What movie sequels would you like to see made?

Most movies are garbage.

Some are good.

Few are worthy of being carried forward.

Which movies/films (not the same) would you desire to see a GOOD… GOOD sequel?

Off hand I can think of…

Master and Commander (NB: I have read everything.)

Finding Forester


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  1. BillyHW says:

    Godfather II.

  2. Matt Q says:

    Dear Father, let’s see…

    “Terminator” franchise is always worthy. In fact, there is one coming out around after Easter, “Terminator: Salvation.” Christian Bale ( Batman ) is going to play John Connor. This should be a good one. I’m so glad our Governor is NOT going to be in this one.

    Superman ( definitely )…

    Alien vs Predator…

    Batman ( eh, okay )…

    Spiderman ( depending on what Tobey McGuire wants to do and if Venom can make another appearance, and people were ticked “Harry” died )…

    Star Trek XIII ( iffy depending on the prequel coming out next month but certainly doable )…

    Mel Gibson needs to make a sequel to “The Passion Of The Christ.” At the time “Passion” was released, it was rumored the sequel would deal with our Lord’s life after the Resurrection to the Ascension with Pentecost. Nothing more has ever been heard of since. With Mel’s recent faux-paus though… we still may not hear anything more and as such he is quasi-persona non grata with Hollywood right now.

    Horatio Hornblower…

    Watchmen ( but they had an anti-God comment in the movie so that turned me off )…

    …I do though wish the Studios would lay off of the remakes. [Yah… but … remakes are a whole different topic.] What the original movies were stood on their own and to remake them with the 21st Century mentality they have now would RUIN everything. I can just see what a hatchet-job they would do to a film like “The Cardinal,” or “Gone With The Wind.”

  3. Nick says:

    Jesus of Nazareth. And the sequel should be the Acts of the Apostles.

  4. Matt says:

    I like Moses when I was a child. It would be nice to see more films like this that document the history in the way Charlton Heston did.

  5. None. Sequels tend to kill good movies. If a movie is done well it should be appreciated for what it is and the creative types should get back to being creative. We shouldn’t give them a license to milk us dry.

  6. Biff says:

    Howard the Duck

    whether by accident or design, it is a brilliant allegory of the struggles of trads in a world w/o the TLM.

  7. Ricky Vines says:

    Nick: I think I saw a sequel to Jesus of Nazareth by Franco Zefferelli & it is Acts of the Apostles. But it is not as good because there are no cameo appearances by the great actors in the original.

  8. Mark says:

    Breaking Away

  9. Jean says:

    “Crap” seems to have made it into mainstream usage by all. I had a priest use it in confession a few weeks ago and now the FrZ in a post title. I’m so out of it (and want to stay that way). Sigh….

  10. Frere Wilfrid says:


  11. K.radcliffe says:

    Iron Man! With Robert Downey Jr. of course. That was a fun movie and it was clearly left open to a sequel.

    Regarding “crap.” My English husband says it shocked him to hear a priest say it. It doesn’t offend my American ears.

  12. Rather Read says:

    Oh yes! I would love to see another movie in the Aubrey Mahurin series, I LOVED Master and Commander.

    I have a student who didn’t like it at all since there were no women in it. Sigh.

    I’d like to see a sequel to The Incredibles with Jack-Jack in a larger role.

  13. I am not Spartacus says:

    Tender Mercies
    King of Hearts

  14. Craig says:

    If I had an unlimited amount of funds…I would pay Mel Gibson any amount to make the following movies (no particular order):

    Moses: Yes, I know Charlton is THE Moses, but this incredible story is in desperate need of a modern retelling (though the animated Prince of Egypt was decent).

    St. Joan of Arc: Obviously, this is a popular story and has been shot many times. I’m confident Mel could capture the battle scenes very well and could get an incredible performance out of the lead.

    St. Francis of Assisi: His life has so many chapters, this could almost be a 2 part movie.

    Lastly, how about an adaptation of Tobit? Maybe a one-hour show for EWTN. The way I’d do it though is that it’s not revealed until the end that it’s St. Raphael.

    [But… are those sequels?]

