James, from the Armenian Church. Compare this to the Tridentine Mass. Very similar in reverence and ad-orientum. This is only part one, but you can see that this is also a traditional Liturgy, like the TLM.


  54. Steve says:

    http://www.culturewarnotes.com has several good stories:

    Abortionist Carhart is forced to shut down his abortion operation in Nebraska!

    Lucrezia Borgia Was Actually A Wonderful Woman
    Regular Family Meals are scientifically demonstrated to improve teen eating habits.

    Great news on Fridays:
    Science Shows Fish IS Brain Food

    Great news during Lent:
    Religious Belief Reduces Pain
    Fasting Improves Insulin Resistance

    Great News in this economy:
    Believers Handle Stress Better than Atheists
    Solar Water Heating pays back in two years

    Great News ANYTIME:
    Freezing Prostate Cancer 100% Successful
    Turmeric Improves Skin and Cell Membrane Health

  55. Thomas Burk says:

    Man Driving to Abortion Clinic Runs Over Pro-Lifer, then Persuaded by Victim’s Wife Not toAbort


  56. Sean says:

    Southern Catholic College here in Georgia graduates their first full class this May!

  57. Andy K. says:

    Frank H.,
    No, it was actually the Marian Center out near Mount Mary College, on 92nd (near Capitol Drive). It’s very nice, very large. Run by Miles Christi. Has some a wonderful employee, and wonderful volunteers. Very helpful. They will also order books (which is great).

    I have not yet been to Catholic Books and Gifts. I *really* hope to make it out there sometime. It was founded by a teacher at Marquette High, my high school! So, I MUST get there. :-D

  58. Catherine says:

    My husband’s birthday is this Wednesday, the 11th.
    The reason this is good news is that he is here to celebrate it. Last year in this week, he had colon cancer surgery (stage 3). After a grueling year of chemotherapy, he is cancer-free.
    Thank you, Jesus!

  59. Ken says:

    As a first bit of good news, the last time I went to Confession, my sister (who has asked me to be her Confirmation sponsor) asked if she could go with me. In addition, I’m also about to send out my application to the seminary in a few days.

  60. joebe says:

    During Lent, my pastor is saying an EF Mass every day at noon, Mon. thru Fri. I can’t make them all because of work, but I am making all I can. It’s wonderful! A great way to take a break mid-day. We already have a regular one on Sunday, for which I am so grateful.

    I’m trying to figure out a way to talk him into having one on Sat. and to maybe continue it year ’round. It’s a stretch, but I can always hope.

  61. RBrown says:

    March Madness begins this week, first with the conference tournaments, then with the NCAA tournament. Humility prevents me from mentioning that my alma mater won it all last year.

    And of course, Opening Day is just around the corner.

  62. Amy says:

    Infertile friends of ours are preparing for the finalization of the adoption of twin boys next month – woohoo!

    Another couple who has had two miscarriages: the wife is now in the second trimester and the baby looks great!!!

  63. Allison says:

    My two eldest sons and my husband along with another father and his two eldest sons assisted at the altar of our local, weekly TLM for their FIRST TIME. They’ve been practicing their responses during homeschooling everyday.

    Our TLM society has really grown in young families in the last 3 years and to see so many men on the altar and new faces was envigorating for our older members, for all of us really. I have posted pictures on my blog, http://totustuusfamily.blogspot.com/2009/03/sunday-silence-altar-boys.html .

    This was a very proud day for me and *good news* for the future of our Regina Coeli Society. When I asked my 11 year old what it was like I expected him to say that it made him nervous. Instead, he said it was exciting! Today, they practiced their responses with a vigor I had not seen so far. That Latin Mass has taken an even deeper hold on them…on us all…

  64. RonR says:

    I used the info from the post about a year ago about the absence of Holy Water from the fonts during Lent. I quoted the CDW document and politely and respectfully wrote to the Pastor of our local Jesuit church this morning after going there for confession. I questioned him on the absence of Holy Water mentioning the CDW document and got a reply within a few hours that he was not aware of the document and that he did his own research and concluded that removing the Holy Water was not consistent with the church’s teaching and that he would be RETURNING THE HOLY WATER TO THE FONTS
    Praise the Lord! My lesson is that if you are going to complain about these things here make sure that you also take appropriate action and bring it up to the people in charge, they are not always doing these things just to irritate you but they are actually ignorant of the actual regulations in effect. Just make sure you do it with a humble heart. I mean what are they going to say when you show them the CDW document. They either have to plead ignorance and fix the situation or they have to say that they really don’t give a d—n about what the Church says. If the latter is the case then, well, I guess it’s hopeless and time to move on or write a letter to the Bishop, which you might want to do anyway.