  15. Craig says:

    count me in with “The Incredibles” as well. I will be shocked if Brad Bird doesn’t re-visit this as a franchise at some point. He just has to stay true to the theme of “family” and he’ll do very well.

  16. Mary Ann says:

    The Quiet Man

    Although it would never be the same without John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, Barry Fitzgerald. And the direction of John Ford.

    [first lines]
    Father Peter Lonergan, Narrator: Well, then. Now. I’ll begin at the beginnin’. A fine soft day in the spring, it was, when the train pulled into Castletown, three hours late as usual, and himself got off. He didn’t have the look of an American tourist at all about him. Not a camera on him; what was worse, not even a fishin’ rod.

    “Red Will” Danaher: He’ll regret it till his dying day, if ever he lives that long.

    Father Paul: Father! Father Lonergan!
    Father Peter Lonergan, Narrator: [not wanting to disturb the fish] Ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh.
    Father Paul: It’s a big fight in the town!
    Father Peter Lonergan, Narrator: Listen, there’s a big fight in this fish right here, too.
    Father Paul: I’d have put a stop to it, but seeing it’s…
    Father Peter Lonergan, Narrator: You do that, lad. It’s your duty.
    Father Paul: But seeing it was Danaher and Sean Thornton…
    [Father Lonergan turns at stares at Father Paul in amazement]
    Father Peter Lonergan, Narrator: WHO?
    Father Paul: Danaher and Sean Thornton!
    Father Peter Lonergan, Narrator: WELL WHY THE DEVIL DIDN’T YOU TELL ME? Oh, you young…
    [Throws down his fishing rod and the two run back into town. They abruptly stop behind a gate]
    Father Paul: Father, shouldn’t we put a stop to it now?
    Father Peter Lonergan, Narrator: [relishing the fight from a distance] Ah, we should, lad, yes, we should, it’s our duty!

    [last lines]
    Michaleen Flynn: No patty-fingers, if you please. The proprieties at all times. Hold on to your hats.

    Father Peter Lonergan, Narrator: Now I want yous all to cheer like Protestants!


    And. of course, “The Searchers” could have had an amazing sequel…

  17. Athanasius says:

    With Master and Commander, I have a slight problem. It was a phenomenal movie, but the taking of the Lord’s name in vain is a sin of simulation, and every time that movie is played those blasphemies offend our Lord. Now if you’ve got clear play or something that’s fine…

    Just my two cents:

    Gladiator (in spite of its aberrant Roman history) was certainly worthy of a sequel

    The incredibles was what I was going to say but someone took it first

    Perhaps another extension of the Are you going my way, Bells of St. Mary’s series

    The current Batman series with Christian bale is most worthy of being extended.

    I would say 24 should be made into a movie, but if they got that thing off TV the language would completely devolve into a cloud of profanity and blasphemy.

  18. Immaculatae says:

    I love Jane Austen and enjoyed the BBC version of Persuasion.
    If it could be done without offense to Ms. Austen I would
    enjoy seeing a glimpse of Anne’s life travelling the seas with
    her husband. [It is amazing how well Austen’s books do in remake after remake. But remakes aren’t sequels.]

    I agree – most movies are ‘crap’. (with the Scottish accent)

  19. Dion says:

    1. A prequel to “The Passion of the Christ” – by Messrs Gibson and Caveziel, of course. Perhaps titled “The Mission of the Christ” or similar. Beginning as an adult in Nazareth and focusing on His travels and teachings, with some flashbacks to earlier and later events. The Aramaic would perhaps limit some of the wordier passages, and make it a very visual and evocative film, but there is certainly plenty of material available! It could end on the triumph of Palm Sunday, with allusions of what is to come.

    2. A sequel to “Gettysburg”, with as many of the fine ensemble cast as possible. It would cover the 1864-65 campaigns from the Wilderness to Appomatox.

    Agree with suggestions of a sequel to “Master and Commander”, but perhaps this time the villains could really be Yankees (as in the book), rather than French. [But isn’t it always fun to beat the French? Okay… okay… too predictable…. ]

    I only consider the last ten years or so. I would not trust Hollywood not to butcher anything from the glory days.

  20. Christina says:

    Definitely agree that Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale should do another Batman movie.
    I also agree with Master and Commander, although I’m by no means an authority.
    I’ll throw one out for Pirates of the Caribbean–thtat’s just good, fun entertainment.

    On a side note, I don’t think that meriting a sequel has much to do with the merit of a film. Few of the very good movies require a sequel; really good ones tend to be stand-alone. Although, I’ll admit that really bad movies should never be carried on.

  21. John Enright says:

    There have been a couple of “Godfather” novels in recent years which fill in the blanks. The “Godfather Returns,” for instance, would probably make a good showing.

  22. James says:

    Back to the Future and Indiana Jones could use GOOD sequels. [I can see it now… Harrison Ford, in motorized chair from the Scooter Store…] The last installments of each left something to be desired.

  23. Sid says:

    For a sequel to The Passion of the Christ, let’s have The Resurrection of the Christ, the events of Easter Sunday. As a matter of fact, The Easter Play tradition is actually older that that of the Passion Play. The Easter play is actually the second start of Occidental drama, a start of drama that lasts unbroken to this day.

  24. JM says:

    I’ll second Dion here — Gettysburg is crying out for the completion of the trilogy. They already made Michael Shaara’s ‘Killer Angels’ and his son Jeff’s ‘Gods and Generals.’ All that’s missing is ‘The Last Full Measure,’ retelling the events after Gettysburg until the end of the war. [Before the actors DIE!]

  25. Boston Architect says:

    Having an interest in World War II, I thought this past year’s Valkyrie was well done. The movie was well researched filmed on location at the former Reich Air Ministry (which survived the war) in Berlin. IMHO, the visuals (costumes, vehicles and scenes) really captured the period. This is aside from a debate of Tom Cruise’s religio-political beliefs.

  26. I think in the category of sequel we should assume also prequel.

    We know the prequel to The Lord of the Rings is being shot.

    How about a prequel to the prequel.

    I would love a movie about, say, the Fall of Gondolin, or Beren and Luthien, etc.

  27. Barnabas says:

    Godfather II and The Empire Strikes Back have set the standard for sequels and so few films are able to meet that.

    The sequel to Jesus of Nazareth was titled AD. I’ve never seen it, but I looked at the IMDB page and it didn’t look as good. Maybe worth checking out anyway? Despite Gibson’s personal issues, I’d still love to see him make a prequel or a sequel to the Passion. I bet he could get most of the same actors back.

    I’d love to see the Gettysburg sequel, Last Full Measure, made. But then again, Gods and Generals was so terrible and so much of a departure from the book, I’d be gravely concerned.

    I’d love to see at least one more Batman movie with Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan at the helm. The Dark Knight was phenomenal, but I did have issues with the whole “covering up” for Harvey Dent at the end. I heard someone explain though, that it’s not much different than what Jesus did for us: taking the blame and the punishment for our sins.

    I’m also hoping that Disney changes its mind and picks up the Narnia series again. I really enjoyed the first two.

  28. Johnny Domer says:

    The thing is that some movies are very good, but they’re such that I don’t think I’d want to see a sequel. For example, I loved Hero, but I feel it was so good on its own that it would be almost impossible for a sequel to live up the expectations of the first movie. I think it’s just fine as is.

  29. Tom A. says:


    There are many great movies, but so few good sequels that the whole concept of sequels should be discouraged.

  30. How about The Quiet Man, 12 Children Later, ;>) Just love that movie, like Mary Ann, I enjoy the two Priests, they can off as human, now days a priest is always portrayed as a troubled person, drunk or living in sin. Also I suggest, Bells of St Marys, the Vatican Two Years, (ick) and Boys \”Acorn\” Town, (double ick)

  31. Kevin says:

    This is difficult because I think the greatest movies are stand-alone masterpieces. Sequels to them would feel sort of tacked on and unnecessary. But just to throw one out there, perhaps Gladiator? A sequel that remained loosely based on the real history would be much darker than the first since things definitely didn’t turn out as well as the characters hoped after the death of Commodus.

  32. laminustacitus says:

    My wishes:

    -Another Batman movie
    -Another Master and Commander

  33. Athelstane says:

    Master and Commander – that rarest of birds, a magnificent novel (or two) which was successfully translated into a magnificent (and unusually Christian) movie.