    Never assume the worst but give them the benefit if the doubt until they PROVE otherwise.

  65. Megan says:

    Prayers are in the process of being answered and blessing upon blessing has been received. If it weren’t Lent, I’d go ahead and use the A-Word. God truly is a merciful and good God.

  66. Sandra in Severn says:

    Future son-in-law, has the single wide trailer home almost cleaned for moving in next month, still have carpets to clean. The “kids” (ages 22 and 25, so not exactly children) are starting out modestly with donations and gifts from family and saving their money. Wedding is a low keyed, ceremony and picnic that the “kids” are planning. Parents invited to attend and help with food, they and their friends are doing the rest.

    Husband got an “A” on his paper for his Masters Class, and I’m still holding an “A” in Statistics, (only 4 more math classes until I can teach it, math were there is a critical shortage of teachers).

    The dogs are fine and our son might be home on leave for Holy Week.

  67. Kevin says:

    We’re learning how to sing the propers of the Missa de Angelis in Latin at my seminary!

  68. Jason Keener says:

    In Wisconsin, the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest has begun celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass in two more parishes.

  69. joy says:

    Our pastor put the Holy Father’s message for Lent in the parish bulletin. It filled a whole page! Also, he has expressed interest in getting the FSSP training DVD for the TLM!

  70. Ben D. says:

    To fill in Fr. Augustine’s post above, for the non-link-clickers: the Superior General of the Fraternity of St. Peter offered, along with two of his confreres, Solemn Mass Coram Pontifice in the magnificent, newly-dedicated chapel of Thomas Aquinas College yesterday.

    It was in fact the first mass offered on the chapel’s altar, after the Mass of Dedication itself. The next mass was offered in the OF by Bishop Cordileone of San Diego (along with many concelebrants), and apparently it was celebrated ad orientem.

    Photos etc. available at NLM.

  71. pdt says:

    My son called this afternoon to confirm he is “feet dry” in Hawaii after completing his second tour in Iraq. We chatted for the following 7 hours.

  72. Christabel says:

    A very dear friend of mine will be clothed as a Carmelite novice at the end of the Easter Octave. She is very happy and so am I!

  73. Michael and MargaretRyan says:

    Have just celebrated Golden Wedding Anniversary.
    The day commenced with Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne, Australia – where we were married. Present were our four children and their spouses, fourteen grandchildren and other relatives and close friends. Then a marvellous luncheon party in our home. Among the guests was the wonderful priest who celebrated our Nuptial Mass. Wonderful day!

  74. Kristoffer M (Sweden) says:

    I have been leading a small bible study group for eight months. Two of the guys that started off very sceptical are now they are on track for entering the Church. The Word has put their hearts on fire. Also, I will enter seminary this fall. Pray for me.

  75. Father Bartoloma says:

    I have started a week-long course on the “internal forum” at the Apostolic Penitentiary. At the end of this week the priests who are participating will have a semi-private audience with the Holy Father at the Apostolic Palace. I’m looking forward to being a part of this, receiving his blessing, and of course, also hoping for a nice photograph to send to my family!

  76. Tommy says:

    Christ is Risen!!!!

  77. My ordination to the priesthood is 2 months away!

  78. M. A. Labeo says:

    My first and so far only niece will be Baptised next Sunday. I will be her Godfather. One more sheep joins the flock.

  79. Peter Nelson says:

    You should appreciate this, Fr. Z… Latin is being brought back (albeit cautiously) at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis.


  80. Paul says:

    Dear Faithful,

    Here are some words of encouragement given by
    the U. S. District Superior
    Fr. Arnaud Rostand talking about current events and the mission
    of the Society of St. Pius X.


  81. jasmine tea says:

    After some weeks of talking with our pastor and talking it up among parishioners at a small church in rural Japan, we were finally able to pull out the “old” hymnbooks and sing some Gregorian chant after Mass this past Sunday!!! Plans are to continue practicing so that we can eventually use the chants during Mass.

    Pray for the Church in Japan!

  82. Vicky says:

    Catholic radio is on the air in Lincoln, NE!