    And there are at least 18 novels left to adapt. Perhaps HMS SURPRISE or REVERSE OF THE MEDAL would be the next appropriate ones to tackle – they also give a broader view of Aubrey\’s and Maturin\’s lives than just running with the sea dogs.

    THE HOBBIT of course is being made, and that is well and good. The rest of Tolkien\’s Middle Earth corpus is harder to work with – but perhaps CHILDREN OF HURIN would provide a whole, coherent, and manageable narrative that could be adapted. I doubt it would be as popular – no hobbits.

    The NARNIA movies continue on as well, of course.

    More WALLACE & GROMIT movies would be very, very nice.

    Sergei Bodrov is filming two chronological sequels to MONGOL, and that\’s heartening as well.

    Most (good) movies are self-contained narratives that exclude the possibility of sequels. When they work, it\’s when they\’re part of a larger metanarrative that either can\’t be contained to one film, or the focus is really on a character or characters.

  34. Sean Cleary says:

    I think one of the only good sequels I’ve seen is Toy Story 2… I know they’re cartoons, but I watch them with my kids and always get tears in my eyes. really good stuff… too bad Pixar’s now formally in bed with Disney…..

    I don’t think Two Towers can count as a sequel to Fellowship of the Rings, but it’s an excellent second film. In some ways, I liked it better than FOTR, with it’s heavy use of light vs. dark themes. I was going through a pretty serious depression when I saw it, and it struck a chord with me that’s lasted.

    Again, i don’t know if it counts as a sequel since it’s part of a series, but Prince Caspian was very good. We watched it last night, and it was very well done…

    I like Spider Man II because it really brings out the humanity of the character. That scene where he saves the subway train, and is then lifted inside by the people he saved always gets me. Very tender. And his Aunt May is very well cast and acted in those movies, too…

    Oh, and how can we forget… Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan!!! LOL

  35. Bos Mutissimus says:

    Saving Private Ryan — at least, a WWII story embedded in ETO after D-Day. Henry Fonda did Battle of the Bulge, but perhaps it’s time for an updated version (while avoiding a re-make).

    We Were Soldiers — Hard to do a Vietnam-themed sequel, because that was such a tragic war. But Gibson’s version served as such a good tribute to Vietnam veterans that it might be a worthy effort to try a sequel.

    Flags of Our Fathers — sequel could be Okinawa through Nagasaki. Could depict the horror of atomic warfare & culminate with the surrender aboard the USS Missouri.

    The Mission, but if it’s still in the spirit of a sequel, then showing the North American missions by the Jesuits instead of the South American relations (OK, if not a sequel, then a whole new movie).

    Midnight Run. True, gross over-use of profanity, but a hilarious comedy.

    Air Force Two: (sequel to Harrison Ford’s AF One.) Plot: NRA members capture the vaunted Air Force Two, demanding appointments of Justices who believe in the 2nd Amendment, but surrender after Joe Biden starts recounting plagiaristic stories of his grandchildrens’ antics. (Yes, just kidding.)

    Glory. Not sure if a sequel is possible, though, that is concordant with the original’s theme.

    Not a sequel, but FYI — Scorsese’s working on a film version of Shusaku Endo’s Silence.

  36. ChristopherY says:

    Apparently they are making a sequel to Band of Brothers that will deal with a group of Marines in the Pacific theatre, that would be cool. I\’ve also heard that they\’re making another Muppet movie for the big screen that will recapture the magic of the first, I\’d be OK with that too. I will second the desire for more Iron Man and Batman movies, provided that they get the same creative team. I am also game for any historically accurate war movie that involves killing nazis.

  37. Immaculatae says:

    I forgot about LOTR. I am looking forward to Silmarillion.
    LOTR is not ‘crap’ :) I never get tired of watching some part or another of it.

    But Father, I do mean a sequel to the storyline Austen started in Persuasion.
    As yet unwritten, but true to form. I suppose she covered that ground in other
    titles though.

  38. John Enright says:

    “I can see it now… Harrison Ford, in motorized chair from the Scooter Store…” No, Father! Harrison Ford in a motorized chair from the Scooter Store which travels across time! LOL!

  39. bear-i-tone says:

    I don’t think you have to choose a good movie to make a sequel. I think it is possible to make a good sequel of a bad movie. I think of Star Trek II, the sequel to the miserable Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

    As for sequels I’d like to see, I agree with those who want to see a sequel to the Incredibles. I’d like to see a sequel to anything by Pixar, but that one in particular.

    I’d like to see some prequels to the Lord of the Rings, although I didn’t care too much for those movies, and like them less s time passes. Jackson seemed to get lost in the technology and filled the movies with visually stunning yet pointless scenes. Jackson simply had neither taste nor subtlety. I also didn’t care for the Balrog from the first movie. It appeared to be too bestial, a mere animal of fire, lacking intelligence. A Fall of Gondolin- which I’d like to see- would need something better, subtler, than the balrog of the first movie. I’d also love to see a Turin Turambar.

    Lastly, I’d love to see a sequel suggested by Weird Al: Gandhi II. tagline: “He’s back. And this time, he ain’t no pacifist.”

  40. Richard says:

    Biff said:
    “Howard the Duck. Whether by accident or design, it is a brilliant allegory of the struggles of trads in a world w/o the TLM.”

    What a wonderfully bizarre comment. I watched it years ago and loved Howard’s sardonic humour, but now I am now going to have to buy it on DVD just to see if there is any possible justification for your comment.

  41. PaulJason says:

    I would like to see “Whistle” made into a movie. It would complete the cycle that needs to be completed

    From Here to Eternity: The only movie with Frank Sinatra that I ever liked.Increable cast, well written, and beautifully directed.

    Thin Red Line: By far and away a better movie, better acted, better written, better filmed, and better story then “Saving Private Ryan”. I don’t know why but I find the endless movies and books of the European theater boring and half hearted

    All we need now is “Whistle”.

  42. kate says:

    A sequel to “The Passion of the Christ” done by Mel Gibson (Hollywood sinner). Imagine what he could do with the scenes of the disciples on the road to Emmaus. I don’t see that his politics or personal prejudices and demons would stop it. The same folks who hate him now hated him when he made “The Passion” and tried to sandbag that movie. Gibson did a tremendous amount of evangelization with “The Passion” (he helped bring ME to Catholicism)in such a marvelously beautiful way.

    A sequel to “Master and Commander” would be good. I was a little uncomfortable with the Darwinist plotline but loved the portrayal of the very young officers on the ship. Nowadays “childishness” has been extended indefinitely into adulthood. Nice to be reminded that the extended adolescence and childishness of people nowadays is a recent and engineered phenomenon.

    The Quiet Man has to stand alone.

    A decent sequel to “The Matrix” would have been great, what a lost opportunity.

    I agree on a sequel to “The Incredibles”, a small expansion on the role of Edna Mode would be nice.

  43. Thomas in W.Va. says:

    Glad I am not Spartacus listed “Tender Mercies.” I saw this movie for the first time last year and it really knocked me over. The intensity and depth of character are hard to equal.

    Is it true they are breaking theHobbit into 2 movies? Anyone?

  44. Subvet says:

    “Tank Girl”. It was so bad any sequel would be an improvement.

  45. Kimberly says:

    A Sequel tht needs to be REdone is “Lord of the Ring – Return of the King” It would almost be a completly different movie if they wrote the screenplany the way Tolkien intended it to be written. [Indeed. I am still angry about what they did with Aragorn.]

  46. Sieber says:

    Fr. Z,

    I am impressed with the thoughtfulness and humor expressed in these comments. Your contributors are truly, ” A Cut Above.”

  47. Count me in for The Incredibles, and to continue the current Batman and Star Trek franchises.

  48. The Incredibles seems to be getting a lot of support!

  49. Cyndy Wilson says:

    “Indeed. I am still angry about what they did with Aragorn.”

    I’m in agreement with you, Kinberly. I could barely make it through the Fellowship of the Ring. I wouldn’t bother with the other two films.

  50. Jeff says:

    I’ve never heard of “Hero”. When I look it up on Netflix, I find two movies by that name.

    Which one are you recommending?