  83. ckdexterhaven says:

    Hopefully Fr.Z will let me post two good things. My dear brother will be home tonight!!! from Afghanistan. His wife and 4 kids are thrilled. Thank the Lord that he is returning home safely. I also thank all veterans who serve our country.

  84. Angie says:

    I am getting a new beta fish today (whom I will name Zeta) and my husband and I are trying for a baby. My heart is filled with joy.

  85. BakerStreetRider says:

    I currently know ten women who are expecting babies. Of those ten, nine are very recently married. We’re definitely winning the demographics war.

  86. cathomommy says:

    Our fifth little boy was born on Ash Wednesday, February 25th! His name is Gregory Raphael, 8lbs, 8oz, born at home safely and joyfully. Big brothers Paul, Caleb, Josiah and Xavier are enchanted!

  87. My son will be baptized on March 22, and the reception will feature a traditional St. Joseph’s Table, e.g., three-tiered altar, sfinge, fava beans — the works.

  88. Veritas says:


    Like a true southern Italian family. :)

  89. Timotheos says:

    How about: At the end of time, we win!

  90. Chant is on the rise!

    Quoting from Jeffrey Tucker’s “Sing Like a Catholic” [selling now, and even a free download at

    That Gregorian Chant is making huge inroads into American
    Catholic liturgical life seems beyond dispute. The documentary
    evidence includes the numbers of scholas in this country, which
    my estimate puts at about 250, up tremendously from three years
    ago. Chant books are now being sold by all major Catholic pub-
    lishers, which is something that is new in the last three years. The
    circulation of Sacred Musicmagazine has gone up four-fold in a
    period in which similar periodicals are going under. Five years
    ago there were perhaps two or three workshops on chant in the
    course of a year, whereas now the number approaches 20 or more.

    Anecdotally, the evidence is even stronger. The typical Catholic
    gathering now includes an archetype known as the “chant jock,”
    the young twenty-something guy who carries a Graduale Romanum
    with him in hopes of finding someone else to join him in burning
    through some propers just for practice. They live for chant news,
    post on blogs and forums, spend hours a week in rehearsals, and
    hang out with other aspiring singers who hope to play a big role
    in the future of Catholic music. As for the “contemporary” music
    their parents were raised with, don’t even go there…

  91. a catechist says:

    I’m expecting kid #3, who will be named after the the Holy Father if a boy.

    My oldest boy attends a small, not-wealthy parish school that’s entirely staffed by faithful, gifted lay people. We are very pleased with the solid Catholic education he’s receiving.

  92. Liz F. says:

    I hope you all know I meant to say, “Four young MEN will be ordained deacons…etc.” I certainly didn’t mean to say “young mean.” They are great guys!!!

  93. In 2003 no (licit) TLM had been celebrated in my diocese in over 30 years, and it was a couple of hundred miles to the closest one. So it was big-time exciting when we got an indult 5 years ago for a monthly 5 pm TLM only 100 miles from my home, with an out-of-state FSSP priest visiting each first Sunday.

    And good news when in 2005 the indult was extended to permit weekly TLM’s on alternating Sundays at two churches about 60 miles apart, one of them less than 20 miles from my home, each celebrated by a diocesan priest trained by the FSSP. And still more when on the Sunday following the 9/14/07 SP implementation, weekly Sunday TLM’s began within a half-hour drive for most members of our community. And last year our first solemn high Mass with 3 diocesan priests as celebrant, deacon, and subdeacon.

    But now, when this year Sunday Mass was augmented by a midweek TLM each week, it probably didn’t seem as exciting as earlier milestones. Almost seems like the bricks are beginning to be laid so frequently that they just don’t have the impact … Well, is this good news, or not?.

  94. Although many recent occurrences appear to be conspiring against the Church, natural law, lawful moral government and society, I see a strengthening of the Church. More and more, the Church is showing itself as a beacon of light in hopeless times, encouraging those who love Truth.

    In a way, the Church seems to me to be strengthening. My outlook is more encouraged than it was in the 70s and 80s, when so many areas of the Church were disintegrating. I see something rising from the ashes.

    1. As economic chaos threatens, more are coming to church. At daily Mass numbers are greater than I’ve ever seen, even considering Lenten participation. Fear has a way of getting people on their knees. God allows punishment for our sanctification.

    2. Faithful bishops are gaining courage and speaking out on the Faith. The more these men say, the more these men seem to bolster the rest of the hierarchy and the laity, who are committed to the Faith.

    3. God has foreseen these things, He is in control. As dire happenings grow, we can be comforted by prophecy, both from Scripture and approved apparitions. [prophetic statements are best proven after fulfillment, as you know!] Quoting Our Lady of La Salette, who warns us of an “awful crisis in the Church”: “The whole world shall be struck with terror, and many will allow themselves to be seduced because they have not believed the True Christ living among them. The sun becomes dark. Faith only shall survive.”

    4. Worldwide explosion of the Catholic presence on the internet with blogs such as yours Fr Z, Catholic chatrooms, bloggers, priestly podcasts and online homilies. I guess this all started with EWTN, which was a shot in the arm for many of us. For those who need a shepherd for whatever reason, this new development reduces loneliness and gives the faithful a Voice to follow.

    5. The rediscovery of the old Mass which is reinvigorating our youth – as well as some of us beat-up discouraged marginalized ole’ people, who thought we would never see the fullness of the practice of the Faith again. For instance, my nephew, after spending time with an uncle and being introduced to the old Mass during that time, is now a tonsured seminarian at FSSP.

    6. We have a wonderful Pope Benedict, who seems to be extremely efficient in actively promoting the Faith. Here’s a man unafraid of the Authority he holds. He demonstrates brilliance in putting his finger on the center of the web of bureaucracy of our Church. God Bless our Holy Father, many years may he reign.

  95. Allan says:

    My wife is firmly convinced that my March 31 MRI will show no more dilated bile ducts, no more swollen lymph glands and NO MORE CANCER!

    (Me? I just hope she’s right….)

  96. John Enright says:

    You have to do more of these types of posts, Father! They are so uplifting and they replenish me. Thank you very much.

  97. John says:

    Link to the new “Traditionalist Magazine” Looks interesting

  98. As proposed and enacted government policies worsen, some people are waking up to the crisis. Some Democrats who had supported the present administration, albeit shakily, are starting to speak up. For instance, see “Democrats Stung By Dissenters” http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/03/09/AR2009030903019.html?wprss=rss_print/asection

    There likely is growing dissent in many areas, and growing shock for some O-voters, we aren’t seeing it advertised in the media.

    Battle lines are being drawn, the undecided are given the opportunity to HAVE to choose now, the bad will get worse, the good will get better.

  99. Lee says:

    “Folks, there is so much bad news out there and reasons to get worked up, how about an entry for some good news.

    “Good news, please!

    “We need it!”

    To me one bit of good news, and a happy thought, is that no matter how bad the news may be, it always possible to kill the messenger and enjoy a little peace, i.e. turn off the TV, radio and internet and go for a walk in the woods, in the moonlight, in the snow. Perhaps an owl will arrive with the news that God is in His Heaven and all is, fundamentally, well.

  100. Louise says:

    Some enterprising young Australian Catholics have organised a four day Divine Mercy Pilgrimage with Mass in the Extraordinary Form every day, walking from Wagga Wagga to the Divine Mercy Shrine just outside Tarcutta, ending on Divine Mercy Sunday (aka Low Sunday).
    Details at http://www.divinemercypilgrimage.blogspot.com

  101. Gustavo Ráez-Patiño says:

    On the first Sunday of Lent we started celebrating the TLM publicly in a shrine here in Lima, Perú. The second Sunday the number of people in attendance doubled. Everyone helps to get things right. Everyone is happy about having a regular TLM. The older ones remember their youth. And more amazingly, the younger ones are very enthusiastic. Last Sunday a young guy (around 20 years old) said to me (I am one of the altar servers): “The Tridentine Mass is the best thing that could possibly have happened here”. Wow! I was touched.

  102. Benedict XVI has been our Holy Father for nearly four years.

  103. David Deavel says:

    My fourth son, Oliver, was baptized a couple of weeks ago at our local (non-extraordinary form) parish in the extraordinary form by a good priest friend of ours. Father did everything in English except the exorcisms, which were in Latin. All those who came really appreciated the wonderful elements of the old rite–the salt, the procession, and the more emphasized roles of the godfather and godmother.

  104. irishgirl says:

    Great posts, everybody!

    Thanks for suggesting this, Fr. Z!