  51. Jeff: The Hero by Zhang Yimou.

  52. Paul Priest says:

    Ha anyone seen Zhang Yimou’s “Happy Times [Hotel]” ? Once seen , your heart will break even remembering it… [Ah yes! Wonderful movie! Wonderful values.] and if people think Saving Private Ryan is a good war film – take a look at The Brotherhood [Taegukgi] or Welcome to Dongmakgul

    If anyone wants to buy a child a present – you cannot go wrong with a Studio Ghibli film.

    I concur that a sequel to Gladiator would be better than the original – Pertinax to Septimus Severus and beyond [Who would be the protagonist? I wonder if a prequel might not work. I once read someone’s fiction about how Maximus got to his position. I don’t think it was ever published.]

    Master & Commander isn’t a Patch on Hornblower….

    I truly wish someone would make movies out of the Malachi Martin Novels – can you imagine a massive ‘Vatican Trilogy’ ? To compensate for the lies and deceits of the hollywood travesties of late… [I am not sure that doing a MM novel would compensate for travesties…. but if they were corrected in some respects….]

    A film version of David Eddings’s Belgariad , Or Gene Wolfe’s New Sun novels, or a massive big budget version of Hans Bemmann’s ‘Stone and Flute’

    a Biopic of Chesterton ? or St Athanasius ? or St Augustine or St Francis de Sales ?
    I’d love a film version of Balzac’s ‘the black sheep’ in the style of Depardieu’s Count of Monte Cristo

    But sequels ?
    More Heimat ! A whole sequence of sequels to the best film ever “Three Colours:Red”
    Films in the fantasy style of ‘Field of Dreams’ [Baseball movies are always welcome.]
    A whole swathe of Yimou films like Hero, Curse of the Golden Flower etc…
    Russian fantasies like Nightwatch
    More films like Infernal affairs trilogy rather than its grossly offensive american remake the departed…
    If people like crime dramas on the seedier side – look to ‘Spiral’ from France [the judge in that series is one of the best created characters of the decade ! A series of films with him at the lead would be redolent of Father Brown and Poirot rolled into one…

    ..if people liked Lord of the Rings [and I’m livid with the way they removed Saruman from the end] why not seek out asian fantasies like ‘The Yin-Yang master’…

  53. Derik says:

    The Golden Compass

  54. Devin says:

    Serenity. Except they should do a ‘sequel’ to the 1 lonely season of Firefly instead.

  55. JeanS says:

    Fr Z: Thanks for changing the name of this post. JeanS

  56. Greg the Beachcomber says:

    Mars Attacks! This Time They Brought Earplugs!


  57. little gal says:

    I just finished viewing Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Spy. I would like to see a sequel for two reasons. One, Alec Guinness is a superb actor and a master of visual nuance. There was one scene in which his facial expressions changed with incredible subtlety–hard to explain but it was phenomenal! There was a background piece on the DVD set and John Le Carre stated that Guinness would go to the zoo to study the orangutans. The second reason is that the book on which the movie is based is part of a trilogy concerning the character Guinness plays, George Smiley. I’m sure Guinness is deceased so this is a moot point.

  58. Father, i already have that wish fulfilled since “MGM has acquired North American distribution rights to “Myriam, Mother of the Christ,” the biblical story of Mary. The screenplay is written by Benedict Fitzgerald, who penned Mel Gibsons “The Passion of the Christ.”(though Fitzgerald is holding up production though because he still suing Gibson for a larger share of the profits from The Passion, of The Christ film.)
    -due for release April 2, 2010. (except the Title is now “Mary”, not “Maryiam”) so well see how it all works out..you never know..

  59. rcesq says:

    little gal: Smiley’s People, also starring Alec Guinness, was the sequel to Tinker, Taylor.

    My vote for a sequel: Casablanca. I’ve always wanted to know what happened to the beautiful friendship between Rick and Captain Renault and how Ilsa and Victor Laszlo fared in the U.S.

  60. little gal says:


    Thanks for the feedback, but an actual sequel would parallel Le Carre’s books called the Karla Trilogy (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; The Honorable Schoolboy and Smiley’s People). I’ll just have to make do with what’s available.

  61. The NARNIA movie. It would be great!

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