  105. Kradcliffe says:

    I had a baby! John Milton was born Sunday, 1st March in Paisley, Scotland. I won’t lie to flatter you that we named him after you, Father… he’s named after his grandfathers. But! I’m sure you approve of the name “John” anyway. This is our third son and we can’t believe how blessed we are. He’s big and healthy, born weighing 9 lbs 14 oz. And very, very cute, too. Of course.

  106. Baron Korf says:

    The Life Teen ministry at my parish is trying to start up a chant group with the teens (might have to bribe them with food, but hey).

    One of my friends who recently got married is now expecting a baby. She already has names picked out.

  107. M. Reed says:

    The Austin, TX diocese will be ordaining FIVE young men this June.

    St. Mary’s in College Station, TX will see about SEVENTY people enter the church this Easter–about 34 of these will be newly baptized.

    The Daughters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, will open a second motherhouse in the Austin area this summer.

    The Church in Central Texas is alive and well!

  108. Paladin says:

    Lee wrote:

    To me one bit of good news, and a happy thought, is that no matter how bad the news may be, it always possible to kill the messenger and enjoy a little peace, i.e. turn off the TV, radio and internet and go for a walk in the woods, in the moonlight, in the snow.

    Yes!! Can we put this in giant neon letters, so that the nation can read it from miles away, easily?

    Get rid of the TV (with the possible exception of TV’s which only receive EWTN)! Personally, my wife and I don’t buy the newspaper (biased and depressing, all in one), we don’t own a TV (we play videos through my laptop), and we try to avoid “news-y” internet sites as much as possible–especially “sensationalist” ones. I’ve found that (through judicious watching of select sites and blogs) I’ve missed nothing of importance (that I could possibly influence, anyway).

  109. Ohio Annie says:

    I had my MRI today. I didn’t cry or get scared or anything! 8-) I prayed a rosary and “Father, have mercy on me in your lovingkindness” about 6,000 times. Boy, are those machines loud!

    God bless our medical professionals.

    I admit to celebrating now with a piece of pie with my coffee. I will go back to the Lenten disciplines when the excitement wears off. Lean Cuisine fish for supper…

  110. AJP says:

    – I recently went to the website of the parish where I attended school 15 years
    ago. At the time, it was not in good shape w/r/t to orthodoxy and orthopraxy.
    For example, during Lent we students had to do liturgical dance for one of the
    school Masses while wearing sashes made of purple crepe paper. You get the idea.
    I haven’t lived in that state for years, so I don’t know how it happened, but now
    that same parish is offering a weekly TLM along with OF Masses!

    – Michigan football went 3-9 last season

    – my daughter’s birthday is tomorrow

    – a friend who after almost 20 years of singlehood interspersed with some bad
    relationships has beaten the odds and is getting married (in the Church) to a
    great guy. They’re having an open bar at the reception too :)

    – I saw the first robin red breast of the year the other day, so spring is not
    far off

  111. Cortney says:

    My good news is that I just returned home from a one-week intensive course on the Creighton Model of fertility care (from the Pope Paul VI Institute), a wonderful, well researched method of helping couples determine their fertility either to avoid or achieve pregnancy, a method in line with church teachings. The other students and I have a year to go until full training is completed, but it will be a joyful journey. Now we can begin to spread this good news and teach this excellent method to others.

  112. Sandy says:

    The good news is around us every day if we see the Lord’s hand in our lives – small things as well as large. Example: our daughter called close to tears, afraid her house keys had been stolen. I hung up and stormed heaven asking for help, and for the Holy Spirit to show her where to look. She called back withing minutes to say the keys were found. God is so awesome and cares about even the little things in our lives, as does sweet Mother Mary. We just have to have “spiritual sight”.

  113. jennifer eva says:

    Holy water emptied per routine, I almost had a stink and was glad to be early for Mass to make reparations for my state of agitation, prayed my newly started Padre Pio’s sacred heart novena (from the Church’s most powerful novena by Michael Dubriel) and the water was back right after Mass!

    It really was joy for me, more goings on in the background that make this little California parish a gem!

  114. Cassandra says:

    My liberal-ish Jesuit high school put up prominent posters promoting a “40 days for life” prayer vigil.

  115. Apparently the anti-Catholic which was being pushed in Connecticut has been put on hold.

  116. Rachel says:

    Our 6th baby was bon Feb. 19, 2009. We named him Leo Bonaventure. Saints Leo & Bonaventure, pray for us!

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